Book 03 Chapter 003: Casual Betrayal
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 03 Chapter 003: Casual Betrayal

Tom did his best, using all his strength. However, the saber in his hand did not budge despite Gu Hai only pinching it with two fingers.

“No!” Tom yelled agitatedly.

[TL Note: The “no” above was in English in the raws.]

This doesn’t make sense! I am the Hell Bladesman! Although Gu Hai occasionally works out, how can he compare to me? How could he catch my reaper’s blade with two fingers? This does not make sense!

Tom was like he had seen a ghost as Gu Hai continued pinching the saber firmly.

“Tom, you said that I vanished for five years? I had paid you for ten years, buying your services for ten years. Hah! This is how you receive me?” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes, a cold glint flashing in them.

Tom suddenly trembled. He had seen Gu Hai’s gaze many times before. This was the look of a man who wanted to kill.


Tom quickly released his saber and drew his handgun.

“You demon!”

Before Tom could aim the gun at Gu Hai, the handle of his saber had landed in Gu Hai’s hand at some point in time. Gu Hai set the saber’s tip on Tom’s throat.

“That is enough fun already, right?” Gu Hai said, his voice sinking.

The cool blade against Tom’s throat made his hair stand on end. This is Gu Hai before me?

“No! This is an illusion!” Tom roared in disbelief. He continued raising his handgun to point it at Gu Hai.



A shriek rang out as Tom’s left arm, which was holding the handgun, flew off.

After that miserable cry, Tom suppressed the pain with his strong willpower. As he gazed at Gu Hai in horror, he stammered, “You-you…”

“Alright. Time to speak. What happened in the five years I was gone? Why did you try to kill me immediately after seeing me?” Gu Hai coldly eyed Tom.

“Sorry, Boss!” Tom cried out in fear.

[TL Note: Tom spoke in English in the raws here.]

“Speak in my language!” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Right, sorry. Boss, many things happened after you left. Master Si betrayed you. He worked with Hassan, and Master Si paid me double, so…,” Tom pleaded.

“Master Si? Hassan?” Zang Yulian echoed in curi

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