Book 07 Chapter 192: The Abnormal Mao Tianyun
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 192: The Abnormal Mao Tianyun

Gu Hai examined the towering tree image behind Kong Xuan.

“The Great Dao?” He frowned slightly.

“Yes, Your Reverence. I now feel the presence of one Dao of the world. I can only harness a little of its power, but it is much stronger than my previous strength,” Kong Xuan explained.

“Oh? You can feel the Great Dao and drive it?” Gu Hai frowned, pondering the implications.

Long Wanqing stepped forward. “I’ve heard Wanyu say that when one reaches the consummation of the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm, the physical body becomes a Dao Body. Because of the Dao Body, one can comprehend the corresponding Great Dao.”

“What is a Dao Body?” Gu Hai asked, seeking clarity.

“I’m not quite sure, either. According to Wanyu, it’s a manifestation of a physical body that aligns with a particular Great Dao,” Long Wanqing explained.

“The same frequency, a resonance?” Gu Hai’s expression changed instantly.

The Great Dao of the world have special vibration frequencies. The Dao Body cultivates the alignment of one’s body with one of these frequencies, forming a resonance and consequently driving the power of a Great Dao?

“This official feels that only when the three spiritual souls have achieved perfection—like Your Reverence’s one-hundred-sixty-three-meter-tall mortal soul, two-hundred-thirteen-meter-tall earthly soul, and two-hundred-seventy-meter-tall heavenly soul—can one truly grasp a Great Dao,” Kong Xuan analyzed.

“That’s called the consummation of the spiritual souls,” Mosquito Daoist stated, his voice carrying a hint of envy.

Gu Hai nodded in agreement. “In that case, you should focus on cultivating. Find a way to reach the consummation of the spiritual souls as soon as possible.”

“Yes!” Kong Xuan responded promptly.

Regardless, Kong Xuan achieving the consummation of the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm was a significant boost for the Han Imperial Dynasty. The strength of the Han Imperial Dynasty had grown further.

“Wanqing, I’m sorry for making you wait all these years,” Gu Hai said, holding Long Wanqing’s hand with guilt

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