Book 05 Chapter 178: Animal Spirit Technique
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 05 Chapter 178: Animal Spirit Technique

On the flying ship, Gu Hai could no longer see the Mosquito Daoist and Lu Ya.

Despite managing to leave safely, Gu Hai had misgivings for some reason.

“Hall Master, while that Mosquito Daoist blocked Lu Ya, it would only be for a while. What if Lu Ya comes searching for us again? What should we do?” Ao Shun said worriedly.

“Humph! You can’t run. Lu Ya will come very soon!” Yehua glared.

Suddenly, Gu Hai took out a blue pearl.

“Huh? This is…,” Ao Shun said in shock.

“The Concealing Pearl? How can it be? Didn’t you return it to the Mosquito Daoist? Why is it with you?” Yehua exclaimed with wide eyes.

Earlier, Gu Hai had broken the Concealing Pearl when he withdrew his hand into his sleeves. However, he immediately used Mending Heaven Energy to mend the fragments, turning the Concealing Pearl into several Concealing Pearls.

Gu Hai gave one to Ao Shun and got him to guard Yehua, Yanxuan, and the chameleon and ensure they were within three meters of this Concealing Pearl.

“Hall Master, why do you have…,” Ao Shun said in surprise.

“I have many treasures. I just did not know how to use them previously,” Gu Hai said.

“Oh?” Ao Shun paused slightly.

Did the Hall Master have Concealing Pearls already but just did not know how to use them?

But that shouldn’t be!

Ao Shun could not understand. However, Gu Hai had already walked to the other side of the deck. He knew that Gu Hai would not explain further.

The flying ship coursed in the direction that the chameleon indicated.


On the other side, the Mosquito Daoist faced Lu Ya.

Although Lu Ya could not kill the Mosquito Daoist, the Immortal Slaying Flying Sabers were not his only means. The stalemate between the two lasted for one day and one night.

“Alright. That should do it. Hahaha! Crown Prince Lu Ya, I really have to thank you. Your arrival made Gu Hai whimsically waste one of his opportunities. Hahaha!” the Mosquito Daoist guffawed.

As the Mosquito Daoist guffawed, he flew into the distance with his millions of mosquitoes.

Lu Ya stopped chasing.

“Humph! Mosquito Daoist?” Lu Ya watched coldly as the Mosquito Daoist left.

Now, the two parted.

However, Lu Ya’s expression immediately sank. “Hey? Gu Hai’s aura is gone?”

The Mosquito Daoist flew away quickly, leaving Lu Ya’s line of sight and entering a mountain forest.

In the forest, the Mosquito Daoist sniffed.

“Gu Hai doesn’t know how to conceal himself. What happened to the smell of his blood? It’s gone?” the Mosquito Daoist exclaimed.

He took out his Concealing Pearl and checked it.

Surprise appeared on his face. “Something’s not right. Gu Hai did not palm off the Concealing Pearl. How did Gu Hai’s aura vanish? Even the smell of the blood of Ao Shun and the others vanished. This is strange. This is strange.”

After thinking for a long time, the Mosquito Daoist came to a conclusion.

“Perhaps he had the means to conceal himself all along. He is powerful, after all. Damn! You had the means to hide yourself all along. Why pretend to be a meek lady and trick Lu Ya? This trick seems to work every time?” The Mosquito Daoist appeared depressed. “Indeed. One can be whimsical when one has strength. I had better think about how to obtain the Primal Essence Pearl. The first thing is nothing. I promised Gu Hai two more. I hope that they will be like this time, minor matters that do not inconvenience me at all.”

The Mosquito Daoist was in a pretty good mood. Gu Hai’s matter had indeed been simple. After three times, Gu Hai would help him obtain one of the top fifteen ancient treasures to exchange for the sixteenth—the Primal Essence Pearl. Even if they could not find one of the top fifteen, Gu Hai would still give the Primal Essence Pearl to him after fifty-six years. This was great.

The Mosquito Daoist flew off, heading north.

Gu Hai said to wait for him at the first place we met. I’ll just go to Borderless Heavenly Capital and wait there.

The Mosquito Daoist flew away excitedly.


After searching for a long time and failing to find Gu Hai’s aura, Lu Ya landed on the mountaintop where he previously was.

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Lu Ya waved, and a flash of light appeared, leveling the mountaintop to form a large plateau.

He took out banners covered in talisman scripts and placed them all over the plateau, making it appear like a military camp.

Then, he erected an altar in the center.

Lu Ya used some straw to make a puppet and placed it in the center.

He had pasted a piece of yellow paper with the words “Gu Hai” written with cinnabar on the straw puppet. This straw puppet represented Gu Hai.

Then, he placed azure lanterns on the straw puppet’s head and feet. When he lit the candles in the lanterns, it looked very bizarre.

As Lu Ya looked at the straw puppet with Gu Hai’s name on it, he showed a faint, cold smile. “Gu Hai, let’s see how you are going to run from me. Humph! Do you think I can’t find you after you concealed your aura? That I have no way to deal with you? I said it before. You will have to come to me whether you want to or not. Otherwise, you will die!”

As Lu Ya spoke, he took a specific stance and burned a talisman in his hand. Then, he suddenly bowed gravely to Gu Hai’s straw puppet.

One bow, two bows, and three bows.

After bowing to the straw puppet three times, he stood aside and showed a faint, cold smile.

“Using this animal spirit technique, I will bow to the straw puppet three times a day. After twenty-one days, your souls will scatter if you don’t return. Let’s see how long your three spiritual souls and seven physical souls can last!” A cold glint flashed in Lu Ya’s eyes. He sat down at the side, cross-legged, waiting for the next bowing session to scatter Gu Hai’s souls.


Several days later, in a small town outside the Yan Heavenly Dynasty’s Divine Farmer City:

Thick fog churned in this town, isolating it from the outside world. A bloodied woman was playing something on a zither at one end of the main street.

Countless townsfolk had already fainted.

Nearly one hundred white-robed men stood at the other end of the main street, including some on top of the buildings. Some of them had a Taiji diagram embroidered on the chest of their clothes. They all coldly watched the white-clad woman at the other end.

Their leader was the Supreme Ascendant Dao’s Xuan En. He looked coldly at the other side of the street, at the woman with pierced legs.

“Zang Yulian, you are truly naive. I did not expect that you would walk into the trap yourself. Hahahaha!” Xuan En sneered as he looked at the bloodied woman.

This woman was the Supreme Ascendant Dao’s previous Grand Mohist. However, the group of Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples had forced her into a sorry state.

Zang Yulian looked coldly at Xuan En. “Xuan En, how dare you break the Supreme Ascendant Dao’s rules?!”

“What did I break?” Xuan En said with a cold smile.

“The Supreme Ascendant Dao’s rescue signal is permitted to be used only in times of great danger. To think that you used it to lure me here?!” Zang Yulian said while glaring.

“Hahahaha! That’s why I said that you were stupid. You already managed to flee. Why did you think of saving Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples? I thought that I would find you by following Gu Hai. Unexpectedly, you delivered yourself to me. Humph! You can’t blame me for this. Immediately follow me back!” Xuan En said coldly.

“Xuan Du can’t wait any longer and wants me to change the heir? Hahahahaha! In your dreams. When I recover my cultivation and return, it will be time for him to admit to his offenses!” Zang Yulian said coldly.

“Fifth Nascent Soul Stage? Not bad. Your cultivation is rising. Unfortunately, it is too late. You are still far from it, very far from it. Humph! First Senior Brother Xuan Du becoming the Supreme Ascendant is only right. You are not qualified!” Xuan Du said coldly.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Zang Yulian sat on the ground and played her guqin.

“The Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece? You want to make us sleep with it, like the people in this town? Hah! Do you think that we are not prepared for it? We are all Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples. How can we not know about the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece? Humph! You are at the end of your road. Stop wasting time. If you want to blame someone, blame Gu Hai. He broke your Dao heart!” Xuan En said coldly.

“No. I understand now. Gu Hai did not break my Dao heart. He perfected my Dao heart. Humph! All the past Supreme Ascendants were wrong. My way is the most correct one. I just need time. With time, I can make the Supreme Ascendant Dao’s line of inheritance replace Sect Master Heavenly Access’s line of inheritance. I will be able to reshuffle the Myriad Age Daoist Sect rankings. I should have crippled you scoundrels long ago!” Zang Yulian said with sorrow and rage on her face.

“Do you think that I will believe that?” Xuan En said coldly.

The Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples in the surroundings showed cold expressions.

“However, Zang Yulian, you do have a pretty good cauldron physique. The earth cauldron physique, right? It is a superior coital cultivation cauldron. After I bring you back and First Senior Brother becomes the Supreme Ascendant, I will ask him to make you my coital cultivation cauldron. Hahahahaha! Just thinking about it feels great. The ex-Supreme Ascendant pleasuring me. How wonderful is that?” Xuan En said lasciviously.

“How audacious!” Zang Yulian glared at Xuan En.

“Audacious? I am being audacious, so what? Humph! No one can save you today. If you don’t want to suffer, then surrender yourself to capture!” Xuan En said with a cold smile.

“Even if I die, I won’t let you have your way. Xuan En, I misjudged you. I should not have saved you back then,” Zang Yulian said with a ferocious expression.

“Humph! Did I need you to save me? Attack!” Xuan En shouted.

“Yes!” The Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples immediately charged at Zang Yulian.

Zang Yulian’s fingers strummed the zither strings, and many sword qi shot out from the strings at the surrounding people.

“The Supreme Ascendant Sword Qi Art? Humph! It is useless. There are so many of us, and you are only in the Fifth Nascent Soul Stage. How long can you play? Attack!” Xuan En shouted.


The Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples immediately broke the various sword qi and headed for Zang Yulian, with Xuan En at the forefront, leading the charge.

Gazing at Zang Yulian’s extremely exquisite face, he showed a lascivious smile. “Zang Yulian. Haha! I will make you die from pleasure!”

Zang Yulian saw that nothing she did stopped Xuan En’s approach. She immediately lost all hope.

“Even if I have to self-detonate my nascent souls, I will not let you have your way!” Zang Yulian snarled while glaring.

“What? Stop!” Xuan En’s expression changed.

Zang Yulian’s aura immediately soared as she prepared to detonate herself.

However, the instant before the detonation, the coital cultivation she experienced in the Human Path Secret Realm occurred to her for some reason. That man suddenly appeared in her mind’s eye.

Zang Yulian revealed a bleak, bitter smile. Then, she stopped hesitating and prepared again to detonate herself.


Just then, a flying ship suddenly rushed down the street, knocking away many Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples in its way.

“Who is it?” Xuan En’s expression changed as he turned his head. All he saw was a large palm shooting towards him.


When the palm strike landed, it sent Xuan En flying.


Xuan En spewed out a mouthful of blood. When he landed, he cratered the ground. Many fists suddenly flew at the Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples and knocked them into the surrounding buildings.


Countless buildings on the street immediately collapsed.

The flying ship stopped near Zang Yulian. The rescue interrupted her attempt to detonate her nascent souls. She gaped as she looked at the flying ship and saw the man she had thought about the moment before her earlier impending suicide.

“Gu Hai?” Xuan En suddenly cried out as he climbed out of the pit while vomiting blood.

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