Chapter 7 - I Don’t Want to Be Friends With You
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 7 - I Don’t Want to Be Friends With You

If you want to go, go. Do you think I'll beg you to come back?

You've bothered me once already, yet you're trying to do it again?

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

Stop annoying me!

"I didn't!"

Tang Yu abruptly sprung up from the bed, her pinkish face covered with cold sweat and her small chest heaving violently.

When she saw the room filled with dolls and princess-style décor, it was only then that she remembered she had gone back in time to when she was seven.

Tang Yu took a few deep breaths. However, those stinging words lingered in her mind incessantly, inflicting pain on her heart time and again.

I won't make the same mistake again…

Tang Yu left her warm blanket and crawled toward her closet. She had long grown accustomed to moving in an adult body, so she had trouble adapting to a child's body within a short time.

"Oh? Did you wake up by yourself, Little Yu?" When Yu Wanrou opened the door and saw Tang Yu about to climb into the closet, she let out a small cry of surprise and quickly walked over to her daughter. Then, she carried her daughter back to the bed and wrapped the girl in her blanket. "You gave Mommy a scare when you came down with a fever two days ago. You still haven't made a full recovery, so don't burden your body."

Tang Yu buried her face in the blanket, her eyes watering slightly. Then, she softly called out to her mother, causing Yu Wanrou, searching the closet for clothes, to turn around.

After grabbing a set of cotton clothes, Yu Wanrou skillfully helped Tang Yu take off her coral-patterned fleece pajamas. When she noticed the embarrassed blush on her daughter's cheeks, she teased, "So you know how to feel shy now that you've grown up, Little Yu?"

After saying so, Yu Wanrou dotingly poked Tang Yu's little nose and continued in a gentle voice, "But no matter how old Little Yu becomes, you will always be Mommy's little baby."

Tang Yu's eyes reddened slightly when she heard these warm words. At the same time, her heart also ached when she recalled the large fire buried deep in her memories.

Before Tang Yu's tears could roll out of her eyes, Tang Zhengyang's voice came from downstairs: "Wan'er, bring Little Yu down. Brother Yin is here."

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Novel Notes

For those worried this story lead to a bad end, it won't. The first few chapters might look like it, but that's just a short realization arc for Yin Zhao-an. If you do not wish to be cliffhanged, I recommend stockpiling the first 10 chapters before you start to read GMAS.
Release rate for GMAS is 1 chapter/day.
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