Chapter 133 - Cthulhu’s Servants, the Deep Ones!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 133 - Cthulhu’s Servants, the Deep Ones!


The police hid behind their car with small-caliber pistols in their hands. Their weapons unleashed volley after volley of ammo at the monstrous fish-human that towered over them.

Standing at over two meters tall and packed with muscles, the creature appeared to be some kind of mishmash between Picasso’s abstract paintings and Hollywood monsters. Its slimy body and the teeth that broke out of its skin at several points filled all who saw it with dread.

Despite its size, it moved with speed. Their bullets rarely hit it, and in the rare event that they did, it barely responded. Other than the green blood that flowed from its wounds, it showed no signs of pain or staggering.

“We need the SDF's support! Yes, the SDF!! There is a monster here! A monster! Fighting monsters is not the responsibility of the police force, so save us! Why did a monster appear in Tokyo! Quickly send the SDF, it’s fine even if you want to call Ultraman!”

The chief of police hid behind the car with hands on the two-way radio. He shouted and cried, and at the same time, he would poke his head out and fire bullets.

Although the monster was not as exaggerated as the Hulk, it also possessed great strength. With just a few jumps, it was able to reach a police officer. With a swing of its arms and a terrible cracking sound, the officer was flung into the air.

The officers were completely overwhelmed by it.

Soon, an armored van appeared. A team of heavily armed soldiers came to the scene. With weapons locked and loaded, they began to pour their ammo on the monster, but these proved to be less effective than they hoped. Despite its many wounds it lost very little vitality and seemed ready to rip them all to pieces.

Nonetheless, it could not keep it up forever. After a few casualties from the JSDF’s side, the beast fell.

The video was filmed with great clarity and circulated all over the world through the internet. At first, the government tried to prohibit it, but this proved futile, and all they could do was tacitly accept its existence.


“Damn! Could it be that I’m really living in a Hollywood movie? A monster actually appeared.”

“I feel sorry for the audience due to the monster’s appearance. How could it shoot a movie without any makeup.”

“What kind of monster is this? Who popularized it?”

“Bullshit. Who has ever seen such a monster?”

“A deep one, it’s a deep one!! I am sure that this is one of Cthulhu’s servants. Its fish-like appearance is like a deep one. It’s quite terrifying to look at. I’m now afraid of chanting ‘Long Live Cthulhu’. Before I was still shouting it at home as a joke.” a netizen said with fear.

“Idiot, you just did it again.”

“I now suspect that we are not living on Earth. To be honest, I do like Cthulhu mythology, but I never wanted it to be true. I suggest that everyone should go read up on it, but only a little. It is all based on unfounded unnameable horrors. The more you explore it, the crazier it gets. Holy shit, I won’t study it anymore!”

“It’s said that all arts are all related to the crazy evil god. Be careful of those around you who paint or engage in art. They may be the evil god’s followers.”

“Does that mean that engaging in manga makes one an evil god believer? If evil is the god of ‘moe’, then I believe in it!”

“What a terrifying nerd, why don’t you just go believe in it? These monsters have now appeared in reality. They aren’t a product of movies and anime anymore. It’s every man for themselves.”

“He. Manga is not art. You’re thinking too much.”

“Why did a monster appear in Tokyo Japan? Before, the dragon and Cthulhu’s shadow were closer to America.”

“Maybe the two countries played too many movies about fighting aliens and monsters. This made the monsters enraged and went for revenge.”

“Wealth, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, freedom, law, patriotism, respect, integrity, friendship. I’ll leave these thirteen words for you to recite every day before going to work to bless the world with peace.”.

“Wealth, democracy, civilization…”

“Wealth, democracy, civilization…”

Gradually, the video pop-ups and the internet forum exchanges were flooded with comments.

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“I wanna die. A monster has appeared in Tokyo. I don’t want to live here. I want to go back to the countryside. No, I wanna leave Japan!”

“Where’s our Gundam? Where’s our Ultraman? I sternly protest the government for the misappropriation of our tax money. Monsters are now appearing, but our Gundam hasn’t appeared yet!”

“WTF?! This is too terrifying. Japan won’t become a monster-ridden society like in animes, right?”

Japan’s netizens were noisier compared to other countries’ netizens who were gloating and watching with a carefree attitude. This was only because what was happening was not happening to them.


-A research institute in Tokyo, Japan-

Some researchers in protective clothing were busy researching the newly obtained ‘monster’ corpse.

A middle-aged man of about 40 with a serious face stood in front of the research institute. He showed his credentials to the person in charge, “I am Oshima, the chief of the newly established special disaster division under the National Public Safety Commission. Our department is directly responsible for this case. We are directly under the government and the prime minister and oversee all supernatural events. Now, tell us what you have found!”

The researcher checked the documents. After checking with his supervisor, he nodded to the middle-aged man and his subordinates. He passed on the report, “Sir, this is the result of our research. After dissecting the monster, I’m pretty sure it’s definitely not human. I can’t even understand what kind of species it belongs to. Its body structure and composition is completely different from any known creature.”

“No, I even suspect that this creature isn’t from Earth at all. It has a very strange endocrine system that operates on strange rules. I don’t even understand how it could move. The creature has no obvious weaknesses. When examining the corpse, it was shot with countless bullets damaging its internal organs and head, but it still maintained a strong fighting power and mobility. It only died after it was physically exhausted.”

The middle-aged man looked at the report and nodded, “Is it contagious?”

“After testing it with criminals and other creatures, it isn’t contagious!”

“Then what’s this sample DNA about?”

“The creature first appeared in the home of a high school student named Matsumura. We suspected that it was related to him. After taking blood from his family and the monster’s blood for DNA comparison, we found out that the monster was what the student named Matsumura mutated into!”

“Are you saying that… the monster's DNA belonged to a human?”

“Yes sir. If we were to classify it, it would be completely human. It is Matsumura himself!”

A terrible chill rose in the men’s hearts. A faint fear gripped their hearts as they gulped and looked at the twisted body of the monster. They couldn’t see how the monster was related to humans at all.

The chief of the SDF came in and handed another report, “This is the information we found on Matsumura’s computer afterward. We suspect it had something to do with him turning into a monster.

Oshima took the other documents. After looking at it, his pupils shrunk as he read out, “Evil God Ritual?”

“Yes, it seems to be the Evil God Ritual, sir.”

Oshima nodded his head and looked at the men behind him, “Can you identify what kind of monster this is?”

These subordinates of his were all experts and scholars of this field.

“Deep ones! I think this is from Cthulhu mythology. They are Cthulhu’s servants, the deep ones!”

“I don’t think so. The monster doesn’t look exactly like what the book described.”

Someone retorted.

“Idiot. Lovecraft only saw Cthulhu in a dream. He was able to witness the evil god and thus gained relevant knowledge. After which, he used his own pen to write the story. Do you think that everything he wrote after touching things up is all true? There is a huge chance that he could have recorded it wrongly.”

The first person who spoke glared fiercely at the other person.

The rebutter opened his mouth. His face went red before he finally sighed, “Okay, you’re right. Things written in books shouldn't be fully trusted. The person who wrote it must have added their own notes. Let us focus on the actual subject.”

Oshima saw that there were no other rebuttals, he said in a deep voice, “Then, this monster should be Cthulhu’s servant, a deep one. This document should prove that Matsumura performed the ritual for Cthulhu!”

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