Chapter 46 - Accepting Underlings?
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 46 - Accepting Underlings?

It had been quite some time since Yin Zhao-an last accepted others as her underlings. The last time she did so was when the military compound was still filled with children. However, as the years passed, more families started moving out of the military compound, and Yin Zhao-an also stopped being as childish as she used to be. No longer would she say, "Be my underling if I beat you in a fight" to every person she met.

Now, the only people Yin Zhao-an still maintained close contact with were Tang Yu and Zhao Yu. As for everyone else, they would only greet each other when they met on occasion.

So, Yin Zhao-an couldn't help but be put into a dilemma on whether she should accept new underlings.


"Oh! Coming!" When Yin Zhao-an heard Tang Yu calling her name so worriedly, her heart instantly melted, and she immediately cast her concerns to the back of her mind as she jogged back to Tang Yu's side.

Meanwhile, the delinquents awkwardly looked at each other. The leader of the delinquents felt especially awkward. Even so, his desire to make Yin Zhao-an his "Big Bro" did not change.

Indeed, the delinquent leader was under the misconception that Yin Zhao-an was a boy.

If the delinquent leader knew that the "Big Bro" who had just 1v4-ed his group was a girl, his pride would probably be shattered.

Yin Zhao-an wore a fawning smile on her face as she returned to Tang Yu's side.

Meanwhile, Tang Yu breathed a sigh of relief when she scanned Yin Zhao-an's body and found no injuries. Honestly, she still felt lingering fear when she thought back to the situation just now. Although she couldn't see the fight directly, the sounds she heard allowed her to discern that Yin Zhao-an did not hold back in the slightest.

Apart from worrying that Yin Zhao-an might get injured, Tang Yu was even more concerned that Yin Zhao-an might accidentally go too far and cripple or, worse yet, kill the delinquents.

"Are you hurt anywhere?" Tang Yu asked, just in case.

Yin Zhao-an shook her head, her lips curling upward even more. Although her faint

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