Book 07 Chapter 069: World Famous
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 069: World Famous

The news of the Han Nation experts forcing nearly all the Spirit Mountain Holy Land experts into retreat seemed to grow wings, spreading all over the world.

This was especially so now that messenger zither puppets existed. With the countless spies from other factions in Borderless Heavenly Capital, the entire process of this battle was broadcast practically live.

The information about the battle at Borderless Heavenly Capital quickly arrived at the most prominent position on the desks of countless sovereigns and sect masters.

The battle became world famous.

That was the Spirit Mountain Holy Land. Besides the Present Buddha, all of the Spirit Mountain Holy Land’s experts had been there in person, yet they failed to deal with Gu Hai. No, it was not just that. Some reports included a rough description of the battle in Three Mountains City from spies who had witnessed it outside Three Mountains City.

In these two battles, the Southern Sea Dragon King, Long Shenying, Long Shenwu, Ao Sheng, Lifespan Beiming, Lifespan Chunshen, the Future Buddha, the Past Buddha, Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Di Shitian, a nameless powerful sword cultivator, and even the Present Buddha’s dharmic incarnation appeared.

These fourteen names were almost all world-famous experts. However, the Han Nation eventually won despite the fourteen experts cooperating to attack Gu Hai.

This was an incredible outcome.

This was not what an imperial dynasty should be capable of. This was practically the level of a heavenly dynasty.

With these fourteen experts working together, no imperial dynasty or mid-tier sect in the world should be able to repulse them. However, Gu Hai had done so.

“It can ward off the Spirit Mountain Holy Land experts? The Han Nation is already that strong?”

“Borderless Heavenly Capital is flying to the Divine Continent’s cardinal north position. Is the Han Imperial Dynasty going to snatch a cardinal position of the Divine Continent and advance to a heavenly dynasty?”

“The Han Nation? Just how long has passed, and it has already

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