Chapter 14 - Can't We Just Be Strangers?!
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 14 - Can't We Just Be Strangers?!

"...Morning," Yin Zhao-an greeted Tang Yu with weary eyes. She even let out a big yawn after her greeting, physiological tears pooling up in her eyes.

Tang Yu subconsciously stiffened when she felt the additional weight on her shoulder. Immediately afterward, she felt Yin Zhao-an's short hair rubbing against her bare neck and Yin Zhao-an's arms wrapping around her waist.

Tang Yu noticed that Yin Zhao-an's mental state was in terrible shape recently. Yin Zhao-an would always wear an exhausted look on her face these past few days, and the girl would hardly pay attention in class, always dozing off in the middle. Before, Yin Zhao-an still knew how to maintain a certain distance from her. Now, though, Yin Zhao-an had essentially transformed into a koala that always clung to her…

Several times Tang Yu deliberately changed the time she went to school. However, no matter the time she chose to go to school, she always saw Yin Zhao-an waiting for her by the military compound's entrance. Even when they were running late, she had never seen Yin Zhao-an leave without her. Instead, Yin Zhao-an waited until she showed up, ran up to her, and ran to school with her. The last time she deliberately left home at a late hour, Yin Zhao-an even said to her the following: "Tang-Tang, if you can't wake up next time, how about I go to your house to wake you up?"

Even when they were close to reaching their school, Yin Zhao-an still showed no intentions of letting go of Tang Yu. Eventually, Tang Yu couldn't bear it any longer and stabbed Yin Zhao-an with her elbow, causing the koala girl to gasp in pain and let go of her.

However, when Tang Yu saw the pale look on Yin Zhao-an's face, she couldn't help but panic. I didn't use much strength just now, so why…

"I'm fine…" Yin Zhao-an waved at Tang Yu and forced a soothing smile as she bent down her body a little. "You go to class first. I'll rest here for a bit..."

Tang Yu stared at Yin Zhao-an, her expression turning serious when she saw that there was clearly something wrong with Yin

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