Book 05 Chapter 139: Four Chosen
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 05 Chapter 139: Four Chosen

Heavenly Court City:

News of Long Zhanguo’s return from Borderless Heavenly Capital spread throughout the city. Everyone also learned that he had obtained the Asura Path Secret Realm.

This shocked the heavenly court. People poured into the official residences of the three crown princes and the imperial tutor to discuss the matter.

Unfortunately, Lifespan Beiming had received instructions from Long Zhanguo. He only mentioned it briefly, not going into detail, so the officials could not figure out what had happened.

At Long Wanyu’s official residence:

“My elder sister has come back to life? Really?” Long Wanyu looked excitedly at Mo Yike.

Mo Yike nodded as he smiled faintly. “His Majesty sent word earlier that Long Wanqing has come back to life. She is now in Borderless Heavenly Capital.”

“Really? I want to see Elder Sister. I’ll go look for the old fogey,” Long Wanyu immediately said excitedly.

“This humble one also wants to meet the Qian Heavenly Emperor.” Mo Yike looked at Long Wanyu.

“Come with me!”

The two quickly made their way to the emperor’s study.

Now, no one dared to block Mo Yike. The two soon arrived at the emperor’s study.

“His Holy Eminence already knows that the princess and Mister Mo are coming. He said to let you go right in,” the guard said respectfully.

Long Wanyu immediately barged in.

Long Zhanguo behaved like nothing had happened, continuing to review the petitions to the throne.

“Old fogey, my elder sister has come back to life. Why didn’t you tell me? I want to meet my sister!” Long Wanyu said anxiously.

Long Zhanguo raised his head and looked at Long Wanyu. Then, he turned his head to look at Mo Yike.

“Han Royal Dynasty’s Mo Yike greets Qian Heavenly Emperor!” Mo Yike bowed.

“Mo Yike, Gu Hai said that you have already prepared the list of people?” Long Zhanguo prompted.

“Yes. The emperor discussed it with me, and we eventually decided on four people below the rank of marquis,” Mo Yike said seriously.

“Oh? Long Zhanguo appeared curious.

“The first is the dragon race’s former crown prince, Ao Shun.”

“The second is the son of the Qian Nation’s imperial tutor, Sima Changkong.”

“The third is a grandson of Qian Heavenly Emperor, Long Aotian.”

“The fourth is another grandson of Qian Heavenly Emperor, Long Sanqian.”

“Ao Shun, Sima Changkong, Long Aotian, and Long Sanqian?” Long Zhanguo said with some surprise.

“Yes!” Mo Yike nodded.

Long Zhanguo thought for a while before nodding. “Alright.”

“Many thanks, Qian Heavenly Emperor!” Mo Yike said.

“Old fogey, what about me?” Long Wanyu said anxiously.

“You? Sima Changkong is currently in the south. Ao Shun, Long Aotian, and Long Sanqian are in the heavenly court. When the time comes, get them to escort you to Borderless Heavenly Capital.” Long Zhanguo nodded.

“Ah? Old fogey, you are suddenly being very agreeable!” Long Wanyu said happily.

Long Zhanguo smiled faintly.

“Mo Yike, will you be returning with them?” Long Zhanguo looked at Mo Yike.

Mo Yike shook his head. “No. His Majesty told me to remain in the heavenly court for now and manage Elite Hall. I hope that Qian Heavenly Emperor won’t mind.”

Long Zhanguo looked at Mo Yike, guessing Gu Hai’s intention. However, he did not expose it.

“In the future, just go straight to Ye Shenzhen. He will help you to the best of his abilities,” Long Zhanguo said indifferently.

Mo Yike felt slightly startled. Then, he nodded. “Many thanks, Qian Heavenly Emperor.”


Heavenly Chen City:

Ao Tianhuang and Ao Shun sat next to each other, reading the decree that the Qian Heavenly Emperor issued.

“Royal Father, His Holy Eminence’s decree is…” Ao Shun frowned as he looked at the decree.

“Instructing you to join Elite Hall and be Gu Hai’s subordinate? Do you think it beneath you?” Ao Tianhuang looked at Ao Shun.

“No. Although Gu Hai is weak, he is an extremely powerful person with unique means and methods. That was why this child previously ended up his prisoner. This child is in awe of him and is proud to be his subordinate. However, this child does not understand. Why did His Holy Eminence do this? Why does he trust Gu Hai this much? Gu Hai is the emperor of the Han Nation, not an official of my Qian Nation,” Ao Shun said with a frown.

Ao Tianhuang shook his head. “Remember what Father said.”


“This is a great opportunity, a great chance. You must grasp it properly!” Ao Tianhuang exhorted with an extremely grave expression.

“Oh? Why?”

“You don’t need to know too much. Knowing too much is not good for you. None of this matters for the sixty years of calamity my northern sea dragon race will experience. If we cannot pull through the calamity, I hope that you create a way out for the Northern Sea Dragon Palace,” Ao Tianhuang said with a deep breath.

“Royal Father…?” Ao Shun’s expression changed.

Ao Tianhuang immediately held out his hand, forestalling Ao Shun’s words.

“Don’t ask anything. I do not know what will happen in the future. You do not need to know too much. In the future, ask Gu Hai.” Ao Tianhuang shook his head.

Ao Shun showed a complicated expression before eventually nodding. “Yes!”


Heavenly Yang City, the first crown prince Long Shenying’s official residence:

“I’m not going. I am the proud Marquis Aotian. Join Elite Hall and subordinate myself to Gu Hai? What a joke!” Long Aotian glared furiously at Ye Shenzhen, who brought the decree.

Ye Shenzhen narrowed his eyes. Before he could speak, a furious shout came from outside the door.

“How impudent!” The furious shout was directed at Long Aotian.

“Salutations, Crown Prince!” The subordinates in the residence immediately bowed.

Long Shenying had returned. Now, he slowly made his way to Long Aotian.

“Lord Ye, please forgive this. My humble son, Aotian, has been rude,” Long Shenying said gravely.

“This humble one does not mind. However, this is His Holy Eminence’s decree,” Ye Shenzhen said with a bitter smile.

“Father, look!” Long Aotian shouted, refusing to submit.

Long Shenying glared, his eyes radiating coldness.

“His Holy Eminence wants me to be subordinate to Gu Hai…” Long Aotian’s expression turned stiff as his voice faded away, trailing off.

“Lord Ye, this prince accepts the heavenly decree on Aotian’s behalf. Since this is His Holy Eminence’s instruction, this is a heavenly command. Aotian just got too agitated,” Long Shenying said with a smile.

“Then, I will have to trouble Prince Shenying,” Ye Shenzhen said with a smile.

Long Shenying nodded and sent off Ye Shenzhen.

Then, Long Shenying looked coldly at his son, Long Aotian, while holding the heavenly decree.

Long Aotian immediately showed a defiant expression. “Father, I…I don’t want to go. What is that Gu Hai? He is only capable of using tricks. How can I be his subordinate?!”

“Fool!” Long Shenying glared.

“Ah?” Long Aotian appeared perplexed.

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“Father wants to place a spy by Gu Hai’s side, but there has not been any chance to do so. Now, there is such a great chance before you. To think that you want to give it up! Aotian, Father could ignore your willful actions in the past. However, if you keep acting willfully, Father will break your legs!” Long Shenying glared.

“Father, I am your son!” Long Aotian protested anxiously.

Long Shenying’s eyes turned cold. This coldness made Long Aotian shiver when he saw it. He was sure that there was not a shred of emotion in his father’s eyes now, only a command.

“Yes!” Long Aotian nodded helplessly.


Long Shenwu’s official residence:

Long Sanqian stood in Long Shenwu’s study.

“Father, rest assured. This child will properly assist Gu Hai when I head to Borderless Heavenly Capital this time,” Long Sanqian said with a smile.

Long Shenwu stared at Long Sanqian for a while.

“Sanqian, Father knows that you obtained a great inheritance previously. It was from Old Mister Guan Qi, right?” Long Shenwu said indifferently.

“Oh? Father knows about it?” Long Sanqian raised his eyebrows.

“Although Father’s true body is not here, Father is not blind. You chose the path yourself. Father will not stop you. However, you have to do something for Father,” Long Shenwu said seriously.

“Father, please speak.”

“Long Aotian is going with you. Do your best to investigate him,” Long Shenwu said.

“Long Aotian? Him? Father, Long Aotian is obstinate and self-opinionated. Although he had a fortuitous encounter, it would be hard for him to amount to much. Why?”

“Just investigate him. Don’t ask so much. Perhaps you will know why after investigating him,” Long Shenwu said.

“Huh? Yes!”


Three days later:

Ao Shun, Long Aotian, Long Sanqian, and Long Wanyu left the heavenly court and headed for Borderless Heavenly Capital.

In Silver Moon City, Sima Changkong received Long Shengwu’s heavenly decree and immediately made his way to Borderless Heavenly Capital.


Borderless Heavenly Capital:

After Long Zhanguo left, the ritual array in the restricted area was naturally exposed. Fortunately, everything was already gone. Only one million people sat cross-legged there.

These one million people were Han Nation officials and soldiers. There were also many masked, black-robed people.

“Your Majesty, these subjects will leave first,” the black-robed group said respectfully.

Gu Hai nodded.

The black-robed group was the first to leave Borderless Heavenly Capital.

After leaving Borderless Heavenly Capital, they entered the mountain forest and soon vanished.

No one knew who these black-robed people were. Even the people who killed asuras with them for three years did not know.

As for the remaining people…

Meng Tai withdrew respectfully with the Embroidered Uniform Guards.

Gao Xianzhi and Chen Tianshan quickly withdrew with the soldiers.

Gu Qin withdrew with countless officials.

Gu Hai had already set up the Lifespan Court for the Unborn Man. Under his command, some guards led the way for the Unborn Man.

The Unborn Man looked at Long Wanqing, not saying anything. Now, Long Wanqing had eyes for only Gu Hai.

“From today on, our wife, Long Wanqing, is installed as the Han Royal Dynasty’s empress!” Gu Hai announced to the surrounding officials.

“Salutations, Empress. Long live the empress! May the empress live for nine thousand years!” The officials bowed respectfully.

“The Han Royal Dynasty?” Long Wanqing looked up at the blessings cloud sea.

“Gu Hai, I just knew you would make your mark!” Long Wanqing looked at Gu Hai with a gentle expression.

“Wanqing, let’s withdraw to the chambers. I will tell you everything that happened over the past few years,” Gu Hai said gently.

“Alright.” Long Wanqing nodded.

Long Wanqing did not reject being installed as empress. After all, the two had gone through life and death together. Making her empress was a logical step. She felt happy about this.

Gu Hai led Long Wanqing to his chambers.

Countless officials in Borderless Heavenly Capital suddenly trembled, immediately turning cautious and fearful.

After many of the emperor’s trusted officials vanished three years ago, some of the remaining officials had caused minor commotions, hoping to fill those empty spots.

Unexpectedly, the trusted officials of the emperor had been in Borderless Heavenly Capital all along. Furthermore, they seemed completely different when they returned. When the other officials glanced at them, they felt fear. These trusted officials had become incredibly strong after closed-door cultivation with the emperor.

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