Chapter 107 - Military Preparations
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 107 - Military Preparations

Night fell and Dragon City’s barracks were silent save for the steps of the few patrolling soldiers.

Wyatt, the young man who had successfully enlisted in the army, was currently asleep. He dreamt of all the changes that he had witnessed since he became a soldier over a month ago.

After successfully passing the tests and joining the military, he and his compatriots had trained daily on a regular schedule.

Everyone had to wake up on time at six in the morning. After a quick wash, they would go out and line up to round around the area.

After running and resting, they would eat breakfast, and then they would gather at the center of the field. They would stay there to listen to Clooney’s lectures on the lord’s supremacy and wisdom.

After this session, they would receive strength training from the beastmen. They would also undergo exercises in military posture, marching, and other things.

At first, Wyatt did not understand the purpose of the exercises or why they needed to lift their legs at a strict height, but as time passed, he noticed the powerful aura that they were giving off as their movements began to match.

‘The wisdom of the lord is as dazzling as the sun.’

Wyatt and many others were deeply moved by the changes that they witnessed. They felt a sense of unity and purpose when they stood together in a formation, and they gained the confidence of being united and able to overcome all difficulties.

Formation training was the best way to discipline the army. If they were on a small-scale battlefield, they would be able to handle things more skillfully and easily.

Another thing that Wyatt was happy about was that the beastmen could not do this. Although they could follow commands, they could not even line up in a neat and tidy formation. Their attention to detail was markedly inferior to humans’.

They originally felt inferior to the beastmen, but now they had gained confidence after finding this talent. Even if the beastmen were stronger than humans, they weren’t invincible.

Perhaps in a one-on-one or hundred-to-hundred battle, beastmen were far stronger than humans, but with the increase in manpower, humans could make up for their lack of talent. The combat power shown by humans would not be weaker than the beastmen.

After the morning training, they would eat lunch at noon. After a bit of rest, they would continue with afternoon training. All the training was running while carrying sandbags and other types of endurance training. At the start, no one could endure it at all, but as time passed, everyone was able to complete the training. They could even endure it with an increase in weight.

After dinner, they would continue formation training before going to bed. Naturally, Clooney also continued his informative sessions before bed. Personally, Wyatt felt that Clooney’s sessions were unnecessary. After all, every soldier was filled with gratitude towards the lord. It was through his efforts that they had enjoyed a higher level of dignity and more secure livelihoods compared to before.

Although they needed to eat fast, the amount of food wasn’t limited. Moreover, they got to eat many delicious things such as the things called ‘steamed buns’. They would also occasionally get to enjoy meat in their meals. For these people, who normally did not have anything to eat, they would naturally work hard to have such enjoyment.

In this single month, Wyatt had turned from weak to strong. All two thousand of them that were part of the initial draft were now first rank warriors.

Naturally, this wasn’t really anything to be proud of because reaching the first rank wasn’t that difficult. As long as they continued to train, they would naturally reach it. It was just that they were able to achieve it faster due to the disciplined nature of their training regimen.

But once they reached the second rank, they would be able to perceive that they have gotten strong and perceive that they were several times stronger than normal citizens.

For Wyatt, his goal was to reach the second rank, the third rank, and even the fourth rank.

Because of his hard work in training, he had been named as a centurion, with the authority to command a hundred people, but according to Lysfer, they had to reach a certain level of strength to be promoted again. As a result, Wyatt worked even harder.

After becoming a soldier, he could only visit home once a month, but the treatment for soldiers was very good. Every time he returned home, he would bring enough food stamps and money so that his family could live a worry-free life.

His 12-year-old brother was already old enough to take care of their sick mother. In two more years, his little brother could also begin to look for work or choose to farm to save enough to marry. As for Wyatt, he was not in a hurry. He felt the more promising men in the military were more career-oriented.

Life was moving in a good direction for him. That was also what every soldier thought. They were now able to feel the charm of being alive.

However, there was something that some people would always complain about, and that was...


The horn was blown, causing the eyes of the sleeping soldiers to open. They quickly got up, got dressed in a few seconds, and assembled at the center.

This sudden night training was the most painful for the soldiers.

“First, second, and third companies stay. The rest of you can go back to sleep.”

At five in the morning, the sun had not yet risen, but the chief instructor of these soldiers had ordered them to assemble. The chief instructor was none other than the powerful and scary Lysfer Blood Blade, who was nicknamed 'demon' by the soldiers.

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Lysfer was a beautiful person. This would be the impression normal people have of her, but for these soldiers, she was a demon that had come from the Abyss. Almost every soldier had been severely abused by her, but they couldn’t help but respect and admire her strength as a ninth rank warrior.

In the military, only the strong were respected. Beauty wasn’t useful at all as proven by the elven rangers.

Wyatt soon found that other than them, hundreds of elves and beastmen had all been assembled.

The soldiers on the night shift brought over hundreds of sets of equipment in silence. With Lysfer’s urging, everyone changed into combat gear.

Everyone was equipped with leather armor, a sword on their right hand, and a round shield on their left. At this moment, everyone realized that this was not a drill. They might actually be going to war.

Fear and excitement sunk into their hearts as they held their swords shakily.

“I’m sure you know what's going to happen next. Carry those bags with you. Inside it is food for ten days. Do what you are told as if this is training, that way you will have more chances of surviving.”

The demon-like wolf girl displayed a bloodthirsty smile and then continued with a solemn expression, “Everyone, keep quiet. Leave the city with me in silence.”

The group of close to a thousand people walked neatly along the road. They remained silent as they walked out of Dragon City and into the wilderness under the leadership of Lysfer.

At this time, brilliant light came from the eastern horizon, causing the hearts of the people to jump. They could feel a sense of oppression from the blowing wind. The soldiers unconsciously raised their heads to look at the light. At the peak of Dragon City, two huge wings spread open. Everyone witnessed that their great dragon lord had soared up!

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