Book 02 Chapter 033: Luo Tiange
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 033: Luo Tiange

Miserable shrieks continuously rang out in the Heavenly Saber Death Match.

As Gu Hai stood in front of the Dragon Tortoise Palace, he operated a Go board made of spirit stones, driving the ritual array with his Veritable Energy.

Gao Xianzhi, Shangguan Hen, and Scar stood behind Gu Hai.

“Greed is the original sin! How unfortunate!” Gu Hai sighed as he listened to the miserable shrieks from the surroundings.

“Milord, there is no need to pity them. Most of these intruders today are the bandits of the Thousand Islands Sea. Many of the people in Evil Men Valley were wrongly accused because of them; most of us were not the ones responsible. These bandits are the true culprits of all the trouble,” Scar said while shaking his head.


“Perhaps Milord is not familiar with Golden Horn and Silver Horn. Those two are the scourge of the Thousand Islands Sea. They lead a group of pirates and plunder ships, committing all sorts of atrocities—burning, killing, snatching, and robbing. They even set up checkpoints at some places, plundering merchant ships that do not pay them a toll. They even go to the islands to rob. How else do you think they could gather twenty thousand people? Most of these twenty thousand people are also pirates. Golden Horn and Silver Horn are very famous; many would answer their call!” Scar said.

“Bandits and pirates?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

“Milord is just eradicating vermin; there is no need to pity them. Of course, there are people from the sects among these twenty thousand intruders. However, they teamed up with bandits, raping, snatching, and killing. They are not necessarily good people, either. Milord already hung a sign outside the ritual array, warning people. However, they ignored the warning, recklessly charging in. They have no one else to blame but themselves!” Scar said.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly as he nodded. Then, he said, “I was just finding it unfortunate, as Golden Horn and Silver Horn seem to be too weak. They are not even comparable to Li Wei. Given how weak they are, it will be harder to put my plan into action.”

“Oh? This subordinate made the wrong assumption!” Scar said, aghast.

“Too weak? Does Milord hope they can break the ritual array?” Shangguan Hen asked with a frown.

“Yes. Meng Tai is still waiting!” Gu Hai replied with slightly narrowed eyes.


Outside the Heavenly Saber Death Match:

Countless cultivators looked at the ritual array in fear. The cries coming from inside strongly reinforced the message on the signboard outside.

“All who barges into the ritual array will die!”

Previously, everyone considered this a joke. Now, no one could laugh at it.

“Gu Hai? Even without the support of the Innate Puzzle World’s laws, he can still lay such a ritual array?”

“About twenty thousand men entered the ritual array, right? Are they unable to resist at all?”

“I need to inform Senior Brother. He should not take any action at the Gu Residence! Gu Hai cannot be underestimated.”

Countless cultivators looked in the direction of the noisy ritual array sullenly.

As Meng Tai hugged Feng Ling, he looked at the ritual array with slightly narrowed eyes. “Golden Horn and Silver Horn? What trash! Two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators can’t even orient themselves in there? Since their sense of direction is confused, why don’t they use something as landmarks to find their way around? What trash!”


At another side, Ninth Young Master sat in a building and watched quietly as he drank tea.

“Ninth Young Master, Luo Tiange is here. Should he come over?” A subordinate arrived quietly at the back.

“Didn’t I say it before? I was never here. What is the point of seeing me now?” Ninth Young Master replied coldly.



On a mountain outside the beast arena:

A white-clad man currently stood at the summit. Five chains danced about slowly behind him, looking like the tentacles of a squid grew out of his back as they waved in the wind.

Ten-odd of the white-clad man’s subordinates stood behind him, showing solemn expressions as they looked at the distant ritual array with him.

“The Heavenly Saber Death Match? Ha!” The white-clad man’s eyes lit up.

As the group stared at the ritual array in front, some of the surrounding cultivators recognized the white-clad man.

“Luo Tiange? The Thousand Islands Sea’s East Sea Pirate King?” someone suddenly exclaimed.

“He swept through the Thousand Islands Sea for a century, destroying many sects. He even killed several Nascent Soul Realm cultivators.”

“Why is he here?”

The surrounding cultivators revealed unsightly expressions. This was a great demon, an expert that the various major sects did not want to offend.

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The white-clad man, Luo Tiange, combed his long hair back, looking very handsome. There was a sinister cast to his eyes as he looked at the ritual array. Then, he glanced at a nearby mountain forest. One of Ninth Young Master’s subordinates stood there.

Ninth Young Master’s subordinate shook his head, indicating that Ninth Young Master was unwilling to meet with Luo Tiange.

Luo Tiange raised his eyebrows and took a deep breath.

“Am I not qualified to meet you? If not for Old Mister Guan Qi’s inheritance, do you think I want to be your substitute? Humph! Never mind, just watch carefully!” Pride flashed in Luo Tiange’s eyes.

“Ah! Elder Brother, I’ve found a solution. While our sense of direction is affected, preventing us from figuring the way out, the rain still falls from above. We can use the rain to find the way. Quickly!” Silver Horn’s voice came from the ritual array.

“Let’s see where you can run to!” A loud shout came from the ritual array.


Two figures soared into the sky.

“We’re out! We’re out! Hahahaha!” Golden Horn laughed.

At this moment, Golden Horn’s and Silver Horn’s clothes looked very tattered, presenting a sorry sight. Earlier, close to one hundred evil men wielding heavenly sabers had pursued the two in there.

If it were outside, these evil men would just be seeking death. However, they had the heavenly sabers in there. The heavenly sabers were as powerful as the two’s manifested swords. With one hundred evil men chasing after the two, the two were suppressed. They wanted to flee but could not, unable to find their bearings. When they saw more evil men appearing, the two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators felt very depressed. However, they finally managed to escape.

After exiting the ritual array, the two showed unsightly expressions.

In the time it took for the two to escape, the miserable shrieks coming from the ritual array had dwindled significantly. It seemed that the evil men had about wiped out the twenty thousand cultivators.

Twenty thousand cultivators completely wiped out? Golden Horn and Silver Horn shivered.

Then, the two stepped forward, wanting to fly away.

Rattle! Rattle!

Suddenly, two chains shot over.

“What?” The two’s expressions changed as they swung their huge swords to meet the chains.

Boom! Boom!

The chains clashed with the swords, immediately sending Golden Horn and Silver Horn flying.


When the two hit the ground, they each vomited a mouthful of blood. Then, they looked in horror at the direction from which the chains appeared.

The injured two saw Luo Tiange standing on a summit with the chains behind him, looking coldly at them.

“Nascent Soul Realm? Ha! You are too weak!” Luo Tiange sneered.

“It’s…it’s you, Luo Tiange?”

“The East Sea Pirate King?”

The expressions of Golden Horn and Silver Horn changed.

Rattle! Rattle!

Suddenly, two chains arrived before the two and pointed at them. The chains gave off a powerful killing intent, causing the ambient temperature to plummet.

“Somewhat useless, but you are still in the Nascent Soul Realm. I’ll give you two a chance; immediately submit to me!” Luo Tiange said coldly.

“You want us to submit to you? Dream on!” Silver Horn glared.

“East Sea Pirate King, we have never interfered with each other’s matters. Furthermore, we are also Nascent Soul Realm cultivators!” Golden Horn immediately pleaded.

“Humph!” Luo Tiange snorted coldly.

Boom! The chains immediately elongated and thrust towards the two.

“Oh no!” The two’s expressions changed as they immediately swung their swords again.


Two manifested swords with many sword qi around them clashed with the chains.

“Roar!” The two chains seemed to turn into two metal dragons roaring together.


The chains shattered the manifested swords, immediately kicking up plenty of dirt, stone, and dust, creating a surging dust cloud.


When all the dirt and stone settled, the scene at the center of the dust cloud slowly appeared.

The two chains had pierced Golden Horn’s and Silver Horn’s heads. A murky liquid stained the chains where they connected with the heads; no one knew whether it was blood or brain matter.

Golden Horn and Silver Horn had stopped breathing.

The countless cultivators in the surroundings immediately held their breaths, looking at Luo Tiange in horror.

“Reckless fools. You gained an opportunity when this king took an interest in you. To think that you dared to reject. Humph!” Luo Tiange snorted coldly.

Rattle! Rattle!

The chains quickly retracted and returned.

Plop! Plop!

Golden Horn’s and Silver Horn’s corpses fell.

Luo Tiange did not spare the two another glance. Instead, he turned his head to look at the foggy ritual array.

“Gu Hai, right?” Luo Tiange called out as he looked at the ritual array with narrowed eyes.

Luo Tiange’s voice was not loud, but it seemed to spread out in all directions, even penetrating the ritual array.

“I am Luo Tiange! Scatter your ritual array now, and I can be lenient with you. Otherwise, none of you will live to see tomorrow!” Luo Tiange said coldly.

The surrounding cultivators goggled at Luo Tiange. Aren’t you being too arrogant? However, Luo Tiange had the qualifications to be so. None of the cultivators dared to say anything about it.


Meng Tai looked at the distant Luo Tiange, and his eyes lit up. “Finally, someone decent showed up!”


Ninth Young Master drank his tea as he looked at Luo Tiange, who was on the summit. “Sufficiently arrogant. However, you still have to display your capabilities!”


Naturally, Luo Tiange’s voice penetrated the ritual array.

The expressions of many evil men in the ritual array changed. Clearly, many had heard of the East Sea Pirate King’s infamy. He had swept through the Thousand Islands Sea for a century, gaining great notoriety.

In front of the Dragon Tortoise Palace:

“Milord, this Luo Tiange is the East Sea Pirate King!” Scar said.

“I know. Chen Tianshan mentioned him to me before,” Gu Hai said indifferently.

“Yes!” Scar stopped interjecting.

“Gu Hai, scatter the ritual array! Don’t force me to make a move!” Luo Tiange’s voice rang out again.

Gu Hai looked in front, revealing a slight sneer as he said, “If you are that capable, then break it. If you don’t have that capability, then stop being so noisy!”

Gu Hai’s voice immediately spread out in all directions.

The countless cultivators outside the ritual array gaped.

“Is Gu Hai crazy? He is only an Innate Realm cultivator!”

“Break the ritual array? I heard that Luo Tiange had broken the ritual arrays of many sects by himself in the past!”

Countless cultivators held their breaths.

However, a cold light flashed in Luo Tiange’s eyes. “You are calling me noisy? A sect on Six-Five Island once said that to me. Eventually, I killed the entire sect by cutting the disciples into a thousand pieces alive!”

“You are really full of nonsense! Heaven Legion, Earth Legion, Profound Legion, and Regal Legion, just ignore the noise outside. Continue killing!” Gu Hai shouted.

“Yes!” the evil men in the ritual array shouted in answer.

“Humph! You are seeking death!” Luo Tiange snorted coldly.

Rattle! Rattle!

Suddenly, the five chains behind Luo Tiange soared into the air, lengthening. Boundless flames immediately appeared on the chains, making them look like five fiery dragons as they charged at the Heavenly Saber Death Match.

Luo Tiange controlled the five fiery dragons, making them stretch out dozens of kilometers and descend from above. It looked like they wanted to bind the entire ritual array.


The five fiery dragons bound the Heavenly Saber Death Match.

“Break!” Luo Tiange shouted.


Overwhelming flames immediately poured out of the five fiery dragons, trying to burn everything in the ritual array it bound.

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