Chapter 15 - Are You Mute?
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 15 - Are You Mute?

Two years quickly passed amidst Tang Yu's daily regrets and Yin Zhao-an's gradual rise to becoming the military compound's king of children. Throughout these two years, Tang Yu also grew more and more uncommunicative.

However, in the eyes of children, being uncommunicative was equivalent to being an introvert, and being an introvert meant being an easy target for bullying. Meanwhile, being an easy target for bullying meant...


Tang Yu's eyelashes trembled slightly as she stood in her noisy classroom, the shadow cast by her eyelashes covering the storm that was brewing in her dark eyes.

The desk in front of her was colored into a mess with oil pastels, words such as "ugly" and "mute" mixed among the colorful lines and patterns. Her schoolbag in her drawer had also gone missing. If it weren't for the malicious graffiti, she would have assumed she had misplaced her schoolbag, but…

They're only children… They're only children who don't know any better… Tang Yu mentally reminded herself as she walked to the dustbin at the back of the classroom. This wasn't the first time she had experienced such a situation, so she didn't hesitate in selecting her destination. Then, after arriving at the dustbin, she picked up her pink schoolbag. Only, the schoolbag wasn't exactly pink now since shoeprints densely decorated it.

The books and pencils that should have been in the schoolbag were also scattered in the dustbin as if they were abandoned orphans.

When Tang Yu quietly bent down to recover her books and stationery, the sound of jeering came from her surroundings.

"Quick, look! The little mute is picking up trash!"

"Yuck! How dirty! I can't believe she's digging through the dustbin!"

"Hey, are you a beggar?"

Nevermind, nevermind. Stay calm, Tang Yu mentally consoled herself.

"Hey, we're talking about you here! Don't tell me you're deaf as well?"

Don't get angry… Don't get angry…

"Could your mother be—"

That's it!

Tang Yu slammed the book in her hand into the face of the boy trying to insult her mother. In response, the boy gro

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