Chapter 94 - Staying Over Temporarily?
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 94 - Staying Over Temporarily?

Not long after Tang Yu returned home with her suitcase, she heard the telephone in the living room ringing. Hurriedly, she set aside her suitcase and ran over to answer the phone. Then, as soon as she did so, a soft and apologetic voice came through the receiver:

"Little Yu, Mommy is still abroad right now, and I don't think I can make it back by the end of the year. I also don't know when your father can come home, so pay more attention to your safety during this period. If you are afraid to be alone, you can stay at your Uncle Yin's home. I'll transfer some money into your card afterward."

When Tang Yu listened to her mother's advice on the phone, she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. Even so, she still obediently complied. At worst, she would have to spend the New Year alone.

After hanging up the phone, Tang Yu brought her suitcase upstairs. The suitcase held mostly clothes, so it wasn't particularly heavy.

Once Tang Yu set aside her belongings, she went to the kitchen fridge to check what was inside. Unfortunately, the refrigerator was empty and devoid of edible ingredients.

I should buy something from the supermarket, Tang Yu thought as she closed the fridge door. Then, she went to grab her wallet from her bedroom and left the house.

Shortly after Tang Yu left, the living room telephone started ringing again. However, as Tang Yu had already walked some distance from her house, she didn't manage to hear it.


It was currently the winter holidays. The supermarket no longer broadcast advertisements ceaselessly, opting to broadcast pleasant music in between advertisements instead, the change in rhythm giving the establishment a hint of liveliness.

The area selling discounted products was the most crowded in the supermarket. By the time Tang Yu managed to push her shopping cart through the area, the cart was already filled with plenty of instant foods, such as sugar-free oatmeal, a loaf of milk bread, instant vermicelli, etc. Now, she needed to head to the fresh produce area, where she would need to p

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