Chapter 21 - Discovered
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 21 - Discovered

Yin Zhao-an's eyes widened in shock, and she couldn't help but look at Tang Yu in disbelief.

Tang Yu grew a little embarrassed from being stared at and awkwardly rubbed her nose. In reality, she hadn't seen if anyone was upstairs with her own eyes. However, she was certain someone had been into her room because she had left her curtains open before she left for school.

Although Tang Yu didn't know who this person was, she knew that neither she nor Yin Zhao-an should recklessly go into the house. After all, if this person turned out to be dangerous, there was no way two children like them could successfully escape.

After reaching this conclusion, Tang Yu decided she would spend the night at Yin Zhao-an's place and inform Uncle Yin, Yin Zhao-an's father, about the intruder. Then, she said, "Let me stay over at your—"

Fuck! This bastard!

Tang Yu involuntarily gasped and mentally cursed before she could finish her sentence. Apparently, while she was immersed in her thoughts, Yin Zhao-an had already run up to the house's front door, opened it, and poked half of her body inside to look around. After doing so, the girl even turned back to wave at her, gesturing for her to head over.

After anxiously looking at the second floor, Tang Yu quickly ran over to Yin Zhao-an, intending to drag the little daredevil out and away from the house. However, before she could reach the front door, Yin Zhao-an was suddenly pulled into the house by a large force and vanished from her eyes.

Tang Yu's heart sank and her eyes reddened at this sight. Then, after walking up to the door with heavy steps, a tall figure gradually appeared in her sight...

When Tang Yu saw this sight, a wave of emotions instantly overwhelmed her, causing her legs to go limp and slump to the ground. Then, in a sobbing voice mixed with feelings of grievance and fear, she said, "Daddy..."

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One adult and two children sat in the living room in silence, each holding a warm cup of water in their hands.

Yin Zhao-an scratched her chin as she looked at the two other people in the room. She had already drank most of her glass of water, yet neither of the two other people in the room had spoken a single word this entire time. For a moment, she even started to doubt the validity of her existence.

"That… Uncle Tang, since you're home already, I'll be taking my leave first…"

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Novel Notes

For those worried this story lead to a bad end, it won't. The first few chapters might look like it, but that's just a short realization arc for Yin Zhao-an. If you do not wish to be cliffhanged, I recommend stockpiling the first 10 chapters before you start to read GMAS.
Release rate for GMAS is 1 chapter/day.
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