Book 02 Chapter 035: Bone Ancestor
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 035: Bone Ancestor

“The Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array?” Ninth Young Master suddenly stood up in a distant building, his expression changing dramatically.

The large ritual array shocked Ninth Young Master, along with everyone else. He could still recall the scene in the Innate Puzzle World like it was yesterday. Was Gu Hai only an Innate Realm cultivator?

“Ninth Young Master, can the Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array be laid using spirit stones? What exactly did Gu Hai learn at our place?” one of Ninth Young Master’s subordinates asked in shock.

“Now that the Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array appeared, then wouldn’t Luo Tiange—”

“Shut up!” Ninth Young Master snapped with a sullen expression.

Ninth Young Master’s subordinates no longer dared to speak.


The pale Luo Tiange turned to look at Ninth Young Master across the distance and saw Ninth Young Master’s sullen face.

Luo Tiange’s expression changed as he flew back into the sky.

The chains attached to his back suddenly flew out.

Rattle! Rattle!

The chains flew out and formed an enormous web as they grew larger. Then, flames surged out of it.

“Flame Dragon Web, break it!” Luo Tiange shouted.

Rattle! Rattle!

The chain web expanded rapidly. Although the chains had broken earlier, they lengthened once more and spewed out overwhelming flames like before. Now, it seemed like a large furnace falling from the sky, moving towards the ritual array.


The Flame Dragon Web clashed with the ritual array. Even more flames than before surged at the ritual array.

“Humph! Did no one tell you about this? This ritual array is several times more ferocious than the one before. You are just seeking death!” Gu Hai shouted coldly from the ritual array.

“Xiang Yu is here! Now, scram!”

A loud shout came from the ritual array. A general made of fog held a halberd as he charged at the Flame Dragon Web.

When the general swung the halberd, it immediately sent out a sharp, violent wind at the Flame Dragon Web.


Everywhere the halberd passed, it chopped everything in half.

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