Book 05 Chapter 137: Long Zhanguo’s Arrival
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 05 Chapter 137: Long Zhanguo’s Arrival


A tornado swept straight from Heavenly Court City to Borderless Heavenly Capital, moving extremely fast, crossing millions of kilometers in an instant.

Long Zhanguo carried Lifespan Beiming straight from Heavenly Court City to Borderless Heavenly Capital.

“Your Holy Eminence, what’s going on? Why the rush?” Lifespan Beiming asked in confusion.

Long Zhanguo showed a serious expression. He did not inform Lifespan Beiming so as to avoid adding variables.

Although Long Zhanguo trusted Lifespan Beiming greatly, this matter was critical. The fewer the people who knew, the better. Gu Hai had not even told Mo Yike about it.

The previous trip to the nether realm had gone wrong. This time, it must not go wrong.

The Asura Path Secret Realm? Although Long Zhanguo did not think it was possible, he had to take this seriously, even if hope was very slim. This was the principle by which he dealt with things. This principle was what had pushed him to his current heights.

When Lifespan Beiming noticed that Long Zhanguo did not answer, he understood the gravity of the situation, so he did not ask further. Instead, he closed his eyes and regulated his energy to get himself into the most optimal state.

Long Zhanguo arrived in Borderless Heavenly Capital’s vicinity in mere moments. Even from a distance, he could see the scene outside Borderless Heavenly Capital.

Countless vines envelop Borderless Heavenly Capital?

“Am I too late?” Long Zhanguo’s expression turned cold.

Previously, a minor variable—Houqing—resulted in his efforts going to waste. He could not let the same thing happen again.

“You bastard!” Long Zhanguo’s eyes turned cold. His figure flashed, and he immediately appeared above Borderless Heavenly Capital.

Then, Long Zhanguo glared.

A windstorm kicked up outside Borderless Heavenly Capital. No sooner had the countless vines broken the golden barrier than Long Zhanguo’s glare exploded the vines.


The vines exploded, flung away in a mess.

“Who is it? How audacious!” the Azure Emperor shouted coldly in the distance.

Long Zhanguo stood in the sky and looked at Borderless Heavenly Capital. Fortunately, Borderless Heavenly Capital is fine. However, the citizens are slumped on the ground as though they have just lent their strength to Gu Hai?

“This is Borderless Heavenly Capital? Did something happen here?” Lifespan Beiming’s face sank.

Long Zhanguo looked down, turning a cold face to the nearby Azure Emperor.

“Does the Azure Emperor know as well?” Long Zhanguo’s expression suddenly frosted over. Then, his aura erupted from his body.


The surrounding space compressed as a strong aura suppressed the surrounding observers into kneeling, horrifying them.

“Long Zhanguo!” the Azure Emperor exclaimed in shock, his expression turning cold.

The Azure Emperor had not expected Long Zhanguo to interfere at the last moment.

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“Qian Heavenly Emperor, this is a private grudge between Gu Hai and us. Are you going to interfere?” the Azure Emperor shouted furiously.

“Scram!” Long Zhanguo narrowed his eyes.

This was a serious matter. Whether the Azure Emperor knew about it or not, nothing must go wrong. An accident had already happened previously. There could not be any more accidents.

“Qian Heavenly Emperor, this is not your Qian Nation!” the Azure Emperor said with a glare.

At this moment, a figure plodded out of a fog-covered area of Borderless Heavenly Capital.

It was Gu Hai. Currently, he appeared extremely fatigued, walking very slowly.

“Emperor Gu, are you alright?” Zhang Sanfeng suddenly called out.

“Your Majesty?” the officials cried out in joy.

Still maintaining extreme caution, Gu Hai came out alone, not letting anyone else out.

Gu Hai was mentally enervated from refining Ming He’s Soul Energy. However, he had returned in the end. When he left the Slaughter Divine Palace, the Slaughter Divine Palace had exploded. Right now, the entire Asura Path Secret Realm was undergoing a massive upheaval.

The loud sound coming from outside had told Gu Hai that Long Zhanguo had arrived.

When he came out, it was indeed Long Zhanguo. However, the Azure Emperor stood on the other side.

When Gu Hai saw the Azure Emperor, his eyes turned cold.

“Gu Hai, to think that you really dare to come out? Where’s that monkey?” the Azure Emperor said with a ferocious expression.

Gu Hai had destroyed the Azure Emperor’s Azure Iron Divine Wood projection clone. The Azure Emperor was still fuming over this.

Gu Hai glanced at the Azure Emperor coldly, then ignored him. “Qian Heavenly Emperor, hurry! Quickly, we are running out of time!”

Running out of time?

Long Zhanguo’s face sank, but he rejoiced in his heart. Is that true? Gu Hai is still so calm at this moment. Does he really have the Asura Path Secret Realm’s entrance?

“Running out of time for what?” The Azure Emperor’s expression changed, wanting to charge over.

The incident with Houqing was still fresh in Long Zhanguo’s memory. How could he let the Azure Emperor cause problems now?

“We told you to scram. If you are not going to, then forget about leaving!” Long Zhanguo showed a ferocious expression as he sent a palm strike at the Azure Emperor.

The destructive might of Long Zhanguo’s palm strike caused space to shudder.

Although the Azure Emperor had incredible confidence in his own strength, his expression still changed dramatically when he faced Long Zhanguo’s palm strike.

“Qian Heavenly Emperor, I am the Yan Heavenly Dynasty’s Azure Emperor. What are you doing?” the Azure Emperor yelled while glaring.

However, how could the Azure Emperor’s words change Long Zhanguo’s will? The power of that destructive palm strike intensified, drawing dark clouds and roiling thunder as it rushed forward.

“You are crazy!” The startled Azure Emperor got goosebumps. Then, he used the Vine World Calabash to defend himself against Long Zhanguo’s palm strike.


Long Zhanguo’s palm strike was too powerful. The Vine World Calabash immediately broke; a large crack appeared in the treasure as the palm strike blocked the countless vines coming out of its mouth.


The Azure Emperor let out a miserable cry. Countless cracks appeared all over his body as he went flying into the distance.


The ground below got leveled for five thousand kilometers out. The Azure Emperor plowed a five-hundred-kilometer-long gorge when he crashed into the ground, momentum pushing him forward until he piled up against a tall mountain in front of him.


The Azure Emperor spewed a mouthful of blood, rendered hors de combat.

“Go!” Dongfang Bubai tossed out a needle and instantly stabbed it into the Vine World Calabash. Then, he yanked it back.


Dongfang Bubai immediately sent the cracked Vine World Calabash over to Gu Hai.

Gu Hai felt slightly startled. He looked at Dongfang Bubai and saw Dongfang Bubai showing an extremely respectful expression.

Gu Hai nodded and put away the Vine World Calabash.

The south of Borderless Heavenly Capital was flattened for five thousand kilometers. Only Borderless Heavenly Capital remained fine.

Horror filled the Azure Emperor’s face as he lay in a huge crater.

The cultivators kneeling in the north of Borderless Heavenly Capital got goosebumps. That is the Azure Emperor, a formidable person of the Yan Heavenly Dynasty. The Azure Emperor! Just one palm strike?

“Qian Heavenly Emperor, sorry for the offense.” The Azure Emperor submitted to Long Zhanguo.

Although the Azure Emperor conceded verbally, his eyes brimmed with hatred, especially when he looked at Gu Hai.

Previously, it was just his projection clone that got destroyed. Now, his true body sustained such severe injuries.


The Azure Emperor did not hesitate to flee into the distance.

Fight Long Zhanguo again? What a joke!

Gu Hai felt somewhat regretful as he watched the Azure Emperor leave. However, his heart turned resolute in the next moment. I have to kill the Azure Emperor personally.

Long Zhanguo cared more about the Asura Path Secret Realm, so he immediately turned to Gu Hai.

“Qian Heavenly Emperor, this way!” Gu Hai called out.

Gu Hai led Long Zhanguo and Lifespan Beiming into the ritual array in the restricted area.

When the two entered the ritual array, they saw one million Han Nation soldiers sitting cross-legged, recovering from their fatigue. The accumulated powder from countless drained spirit stones blanketed their bodies.

The one million Han Nation soldiers’ auras were significantly stronger than before.

“Long Wanqing? You came back to life?” Lifespan Beiming suddenly exclaimed.

Long Wanqing had a shocking aura. Even Lifespan Beiming could not make out its origin.

“Salutations, Your Holy Eminence!” Long Wanqing bowed to Long Zhanguo.

Some surprise flashed in Long Zhanguo’s eyes. However, his gaze shifted to the center of the altar in the next moment, to that ball of blue light.

“This is the entrance! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!” Gu Hai called out.

“Lifespan Beiming!” Long Zhanguo called out.

Lifespan Beiming immediately approached and touched the ball of blue light.


Lifespan Beiming’s spiritual souls left his body and formed a soul body, which quickly entered the ball of blue light.

Three breaths of time later, Lifespan Beiming’s soul body returned to his body.

“Congratulations, Your Holy Eminence. The Asura Path Secret Realm!” Lifespan Beiming said while guffawing.


Black water suddenly rushed out of the entrance. Lifespan Beiming had done something when he entered earlier. Just like when Long Zhanguo collected the Human Path Secret Realm, surging black water poured out.

“Restrain!” Lifespan Beiming shouted.


The black water rushed towards Long Zhanguo like a flood.

Long Zhanguo waved, and an energy bubble appeared in his palm. It was the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament.

Rattle! Rattle! Rattle!

The moment the black water reached the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament, it turned into eighteen large chains and entered the immortal firmament.

“It is chained?” Lifespan Beiming’s face lit up in joy.

“Excellent!” Some excitement flashed in Long Zhanguo’s eyes.

Then, he yanked hard.


The sky of Borderless Heavenly Capital trembled intensely, and the trembling spread out in all directions.


Far away, the sky above the fleeing Azure Emperor suddenly started trembling.


Dark clouds churned and thunder roared.

“What? Long Zhanguo gave chase? That’s impossible!” The Azure Emperor glared.

The Azure Emperor turned his head and looked in Borderless Heavenly Capital’s direction.

Long Zhanguo had not pursued him. The trembling came from Borderless Heavenly Capital’s sky. The force was so intense that the trembling radiated into the distance.

From where the Azure Emperor stood, he could even see towering waves shooting up in the distant sea.

“What is in Borderless Heavenly Capital?” The Azure Emperor’s face sank.


Suddenly, a vast crimson cloud appeared in the sky. Then, it parted.


A humongous eye that covered the sky opened.

“Heaven’s eye?” The Azure Emperor’s expression changed.

What is Long Zhanguo doing? He actually attracted the attention of the Six Paths Immortal again?


Before the heavenly might, even the Azure Emperor had to kneel.

“Gu Hai? It must be Gu Hai! He just came out from that foggy ritual array. There must be something there that Long Zhanguo and Heaven would fight over. What could prompt them to fight? I should have come earlier! I should have come personally to Borderless Heavenly Capital earlier!” Regret and hatred flashed in the Azure Emperor’s eyes.

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