Chapter 62 - I'm Worried I'll Lose You
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 62 - I'm Worried I'll Lose You

After tidying up the dorm, Yu Wanrou added even more items to the list of things she needed to buy for Tang Yu.

While the two parents were discussing where they should buy their daughters' necessities, Yin Zhao-an carefully inspected the class schedule she had snatched from a certain girl. Then, she joyfully said, "We're in the same class, Tang-Tang."

"Oh, that's good," Tang Yu flatly replied.

It was, in fact, not good at all. Not for Tang Yu, at the very least. However, now that their relationship had become so entangled, it would seem petty of her to make a fuss about such a small matter.

Not to mention, the next time Du Yuqing and Yin Zhao-an would meet should be when they attended university. If history repeated itself, Du Yuqing and Yin Zhao-an would enroll in the same major as well as become members of the same student council. It should also be during this period that Du Yuqing started to interact more with Yin Zhao-an, which would eventually lead to Du Yuqing becoming obsessed with Yin Zhao-an.

In that case, all Tang Yu needed to do was avoid attending the same university as Yin Zhao-an. Having thought of this, Tang Yu smiled joyfully, two small dimples forming on her cheeks.

Yin Zhao-an, who was paying constant attention to Tang Yu, naturally caught Tang Yu's smile. Although she didn't know what her Tang-Tang was thinking about, seeing her Tang-Tang in a good mood also put her in a good mood. At this time, even the sun no longer felt as hot.

The supermarket was similarly crowded with people. It was especially so for the section that sold daily necessities.

After looking at the dense crowd, Yin Zhao-an decisively chose to leave the heavy burden of buying daily necessities to the two adults. So, after informing the two adults, she dragged Tang Yu to the food section.

"Let's stock up on more food in case the school cafeteria's food tastes bad," Yin Zhao-an said while carefully selecting fruits to buy. She made sure to skip all the cooling fruits and choose snacks that were meant to nourish the sto

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