Chapter 132 - Chaos in Tokyo
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 132 - Chaos in Tokyo

“Ring ring…”

The phone rang in the Tokyo regional police station.

“Yes! Yes! We got it.”

Two police officers on duty received a report. One recorded the contents of the report on paper, while the other answered the phone and tried to get more information.

“Okay, please don’t worry. We’ll make a house call!”

After a half-hearted attempt at consoling the party at the other end of the line, the police officer hung up the phone.

“What’s going on?” asked a colleague sitting on the other side of the answering line.

“It’s a missing report. A student from a nearby high school went missing. He’s missed school for three days in a row. The school teacher called his parents and they didn’t know anything either.”

“Is attendance required?”

“Yeah. Let’s pay a house visit.”

The two police officers slightly cleaned themselves up and drove out of the police station.

On the way there, the two looked at the details and headed towards the address provided by the school.

“Tch, what a scum! He bullies his classmates in school and ever since he got into middle school he’s been into fights and brawls. He always hangs out with unemployed delinquents. Even his parents didn’t want to live with him… Instead, they rented him a room and left him alone to fend for himself.”

The police officer looked at the details of the student named Matsumura and said in disgust.

“How could scum of society like him ever go missing? I suspect that he is out fooling around with his friends. Perhaps he’s been hospitalized for some reason? We should probably check those out before we go to his house.”

The other police officer also said with disgust.

School bullying was an extremely serious issue in Japan. But because many of the assailants were minors, the schools could not file reports, so there was very little that the school boards could do.

Those with money who attend private schools were better off, but bullying was a common occurrence in public schools.

“Forget it. Even cleaning up after dead scum is part of our responsibility. Let’s go to his house first.”

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The two officers put away the information and sped up their pace.

Soon, the two men arrived at a place that looked like a simple house that was commonly used as temporary houses for people at construction sites. There were many such houses in Japan. They were small, yet well equipped and also cheap. Many single people would live here.

The two officers went up the stairs to the second floor and knocked on the door.

“Matsumura-kun, are you home? We’re neighborhood patrol officers. If you’re home, please open the door.”

The police officers knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered.

“Forget it, I don’t think he’s home. Let’s leave first.”

“No, listen. There’s sound coming from inside.”

A police officer put his ear on the door and found that there was movement inside.

The two men looked at each other and nodded. They placed their body cams in front and began recording, “Police station XXX’s officers are currently on duty. We received a missing person report and arrived at house number XXX at XXX street to conduct a search. We found a situation inside the house and prepared to break and enter.”

After following all necessary protocols, the two officers took in deep breaths and made what would become the last and worst decision of their lives. They struck the door open.


The door swung to the wall. The two officers quickly looked inside, followed by their pupils shrinking.

It was a twisted and tragic scene.

On a computer desk, there was a humanoid fish head covered in slime. It had shark-like jagged teeth, extremely disgusting grayish-green skin which was pocked with small holes. A closer look revealed that these holed had teeth within them and tentacles covered the skin in some areas.

This bizarre creature did not in any way resemble a human being. Its head grew under the body while a leg grew where the head was. A pair of dead fish eyes protruded and brought people great fear and chills.

As the two officers entered, the eyes of the fish monster moved to look at the two. It grinned exposing its sharp teeth and let out a loud screech like metal rubbing on a blackboard, “Cthulhu… Hail…Cthulhu”

Afterward, the rotting monster that seemed to be covered in slime moved.


“It’s a monster! Save me!!”

The two officers screamed. And then there was silence.

“Hello, everyone. This is TV Tokyo. At 2:00 p.m. today, a fierce gun battle took place in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward. The police department was the first to respond to the scene followed by the Self-Defense Forces (SDF). The scene is extremely terrible.”

With the reporter’s words, the camera shot behind them, and everyone could see people covered with a white cloth being carried to ambulances. At the side of a simple house, there were many armed soldiers and simple armored vehicles to deal with emergency situations. There were people in white protective clothing coming in and out of the house.

“A spokesman from the Self-Defense Forces had called it a premeditated terrorist attack. They claimed that the terrorists were planning another Tokyo subway sarin attack, but because of early detection thanks to the intelligence services, the terrorists have been eliminated by the SDF. There are the official statements.”

After a pause, the reporter continued in an excited tone, “But according to our TV station interview with the residents in the neighborhood, they told us that the SDF isn’t telling the truth. They said that the SDF was not fighting against terrorists but monsters! You heard it right, my friends. They were fighting against monsters.”

Although the reporter was excited about the big news, she was also trembling in fear as she lived close to the scene.

“It is public knowledge that not long ago, a giant dragon appeared in the Amazon Jungle and a giant octopus’ monster suspected of being ‘Cthulhu’s shadow’ appeared in the Pacific Ocean. Could this time’s monster incident be related to them, or is it an independent event? What secrets is the world hiding? Do we humans really know anything about the planet under our feet?”

After firing off a rapid series of questions, the reporter took a deep breath and continued, “Some residents took a video of the SDF fighting the monster, but the government asked us not to publish it. As Japanese citizens, however, we have the right to know what’s really going on here. What secret is the government hiding, and what is the reality of the world!”

After the inspiring and uplifting speech, the TV station’s screen changed to the contents of a resident’s video.

Thanks to the development of modern smartphones, the camera was extremely clear. Everyone watching was able to clearly see the JSDF in battle with a certain disgusting fish monster.

As these videos were posted on the internet, the whole world was once again in an uproar.

At the same moment, the United States, China, Russia, England, and many other countries issued a travel warning for Japan. Asking residents of Japan to pay attention to safety and try to return home early, thereby bringing the incident to a conclusion.

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