Chapter 45 - Robbed
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 45 - Robbed

The sky had already gone dark when Tang Yu left the faculty office. Apart from a few boarding students, nobody else could be seen walking on the campus.

This was the first time Tang Yu was going home at such a late hour, so she couldn't help but hasten her footsteps out of insecurity.

The street lights had already come on at this time, and most street stalls had already packed up for the day. With the current cold weather, there were also very few people out and wandering about.

Tang Yu pursed her lips and kept her head low as she advanced, the insecurity in her heart becoming increasingly apparent.

Suddenly, an unnatural gust of wind came from behind. Tang Yu subconsciously tried to scream, but something covered her mouth before she could do so.

Tang Yu struggled to break away from the hand holding her mouth and nose shut. Unfortunately, not only did she fail to accomplish her goal, but she even had her arms pulled back and crossed behind her. Then, the powerful force restraining her arms dragged her into the nearby alley where the street lights did not reach.

Tang Yu was forced against the cold wall. She couldn't see the person behind her, but from the rustling movements she could hear, she could tell that her assailant wasn't alone.

"Keep quiet. I'll let you go once I collect some pocket money," a young male voice came from behind Tang Yu. In addition to the verbal warning, the other party slammed her head against the wall to get his point across.

They're only a bunch of little delinquents. Everything will be fine so long as I give them the money, Tang Yu thought, trying to divert her attention away from the searing pain coming from her forehead. There was no doubt that her skin had gotten scraped.

After the school bag she carried got pulled away, she could hear the sound of a zipper being pulled, followed by textbooks hitting the dirty ground.

After one of the delinquents searched Tang Yu's bag for a while, he said in disappointment, "Boss, there's no money."

The person pinning Tang Yu against the wall clicked

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