Book 08 Chapter 040: Deploying in the Nether Realm
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 08 Chapter 040: Deploying in the Nether Realm


Gu Hai ate for three days and three nights straight before finally managing to suppress that hunger.

Over these three days and three nights of gorging, Gu Hai came to understand his situation.

His Spiritual Progenitor deity king was probably too weak and needed immediate strengthening. This was the cause of his ravenous hunger.

However, even after eating so much, his Spiritual Progenitor deity king barely increased in strength—merely stabilized.

His physical body was no longer tempered by his energy but by nourishment by the Spiritual Progenitor deity king. Although the increase in strength was insignificant, Gu Hai knew that enhancing the Spiritual Progenitor deity king was the fastest way to fortify his physical body.

The Hunger Pearl made him insatiably hungry. Everything he consumed was instantly refined.

Fortunately, he was eating dead objects without strong wills to affect him, but they were not as nourishing as living beings, no matter how much he ate.

Be it humans or animal spirits, most of the divinity, Essence, and energy would scatter after death. The real nourishment came from three spiritual souls and seven physical souls.

After gorging for three days, Gu Hai no longer felt like eating others when he saw them, unlike in the beginning. However, he still yearned to eat.

Kong Xuan looked at Gu Hai strangely. He, too, had devoured many beings using the peacock race’s innate talent. However, he had to slowly digest what he ate in his stomach. Even the peacock race’s innate talent could not allow him to do as Gu Hai did, eating everything, even enchanted treasures and spirit stones. Could all that really be digested?

After Kong Xuan consumed other beings, he would spit out their weapons or somehow expel them from his body.

However, Gu Hai ate everything, leaving nothing behind. There was no wastage at all.

“Husband, what happened to you? You frightened me!” Chen Xianer asked worriedly.

“Indeed, Husband, can you endure eating so much?” Long Wanqing asked, equally worried.

The officials als

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