Chapter 13.3: Unchartered Territories (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 13.3: Unchartered Territories (3)

When He Jiang got back his phone, he looked at the contact name. With a few taps, he changed ‘The clever Shang Jing’ to ‘Doggy Shang’.

Shang Jing frowned. “What are you waiting for? Hurry and eat. Did you change my contact name?”

He Jiang: “No, I’m done with my meal.”

Shang Jing: “Leave the dishes there.”

This morning was unreal to He Jiang. They were like a married couple. There was someone there to wake him up, choose his clothes for him, make him breakfast and… arrange his tie.

He Jiang looked down at Shang Jing’s nimble fingers working on his tie. With just a few tugs, he was done. Without waiting for him to say anything, Shang Jing had stuffed a large shopping bag into his arms. “It’s such a waste to repurchase these. Please return these to Aunt He.”

He Jiang looked at the contents. A portion of them were health supplements and the rest were health tonics. “Keep them to boost your brain functions.”

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Shang Jing pushed He Jiang out the door forcefully. “Hurry on.”

It had occurred to him this morning that he had conversed with Father He before on the phone. That meant there was a possibility he might have to meet him face-to-face in the future. Especially when he divorces He Jiang, wouldn’t parents be involved too?

If he escalated things further, Mother He might even make an appearance out of love for her son. To maintain her son’s reputation and minimize the effect of the divorce on his career, she might throw him a cheque to silence him on the matter.

Therefore, it was paramount for him to not give He Jiang’s family the impression he was a fool.

After all, how could the amount to get rid of a fool be the same as placating an intelligent man?

Since he did not have it in him to counter-propose the amount suggested by the elders, he had to work to raise the amount from its source of consideration.

Shang Jing did not idle around the house today. On Mrs. Wang’s recommendation, he had landed another piano tutor gig. Even though his new client was not as generous as Mrs. Wang, he was still getting a market price.

The divorce was still nowhere in sight but that should not affect the treatment of his brain. Together with the amount Aunt He had given him, he had a total of 220 thousand yuan on hand. The 1 million yuan estimate was an overall estimate, he was allowed to pay for the treatment on a per session basis.

Since the older kids were at school during the daytime, all of his tutoring gigs he had landed were to teach toddlers.

Before lunch, he had a three hour session scheduled, and after lunch, there was another three hour session. In total, there were four kids he had to teach.


One must have committed arson in their previous life to become a nursery teacher.

Anything he did would not be as effective as getting a divorce.

In the evening, Shang Jing leaned on the wall of the subway and played with his phone. He searched ‘Things required for a divorce’.

Before he could get his answer, his attention was drawn towards the latest gossip news featured on the main page of the browser.

【XX Superstar broke up with girlfriend, girlfriend sent to jail for blackmail after requesting an exorbitant break up fee!】


Shang Jing felt adrenaline pumping through his veins.

To think he had been unknowingly tiptoeing around the boundaries of law! No wonder a lawyer was required for divorce cases.

Shang Jing’s head was about to explode. He quickly searched for the fees to engage a divorce settlement lawyer in S city. The results stunned him.

Before he got a divorce, he would not have any money to engage a good lawyer. However, without a good lawyer, he would not be able to get a favorable alimony.

Doesn’t that mean without money, I will have to get divorced for nothing?!

Shang Jing plunged into deep thoughts while swiping his phone absentmindedly.

Sensing the amount of time he spent on the article, the browser recommended similar gossip news to him.

“Identity of XX Superstar’s girlfriend revealed. Layperson girlfriend became an internet sensation overnight with a daily income of a million yuan. Variety shows offer sky high fees to engage her!”

Shang Jing's eyes were fixated on the words ‘million yuan’ and ‘sky high fees’.

He immediately clicked on the heart icon on the browser to indicate his interest. Soon, a list of news from the entertainment scene popped up.

【She was a nobody before she married a megastar. Now, she has a net worth of a billion yuan and is the boss of a listed company…】

【1+1>2? Film emperor earns crazy amount on variety shows with wife, even more lucrative than filming movies!】

【Why are the appearance fees for husband and wife on variety shows so high? Let us delve deeper into the reasons behind…】

【Entertainment scene handsome couple counts monetary gift at a bank after wedding, requires a truck to carry all their cash!】

The more Shang Jing scrolled, the more shocked he was. They were practically keys to crazy wealth!

And they seemed to be tailor-made for him.

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