Chapter 5.3: How Could There Be Such A Despicable Man! (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 5.3: How Could There Be Such A Despicable Man! (3)

He Jiang was stunned. The hand that failed to stop Shang Jing was still hovering midair. Everything had happened so fast. He could only watch helplessly as Shang Jing approached him with his wound.

He called me Hubby again.

What can he not do to get out of cooking? Where’s his pride?

Shang Jing shifted backward with his head in his hands. He was unsure whether he was still in his dream or not.

Usually, he would not be this unsure. But the cold and hard expression of He Jiang was an exact replica of the He Jiang in his dream.

The imaginary simp lifestyle from the diary immediately had an image to it.

Shang Jing’s blood started to boil and pushed He Jiang away with one hand.

It was too suffocating. How could he call someone like him ‘Hubby’?

He Jiang stared at Shang Jing and clenched his teeth in anger.

Buttering him up when he had a request and disregarding him when there’s none. What a two-faced guy.

“Are you awake now?”


He Jiang: “Get changed.” He gestured in the direction of the new clothes with his eyes.

Suppressing his urge to smack Shang Jing on the butt, he grabbed a pillow from beside him to cover his exposed thighs before finally leaving the room with a deep sigh.

Shang Jing drew the curtains and checked himself out in the mirror. The bruises made it seem like he was domestically abused in his sleep.

If he did not know he was previously in a car accident, he would have thought He Jiang did it.

He rubbed his sore cheeks.

I am such a kind person. If it was someone else, they would have taken a photo of themselves now to use as evidence against He Jiang for domestic abuse.

Shang Jing took his time to wash up.

Counting on me to make breakfast? You can starve first.

He surveyed the clothes Lin Lin brought over. As per his request, more than half of them were singlets and shorts.

Wow, there’s also a new box of underwear!

Lin Lin is such a kind person.

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Shang Jing threw all the underwear into the washing machine and put on a pair of shorts from the collection.

However, the underwear he had on was as long as the sports shorts. Whenever he lifted his leg, the white-blue stripes of the underwear peeked out from the sides.

That’s awkward… 

Shang Jing glanced at the pair of long pants sitting amongst the stack of clothes. With a clench of his teeth, he decided to roll his underwear up a layer instead.

It was the first day of living with He Jiang after his rebirth. It was extremely necessary for him to challenge his authority in every way possible without overstepping the boundaries.

By the time Shang Jing stepped out of his room, He Jiang had already cooked up a pot of instant dumplings. The aroma of mushroom and pork filled the kitchen.

DNA activated! Dumplings must have been his favorite food!

He Jiang was seated at one end of the long dinner table with a half-finished plate of dumplings.

Shang Jing took out a bowl and a set of utensils from the cupboard to scoop out some dumplings from the pot. However, all he got was dumplings that had disintegrated into the water.


“Why are your dumplings still intact?”

He Jiang: “I got mine out first. Who asked you to dilly dally?”

This angered Shang Jing even more.

Shang Jing stirred the pot of ‘dumplings soup’ and gingerly fished out a bowl of dumpling skin.

As he sat down in the seat opposite He Jiang, the conversation he had with He Jiang replayed in his mind. The more he thought about it, the more convinced he was that He Jiang had deliberately destroyed his dumplings after dishing out his portion.

“Did you stir it?”

He Jiang replied truthfully, “Yes.”

Shang Jing was speechless.

He admitted to it. He actually admitted to it!

How can there be such a despicable man?!

Bullying his own wife in his time of distress?!

However, He Jiang did not do it on purpose. He only found out one must never stir the dumpling soup after he was done.

Sure, he could have cooked a new pot of dumplings but why should he serve his ex-boyfriend so well?

It’s fine as long as it’s edible.

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