Book 08 Chapter 049: Facing Five Hungry Ghost Kings
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 08 Chapter 049: Facing Five Hungry Ghost Kings

Xuanyuan Palace Hall’s entrance, Xuanyuan City:

Space suddenly twisted.


A bloody figure flopped onto the plaza.

A group of guards glared and shouted in anger, “Who’s there?”

Near the plaza, Emperor Kong still harbored resentment over falling for Shangguan Hen’s deception. He regretted being too gullible. If given another chance, he was certain he could see through Shangguan Hen’s disguise.

Suddenly, a commotion arose in the distance, and Emperor Kong immediately headed towards it.

“Ah! What happened, Mister Cangjie? Why are you in such a state?” Upon seeing the wounded figure, the guards rushed forward to help, their expressions changing.

Covered in blood and looking extremely weak, Cangjie struggled to his feet. As the guards tried to support him, he thought he could finally catch his breath.

“Halt!” Emperor Kong’s voice was stern, stopping the guards in their tracks.

“My Lord, it’s Mister Cangjie!” the guards protested in surprise.

“What do you mean, Cangjie? If Mister Cangjie has returned, why would he be alone? Shangguan Hen, are you trying to deceive me again?” Emperor Kong confronted the figure.

The bleeding Cangjie stared at Emperor Kong in shock.

“Mister Cangjie is protected by the five hungry ghost kings and has His Holy Eminence by his side, not to mention Princess Bing Ji’s company. How could he be injured so grievously? Hahaha! Shangguan Hen, you’ve fooled me once already, yet you want to try again? Who are you trying to kidnap this time?” Emperor Kong shouted.

Cangjie looked confused.

“Emperor Kong, cough, cough, what are you talking about? What Shangguan Hen? I am Cangjie!” Cangjie said weakly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Hearing the commotion, Ao Ying, Xiong You, Fengbo, and Limu arrived hurriedly. At the sight of Cangjie’s injured figure, their expressions changed. They wanted to help, but Emperor Kong’s fierce glare stopped them. Could this be another impostor?

When Emperor Kong saw the four consummate Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators approaching, his courage flourished. He no longer feare

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