Chapter 135 - Legion of the Undead. Tokyo in Danger!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 135 - Legion of the Undead. Tokyo in Danger!

Louie stood suspended in the air as he watched over Tokyo.

A small battle in one of its suburbs really meant nothing when compared to the entire city. People were still going to school and work. But in the rush of those students and employees, a kind of tension-filled the whole city.

It was as if the whole Tokyo was a taut leather band that could break at any moment from the excessive force.

“This kind of atmosphere makes my necromantic spells become more effective.”

Louie was satisfied with the current state of Tokyo.

The main abilities of necromantic spells were to summon undead creatures, transform flesh, play with souls, as well as exploiting people’s negative emotions.

In the world of San Soliel, the Gods including the Death God had fallen asleep. As a result, the Underworld was in an unmanaged state. After the Era of Disaster, several incidents involving witches and demons summoning undead armies to invade the main continent had happened. Necromantic spells weren’t strong in frontal combat, but in terms of deception and large-scale warfare, it was highly useful.

Louie looked down below at the building underneath his feet. This building was the laboratory where the members of the Japanese and American special departments were studying the corpse of the ‘deep one’ together.

Louie had already placed the spell [Protective Detection] inside secretly, allowing Louie to see everything that was happening inside.

“Ha? The deep ones are immortal? So your goal is to find the key to immortality. There are indeed such records in Cthulhu mythology, but unfortunately for you, that thing you are studying isn’t a deep one. It is just a mutated human corpse. It would be strange if you can even find anything from it.”

Louie was dumbfounded. He didn’t think highly about their research at all.

That corpse was only strengthened by Louie through necromancy, making him equivalent to San Soliel’s average warriors. If it was the world of San Soliel, there would have been multiple ways of dealing with undead creatures. For example, sprinkling holy water on weapons, enchanting weapons with magic, or even druids and priests magic for dealing with the undead. As long as the undead did not appear in groups, there was nothing to fear.

And what was the dumbest way to deal with the undead? That was to be like modern Earth armies, using physical attacks.

These undead were already dead, so their physical resistance was extremely high. They could be dealt with in just a single spell, but cutting them down with a sword would take a large amount of effort.

Unfortunately, Earthlings did not know this point. Even if they did, they didn’t know how to cast spells nor were they powerful warriors. Even if modern firepower could kill these creatures, they would need to waste a lot of energy and strength just to subdue one, causing them to misunderstand that the deep ones were very tough.

This was the difference in civilization. Unless Earth used weapons of mass destruction or reached the same level of civilization as the Terran Civilization, they wouldn’t be able to cope with creatures that came from the world of magic.

“This is good. Next, it’s time for my performance. Preparing a legendary spell is really troublesome. I’ve wasted so many days just to set it up.”

Louie exhaled and wiped his forehead that wasn’t sweaty at all.

Every powerful legendary spell required significant preparation. But once it was finished, few could contend against it. Even Gods could be wounded.

Before Louie came to Earth, he used some food to exchange for strategic materials, mostly spell casting materials, with the elves of the Silver Moon Kingdom. As a country with more than 10,000 years of history, the Silver Moon Kingdom possessed large reserves of these kinds of things. The only problem San Soliel had was with consumables.

These past few days, Louie had been using [Concealment] and walked all over Tokyo to mark his targets and arrange the materials and formation for the legendary spell in all corners of Tokyo. He was now ready to cast a massive legendary spell in Toyko - [Crazed Uprising]!

“I obtained Noella’s knowledge and ability to use necromantic spells. It is quite awkward to use and the difference in effect is quite huge. As expected, that female dragon is hiding more secrets. When I go back, I’ll definitely interrogate her and obtain more secrets."

Louie shook his head with playfulness. He quickly descended and arrived at an unused warehouse of a high-rise building. He had already transformed the place and was ready to activate the core of the legendary spell over the area.

“Feel it, Japan! Feel it, Earthlings! Feel it, humanity! What you will face next will be an army of undead… Hmm, according to your naming, it should be more accurate to call it an army of deep ones.”

Louie took a deep breath. His face gradually turned serious. He began to activate the spell with hand gestures and incantations. He released a huge legendary spell that engulfed half of Tokyo.


“What’s the result of the experiment?”

Oshima and the officer from S.H.I.E.L.D. named Smith stood outside the laboratory while looking at the experiment being conducted inside.

“We’ve brought several prisoners and had a hypnotist hypnotize them. Then we let them perform the rituals of the evil god, but so far nothing has happened.”

Inside an isolated laboratory with simple necessities, several prisoners in prison uniforms were kneeling on the floor and performing the ritual found in Matsumura’s computer. They were performing enlightenment towards ‘Cthulhu’.

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“I suspect that this kind of prayer is useless. The evil god Cthulhu probably needs people who sincerely pray or those who truly want to pursue the mysteries, not believers who are forcibly created through hypnotic methods.”

A researcher reported and said his guess.

Oshima and Smith were frowning. This thing was different from science, making it very tricky. It was almost impossible for them to find the right method to research.


Suddenly, Smith’s partner coughed, causing both of them to look over.

The white man waved his hand and forced a smile, “I’ve been feeling unwell these past two days. I’ll be fine after taking some medicine… Cough, cough.”

He coughed twice again and vomited.

After vomiting, he felt slightly better.

But everyone froze in place because what the white man had thrown up wasn't his morning meal, but blood and visceral meat. There were even intestines that looked like twisted worms.

“He… Hehe… I’m fine. I’m really fine.”

The white man said weakly. His eyes gradually bulged and his expression became flat. His body began to expand as saliva and blood flowed from the corners of his mouth that had slowly split open towards the back of his head. The head changed and twisted to become an indescribable fish head.

“Soldiers! Soldiers!”


Oshima and Smith rushed backward as guards rushed forward. Everyone shouted in fear as an alarm sounded in the entire institute. Weapons appeared from the walls and pointed at the white man who was becoming twisted.

“What’s happening? How did he become like this?”

Smith shouted in disbelief.

“He...afte… after seeing the deep one, he had secretly performed the evil ritual!”

“Didn’t I forbid everyone from doing such a thing!”

Smith shouted in exasperation.

At this time Oshima thought of something shouted in terror, “Hurry, get all the police departments in Tokyo to quickly ban this ritual from spreading on the internet. Find the people who are spreading this ritual and get the TV stations to issue a warning. Don’t let people get curious and perform this ritual!”

Oshima’s words rose everyone to action.

If this bizarre mysterious ritual could really turn people into deep ones, then if tens of thousands of people in Tokyo, or probably just a few thousands of people become deep ones, huge casualties would occur as they ramage with a strength far beyond human imagination.

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