Chapter 33: What? I Lost My Main Character Halo By Becoming A Potato?
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 33: What? I Lost My Main Character Halo By Becoming A Potato?

Yaine was somewhat surprised. While the others might not have noticed, she, who was always vigilant of her surroundings, did notice that Liu Ji was chatting with Myza.

Moreover, they were conversing in a language that she had never heard before.

But it made sense when she thought about it. Liu Ji was from the other side of the desert, so it was reasonable for someone here to speak his language.

Watching Liu Ji and Myza converse back and forth, Yaine unconsciously hugged her knees, curling up on the chair.

She didn't know why, but her heart felt a little uncomfortable…

She had only known Liu Ji for little over a week, after all. She didn't know Liu Ji's name and just took it upon herself to teach Liu Ji incantation and wanted to be his teacher.

In the end, doing all this was just to reminisce about her own past.

Sometimes, she wondered if Liu Ji even needed to learn magic at all.

He could turn into a potato, a giant bear, and even…

If she wasn't mistaken, she had previously seen Liu Ji transform into a pure elemental spirit.

Such an ability was unheard of. Even druids, who prided themselves on shape-shifting, were never as extraordinary as this.

With such ability, learning magic seemed superfluous. Perhaps the only reason he was learning incantation was to communicate with them.

Now that he had found someone he could communicate directly with, would he still be willing to learn incantation?

Yaine sighed. Reuniting with comrades ought to be a joyous event, yet she felt a bit…

"Tch, what am I thinking." Yaine sighed.

It would be best if Liu Ji was willing to stay with them. But if he decided to leave, Yaine had no reason to stop him.

If that day ever came, she could just take on another student in the future. It wasn't a big deal.

The priority now was to gather all their scattered comrades, cross the desert, find a new land, and continue with training and research.

And someday…


Yaine bit down hard on a spoonful of shaved ice.

She stared out the window into the distance…

Over that side, there was someone she mu

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