Chapter 20 - Someone's Upstairs!
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 20 - Someone's Upstairs!

The girl with the ponytail instinctively took a few steps back. However, in her haste to distance herself from Yin Zhao-an, she bumped into the desk behind her and cried out in pain, a flash of grievance briefly appearing in her eyes. Then, after glaring at Tang Yu with disgust, the girl left the classroom angrily.

When Yin Zhao-an saw the ponytail girl leaving in a huff, a grin formed on her face. Compared to her usual appearance, there were actually hints of an unruly adult in her current appearance.

When Tang Yu met with those pitch-black eyes again, she was startled to realize that she had fallen into a trance just now. Immediately, she lowered her head in a panic, finished packing her bag, and got up to leave.

Once again, Yin Zhao-an took Tang Yu's schoolbag and slung it over her shoulder. While she was at it, she tried to place an arm around Tang Yu's shoulders, only for Tang Yu to avoid it the next second.

Yin Zhao-an helplessly shrugged when she saw Tang Yu's reaction and stuffed her hands into her pockets.

"Tang-Tang, do you know that girl's name?" Yin Zhao-an nonchalantly asked while following Tang Yu.

Tang Yu shook her head. She never bothered to remember any of her classmates' names. Even during her previous life, the only people whose names she bothered to remember were Zhao Yu, the Fang siblings(Fang Ling and her elder brother), and a neighbor.

Yin Zhao-an frowned when she heard this answer. Then, in a slightly sagacious tone, she said, "This won't do, Tang-Tang. You can't keep behaving like this. If you don't even remember your bullies, how are you supposed to get back at them? Remember to memorize their names next time and tell them to me, okay?"

Yin Zhao-an quickened her pace a little and overtook Tang Yu. Then, she matched Tang Yu's pace and started walking backward in front of Tang Yu like a big dog. The only thing she was missing now was a wagging tail on her back. "Come on, do it for my desk. Remember them, okay? Okay...?"

"Look out!"

Tang Yu suddenly pulled Yin Zhao-an to her, their shoulders

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