Chapter 61 - I'll Give You a Discount
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 61 - I'll Give You a Discount

When the girl in the white shirt noticed that there was also a good-looking boy standing in front of her, she amicably extended a hand to the boy and said, "Hello. Are you also a student here? I'm Li Beiyu."

Anyone thinking Wen Tao would return the girl's greeting and offer to shake hands would be a fool. After all, he might have changed his appearance, but his nature remained the same.

"I don't know you," Wen Tao said as he stuck his hands into his pockets. Then, he leaned forward slightly and smiled at the girl in the white shirt, his face looking very much like that of a punk trying to harass a girl.

"Big Brother Beining! Look at him!" Li Beiyu said, pouting at the man in the black shirt.

The man in the black shirt, also known as Li Beining, wrapped an arm around Li Beiyu's shoulders and awkwardly smiled at Wen Tao, saying, "Forgive my little sister for her insensibility."

Li Beiyu immediately grew upset over Li Beining's words. After letting out a humph, she added, "What little sister? We aren't even related by blood. I am your girlfriend."

Upon hearing Li Beiyu's words, Tang Yu and Yin Zhao-an gasped at the same time, their minds wondering in unison: Incest?

"That's none of my business. Also, you're not even as pretty as my sister-in-law," Wen Tao disdainfully said, flipping the seemingly affectionate couple the bird before hastily fleeing and taking a seat next to Yin Zhao-an. Then, he asked Yin Zhao-an, "Right, Big Bro?"

Yin Zhao-an was initially stunned by Wen Tao's question. Then, after comparing Li Beiyu's innocent appearance with her Tang-Tang's looks, she pat Wen Tao on the shoulders and approvingly said, "You have good eyes!"

After listening to the interaction between Wen Tao and Yin Zhao-an, Li Beining's expression darkened a little, and he promptly decided to leave the gazebo with Li Beiyu. As he was leaving, he said to Wen Tao, "Remember to visit my shop again. I'll give you a 50% discount."

Wen Tao didn't hear Li Beining's words clearly. In a panic, he grabbed Yin Zhao-an's arm but quickly let go of it when he noticed Tang Yu's gaze turning to him. Then, with a bitter face, he said, "Big Bro, did you hear him? That 'Tony' said he's going to give me a bone fracture!"[1]

Wen Tao was an amateur when it came to fighting. In contrast, that "Tony" was very obviously a trained martial artist. What if Li Beining decided to take revenge on him for his woman's sake? If that happened, he might really end up with broken bones!!

Tang Yu & Yin Zhao-an: …

"Don't go to his shop, then," Yin Zhao-an said in exasperation.

"Big Bro… If I do get beaten up, you must avenge me!" Wen Tao aggrievedly said as he looked at Yin Zhao-an.

"Fine, fine, fine. I'll beat him up for you," Yin Zhao-an said, getting goosebumps from Wen Tao's behavior. At the same time, she couldn't help but wonder how Wen Tao had managed to get himself a bunch of underlings in the first place if he couldn't even fight.

At this time, the phone in her pocket vibrated. Pulling it out, Yin Zhao-an saw

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Novel Notes

For those worried this story lead to a bad end, it won't. The first few chapters might look like it, but that's just a short realization arc for Yin Zhao-an. If you do not wish to be cliffhanged, I recommend stockpiling the first 10 chapters before you start to read GMAS.
Release rate for GMAS is 1 chapter/day.
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