Book 06 Chapter 072: Old Mister Guan Qi Revived
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 06 Chapter 072: Old Mister Guan Qi Revived

Everyone raised their head and looked at the sky. However, the sky seemed unchanged; there was nothing strange about it.

Gu Hai surveyed the surrounding islands and found they were trembling slightly. More importantly, the seawater flowed faster.

“Hah! It is indeed sealed. Old Mister Guan Qi, what an excellent ritual array! The Thirty-Three Line-Pair World Ritual Array? It is indeed perfect!” Gu Hai said with narrowed eyes.

“We are sealed in a ritual array?” Kong Xuan raised his eyebrows.

Despite Kong Xuan’s strength, he unexpectedly could not see what was wrong.

“The outside world looks calm and peaceful, but that might not be the case. It is an illusion. What is Old Mister Guan Qi trying to do?” Gu Hai said.

“No matter what he is planning, it is time to determine who will be possessed,” Mo Yike said.

Gu Hai nodded.

Then, everyone looked at Guan Qi’s nine inheritors.


Outside the Thousand Islands Sea:


A black cat stood in the air, glaring at the sky.

Dark clouds covered the sky, and lightning flashed. A destructive might charged down as thunderbolts lashed down on the Thousand Islands Sea area.

However, a powerful barrier covered the entire Thousand Islands Sea.

While Gu Hai and the other experts saw a calm scene on the inside, in reality, the outside was cataclysmic.

Heaven raged. Lightning flashed, and thunder roared.

The black cat stood in the air, looking at the Thousand Islands Sea’s barrier with an uncertain expression.

“I arrived a little late, and the Revival Convention already started? Meow! What is Old Mister Guan Qi doing? He laid out such a plan again. This is his second time clashing with the Six Paths Immortal?” The black cat glared.

The black cat hesitated before the colossal barrier. Based on the dark clouds in the sky, it could tell that there would be a massive battle later. Perhaps Heaven would cast his gaze here again.

Attend the Revival Convention? Or avoid it and flee?

“Meow! Six Paths locked me up for eight hundred thousand years. If I keep hiding from him

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