Chapter 23 - Life and Death
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 23 - Life and Death

Night fell, and a layer of frost covered the weeds growing by the roadside. A bitter-cold wind soughed, causing the trees to sway in the darkness.

Several people clad in black looked around cautiously as they slowly approached a small house.

A source of light briefly flickered in and out of existence along with the opening and closing of the house's door. As soon as the door closed, the wind disappeared, and the night fell silent.

"Alpha, this is Charlie. The ambushers have been captured. I repeat, the ambushers have been captured."

Tang Zhengyang listened to the report coming through his headset with bated breath, his eyes firmly locked on the small house, not daring to look away for even a moment for fear of missing anything crucial. His clothes were also soaked wet with dew and clung to his body, bringing him a chilly discomfort.

The monitoring team was listening in on the secret conversations inside a distant house to judge the progress of the talks and got ready to give out subsequent instructions at any moment.

The letter was spot on. The outlaws had indeed prepared an ambush for them to create chaos and confusion.

However, to avoid alerting the outlaws, their department still decided to send teams to both the fake and real venues.

Thus far, Team C had already successfully apprehended the criminals lying in ambush at the fake deal's venue. This had essentially severed one of the outlaws' countermeasures. Moreover, the criminals conducting the real deal still weren't aware that the hammer of law was gradually closing in on them.

"Attention Bravo. Attention Bravo. Block off all routes. Alpha, get ready for action."

The house's surroundings appeared calm and peaceful at first glance. In reality, however, there was a dangerous undercurrent hidden within this peace as numerous pairs of eyes focused on the house's front door, watching for even the slightest of movements.

The door...opened!

"Move in!"

Gunshots rang out in the dark, causing the scene to instantly turn chaotic. The exchange of gunfire extended well in

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