Chapter 106 - Trying to Blaspheme the Goddess, Marching into the Shadow World
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 106 - Trying to Blaspheme the Goddess, Marching into the Shadow World

Upon receiving Louie’s summons, Sisna and Lysfer hurriedly arrived.

After arriving at his lair, they were stopped by the human guards stationed at the entrance.

Ever since the barracks were established, Louie ensured that the entrance guards would be rotated among the three races. Since he didn’t really need their protection, the requirements for serving as a guard weren’t too high. They were chiefly responsible for announcing visitors rather than providing security.

“Please wait a moment, miladies!”

Facing the two ladies, the guards maintained a respectful tone while standing their ground.

Sisna and Lysfer nodded their heads and did not mind waiting a while longer.

When the soldier left to report, a young man in priest robes arrived. It was Clooney, the young cleric who had recently been assigned the task of educating the soldiers on Louie’s grace.

Sisna and Lysfer had always felt that this small priest was indescribably strange. His position within the city was equally as odd. As a former worshiper of the Goddess of Morning, he should ordinarily have been imprisoned as a heretic. Yet, Lord Galakrond had actually kept him on hand to use his holy magic on the city’s populace.

Lord Galakrond had completely exploited the loopholes of low-level holy magic. As long as Clooney believed in the Goddess and possessed the sacred emblem issued by the Theocracy, he could use some holy techniques on the populace.

To this effect, Louie had ensured that the priests only ever wore the Goddess’s emblem when healing others. At any other time, they would need to remove them. This was equivalent to squandering the Goddess’ blessing. Using her gifts without granting her the glory and prestige that came with doing so. And if she could, she would no doubt descend in a fit of rage to punish the blasphemer.

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Well, for someone who had already offended the Goddess of Magic, what point was there in worrying over the Goddess of Morning? He’d probably do even more scandalous things as he grew stronger.

After seeing this priest, Sisna and Lysfer faintly understood that the lord was about to make a big move. Otherwise, there was no reason for him to come here!

Sisna remained silent while Lysfer was slightly excited. The beastmen’s desire for war flowed in her veins.

Soon, a soldier came out to let them in.

The three of them did not speak to each other. They all walked through the daunting empty halls and reached the main hall. They all saw Louie, who was on top of a gold mountain, contemplating deeply.

After seeing Louie’s two-headed appearance, Sisna and Lysfer were both shocked. With the legend of the Dragon God and the fact that Louie was a demigod dragon, they understood his thoughts and goals.

Their lord had a great desire to replace the fallen Dragon God.

Having ‘five dragon heads’ symbolized the Dragon God. He was the first dragon who created thousands of dragons and had this kind of appearance. Gods were beings with a variety of original bodies that weren’t necessarily humanoid. Some evil Gods even had grotesque monster forms.

For the Gods, their outer appearances weren't important in any physical sense, but symbolically, they stood for a lot. Louie’s appearance that was leaning towards the Dragon God was also a symbol that would bring him incredible power.

Imitating the form of a God was considered blasphemous, but if the God had fallen, then it would mean trying to take over the power of that God.

Sisna and Lysfer both bowed down in awe.

This was because there was a great possibility for Louie to become the Dragon God since he was already a demigod.

The significance of Dragon City became higher. It could very possibly be the paradise that the lord had built for the sake of becoming a God!

‘Everything is in line with the lord’s goals.’

Sisna and Lysfer sighed secretly with envy in their hearts.

Becoming a God was simply the final dream of all mortals, but after countless years, how many were able to succeed?

After calming down, the first thing they did was to look at Marches and express their admiration.

Marches bowed his head and smiled bitterly. Although having two beautiful women look at them would make any man happy, Marches did not feel anything. He had, after all, been forced to wake up lord Galakrond. Luckily the lord did not wake up grouchily, else he may have already been slapped to death.

‘Why is it always me that suffers…’ he muttered.

“I know the general situation from Marches,” Louie spoke.

“Is there any new information?”

He raised his head and asked the others.

“Reporting. After moving the bodies of the patrolling soldiers back to the city, we examined them carefully again. It was found that in addition to shadow energy, there was also the power of death on their wounds.” Sisna replied with her pleasing voice.


Louie muttered. He kept feeling that there was something deeper about this especially when the power of death was mentioned. The first thing that came to his mind was the undead apocalypse.

‘It should be impossible for a backward world like San Soliel to encounter something like an undead apocalypse.’

Louie thought once more and strongly said, “Sisna, Lysfer!”

““Yes, milord!””

“Early tomorrow morning, choose a mixed army of about 1000 strong. I will lead them tomorrow to explore the Shadow Realm connected to the San Soliel Mountain Range.

““Yes, milord.””

Sisna and Lysfer were startled. They had thought that they would be sent out to explore the Shadow Realm, but they never expected that the lord would be moving out himself.



“Lead those priests and troops who are subservient to me to move together. Although you can’t perform high-level holy magic, low-level holy magic is enough to save some seriously injured soldiers in critical moments.”

“As you command, milord!”

“Marches, you will stay in Dragon City for the time being. Make sure no accident happens.”

“Yes, milord!”

Louie thought for a while after giving his commands and thought that they were foolproof.

As the Dragon City was being rebuilt, he couldn’t just let all those at the top leave… There must be people who remain to guard the city… The most reassuring candidates were Marches and Lysfer because they were both his slaves.

But Marches was a seven ring mage that could not compare to Lysfer in combat as well as commanding others. So, it was naturally best if he stayed behind to guard the city.

Unless Louie created a legion of mages or Marches became a legendary rank mage, Marches was not too useful in warfare. He could at most kill a few hundred people, but once his magic power was used up, he would immediately be chopped to death. Sending out hundreds of ordinary soldiers was much better than sending a high-ranked mage.

Mages were most suitable for small group fighting thanks to their magic that could cope with many dangers.

Of course, if one was a legendary rank mage, they could annihilate an entire legion with just one spell.

‘Before this, I did not dare move out of Dragon City myself because of my limited methods. With the help of my twenty-four racial magics, I now have the ability to dish out powerful attacks without turning into a demigod dragon. With the protection of the army, my safety is guaranteed.’

‘Sisna should also follow. She is equivalent to a hostage. Even if I’m not in Dragon city, the Silver Moon Kingdom won’t dare make any strange actions. Yup. It’s not that I don’t trust elves, but it’s best to be careful.’

Louie calculated the pros and cons and then looked at several people, “Now, go back and prepare yourselves. Tomorrow morning, I want to see the thousand-strong army,”

“By your will, milord!”

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