Chapter 23.2: A Modest Man, He Jiang (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 23.2: A Modest Man, He Jiang (2)

In the live broadcast room.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, I’m dead. What a virtuous wife.”

“I’m harder than a cob of corn.”

“I’ve reported the broadcast of sexual content.”

“Go check it out, He Jiang studio has donated 10 million yuan to charity!”

“Thank you, I’ve donated too. Let’s support our farming community.”

“He Jiang is the best! With both looks and an upright character, I will support you all my life!”

“Uwuwuwuwuwu… He Jiang is in the fields. I’ve never even planted a single crop in my life. Someone please catapult me over there to harvest some corn, I love working in the fields.”

“He Jiang is in my hometown. Thank you, He Jiang.”

“Both of you are meant to be together.”

“I think Shang Jing is not the troublemaker he seemed to be. The impression he is giving now is that he would willingly cross the state to deliver some dumplings with just some sweet talk from his husband.”

“The user above, please remove your rose tinted glasses. You are exaggerating.”

“Does that mean we have to wait for the programme to air to see my son, Shang Jing, wrap and steam dumplings? Who came up with the idea of live broadcasting half of the show and keeping the other half for later?”

“Now that we have come to this, there is no reason for me to keep it a secret anymore. I am capable of harvesting 3000 catties of corn in a day. I am stronger than He Jiang, Shang Jing please look at me.”

“A bear like you can harvest 3000 catties?”

“From how I see it, Shang Jing obviously cannot bear to see He Jiang suffer so much in the fields but was too shy to say it. Just listen to his tone, He Jiang is such a fortunate guy!”

“Turns out, the distance between me and my beautiful wife is 3000 catties of corn cob.”

“As long as you have a peanut, that wouldn’t be necessary…”

“Wake up, what you’re lacking is not 3000 catties of corn. It’s a 10 million yuan donation.”

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“My heart is breaking.”

“My heart is breaking.”

Shang Jing hung up with phone and stepped out of the kitchen. However, he was stopped by a set of approaching footsteps and the sounds of quarrels.

Shang Jing could discern the owners of the voices to be the second couple, the idol couple.

Both of them had turned off their microphones and were quarreling in hushed voices.

Lu Gaojie: “Can’t you see the looks I’ve thrown at you? I’m not agreeable to taking wedding photos.”

Huan Nalan: “How can a nuptial room do without a wedding photo? Wedding photos are so pretty.”

Lu Gaojie: “Are wedding photos free? And aren’t you getting too immersed in your role? There is no such requirement stipulated in our agreement. Besides, how are we going to break our bond with our wedding photos making their way on the internet?”

It was easy for couples in the entertainment scene to gain couple-fans. However, there was a catch. After breaking up, if things were not handled properly, it was easy for male celebrities to lose their fans to the females and be branded a douchebag.

Huan Nalan: “Aren’t you thinking too much? This is just a regular segment in a variety show. And who is the one who contacted my manager first? Who do you think you are, leading the life of a whore and expecting a monument for your chastity?”

Lu Gaojie: “Okok, listen to the things you are saying. Let’s go back.”

Huan Nalan: “I’m already tired of pasting wallpaper. Later when we are in front of the cameras, remember to tell me to get some rest.”

Lu Gaojie: “What? And I’m not tired? Plus, isn’t installing new wallpaper your idea? Didn’t you say you want to give the nuptial room a grand makeover?”

Huan Nalan: “It’s easier to attract fans by being a loving boyfriend, just look at your growing fan base on Weibo these two days. I am just giving you an opportunity to capitalize on the situation. Learn from He Jiang and Cen Feinuo.”

Chen Nalan rolled her eyes and added, “Seasoned actors are truly exceptional.”

Shang Jing: “...”

Looks like He Jiang’s acting skills are widely acknowledged by the public.

As for Cen Feinuo and Zhuang Qin, they were definitely a fake couple but with Cen Feinuo’s acting skills, they were as good as a real one.

Shang Jing had always thought the idol couple were deeply in love with each other. They were both in their twenties and were both passionate and shy. The boyfriend was always working hard to learn things to please his girlfriend… Turns out, everyone was just acting.

Turning to the cameraman following him, he said, “About that, delete it.”

The cameraman joked, “Sure, He Jiang is the main investor. Since the lady boss said to delete it, we will delete it.”

As a variety show focused on promoting pre-wedding preparations, they could not release such materials even if it would generate topics for the show.

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