Book 02 Chapter 032: Splitting the Saber
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 032: Splitting the Saber


Loud sounds came from the valley as Gu Hai’s group tried to break the barrier with all their might. Unfortunately, the barrier was too sturdy. Even when the entire group used their full power, they still could not even raise a ripple.

“Milord, we can’t open it. This barrier is too strong. Perhaps it really was left by Old Mister Guan Qi. We probably can only open it with a specific method,” Shangguan Hen said with a frown.

Gu Hai showed a sullen expression as he looked below the barrier. He knew what was below the barrier but could not obtain it. This situation was extremely upsetting.

There was a bound, blind, old man and a golden dragon tail below the barrier?

“In that case, did we work so hard for nothing?” Chen Tianshan asked with an ugly expression.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly. With a hint of a sneer, he replied, “There’s no rush. Someone will help us open the barrier!”


The next day, Chen Tianshan led a group of evil men out of the ritual array. Countless cultivators stared at this group of evil men, all of them very tense. Only the evil men appeared extremely relaxed.

When Chen Tianshan walked out, he looked at the surrounding malicious gazes. Then, he revealed a cold smile as he said, “Hang it up!”


The group of evil men quickly took out a signboard.

“All who barge into the ritual array will die!”

When the evil men hung the sign, the countless cultivators in the surroundings were shocked.

“What an arrogant tone!”

“Humph! Is Gu Hai planning to make enemies of all of us?”

“What a joke! That day, it was only one hundred reckless fools who charged forward. Now, we have…” 


The surrounding cultivators looked at the sign with unsightly expressions.


Meng Tai hugged Feng Ling as he watched from a certain corner in the distance. When he saw the signboard, he narrowed his eyes. “Gu Hai, don’t blame me for enticing them. You are the one in my way.”

However, Feng Ling appeared muddleheaded as if completely indifferent to what was happening around her.


At another corner:

Ninth Young Master held his handkerchief to his mouth and coughed. “Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Why is Luo Tiange not here yet?”

“He should be arriving soon, Ninth Young Master!” a subordinate said respectfully.

“Humph!” Ninth Young Master let out a cold snort.


At a mountain overlooking the guest region:

Two men stood there. One wore golden robes, and the other wore silver robes. The one in golden robes was Golden Horn, who spoke with Meng Tai not long ago.

“Elder Brother, we have more or less gathered enough people now. There are already twenty thousand people willing to barge into the ritual array with us!” the silver-robed man said.

“Silver Horn, don’t be in a rush. We are the ones who organized them, so we cannot let him reap the benefits that we worked hard for. We need to make arrangements to break the ritual array,” Golden Horn said seriously.

“However, we cannot drag this out any longer. If we do and other Nascent Soul Realm cultivators arrive, there will be many more variables.” Silver Horn frowned.

“We will wait until this evening. That should do,” Golden Horn said.

“Alright! I’ll inform everyone to prepare to barge into the ritual array together.” Silver Horn nodded.

Golden Horn nodded back.


On this day, the atmosphere at the beast arena seemed stranger than usual.

While Chen Tianshan was responsible for the gambling at the beast arena, he also spent money to purchase information.

Although Golden Horn and Silver Horn had gathered twenty thousand people, they were not necessarily united at heart, so it was very easy to bribe some of them.

After noon, Chen Tianshan found another cultivator willing to sell information.

“Golden Horn and Silver Horn gathered twenty thousand people?” Chen Tianshan’s expression changed.

“That’s right. I heard that we are going to barge into the ritual array this evening. Alright, that’s all I know. Don’t say that I told you this!” That cultivator quickly left Chen Tianshan after receiving the spirit stones.

Chen Tianshan showed an uncertain expression.

Two hours later:

“Legate, something is not quite right. Some of the gamblers left.”

“Indeed, they seem to be gathering somewhere else.”

“We have been targeted!”

The group of evil men spoke with sullen expressions.

Chen Tianshan checked the beast arena. Then, he turned his head to look at the evil men and said, “Alright. Just follow Milord’s instructions. It is time for us to return and face the enemy!”


The group of evil men quickly cleared out the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples. Then, they followed Chen Tianshan back to the ritual array.

“Is it going to begin?” Meng Tai narrowed his eyes slightly as he hugged Feng Ling.

When Chen Tianshan’s group left for the ritual array, many cultivators came over as well.

“They are returning to the ritual array. Enter with them!” Golden Horn said while glaring.

Along the way, Chen Tianshan and the others turned sullen. More and more people gathered around them.

When Chen Tianshan’s group reached the entrance, the surrounding cultivators drew their weapons, appearing like they were waiting for the order to charge.

Chen Tianshan looked around and saw five thousand cultivators around them. The leaders were Golden Horn and Silver Horn.

“Everyone!” Chen Tianshan suddenly called out.

“Huh?” Golden Horn narrowed his eyes as he stared at Chen Tianshan.

“Do you see this sign?” Chen Tianshan pointed to the signboard that his men hung up earlier.

“This is the sign that Milord got us to hang up. I believe everyone can read the words on it. Those who barge into the ritual array will die!” Chen Tianshan shouted.

“You are seeking death!” Silver Horn snorted coldly and swung his sword at Chen Tianshan.

“Enter the ritual array!” Chen Tianshan shouted.


Hundreds of evil men entered the ritual array with Chen Tianshan.


Silver Horn’s sword strike landed on nothing but air.

“We are breaking the ritual array now. Charge together!” Golden Horn shouted.

“Alright!” five thousand-odd cultivators shouted together and chased after Chen Tianshan with Golden Horn and Silver Horn.

At the same time, a large number of cultivators barged into the ritual array from other directions.

“Chen Tianshan, stand still!” Silver Horn shouted and stepped into the ritual array.


Nearly twenty thousand cultivators charged into the foggy ritual array simultaneously from multiple directions.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The evil men who retreated into the ritual array clashed weapons with some of the cultivators who gave chase.

However, the evil men did not fear those who were not in the Nascent Soul Realm.


The surroundings suddenly turned white. All the cultivators barged into the ritual array.

“Chen Tianshan, let’s see how Gu Hai is going to save you!” Silver Horn shouted, sending out a huge manifested sword at Chen Tianshan.

A Go-stone-shaped spirit stone appeared in Chen Tianshan’s hand as he glared.


Suddenly, a saber qi charged out of the white fog at the manifested sword.


The manifested sword and saber qi both shattered.

“What?” Silver Horn’s expression changed.

“I’ve already hung up the sign. All who barges into the ritual array will die! Since you are seeking death, then don’t blame me for it. Everyone, bring out the heavenly sabers. Attack!” Gu Hai’s voice immediately spread throughout the ritual array.

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The expressions of the countless cultivators in the ritual array changed. All of them had a bad feeling.

“Senior Brother, look! There’s an evil man charging at us!”

“Why is there a heavenly saber hanging over his head?”

“Ah? He can control that heavenly saber?”

“Oh no! That heavenly saber is swinging at us!”

“Block it! Block it!”


With a loud report, a deep gorge appeared on the ground. An evil man had controlled a heavenly saber to chop down, immediately splitting two cultivators apart.

That evil man held a Go-stone-shaped spirit stone and controlled that heavenly saber like it was an extension of his arm. It felt like he wielded a powerful weapon, making him thrilled.

“Hahahaha! The heavenly saber is indeed incredible. You bunch of bandits, bring it on. Do you think you can barge into Milord’s Heavenly Saber Death Match? Do you think that Milord cannot multitask to deal with you all just because there are many of you? Milord does not even need to multitask much; he just needs to split the heavenly saber. The three thousand-odd of us each have one heavenly saber. Unless you are a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, you will definitely die when struck by it! Kill!” that evil man shouted.


That evil man used the spirit stone to control the heavenly saber to swing quickly at the group of people.

“Oh no! Break for me!”

“Break my ass! You are just in the Innate Realm, and you want to block the heavenly saber? Chop!”



“Hurry up and leave!”

“Quickly, flee!”

The three thousand-odd evil men, each wielding a heavenly saber, started a massacre supported by the ritual array. The twenty thousand cultivators screamed in fear as they tried to flee. However, they could not get their bearings.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Only Golden Horn and Silver Horn could block the attacks. When the two saw the sorry situation around them, their expressions immediately changed.

Just then, Chen Tianshan led twenty evil men over, all of them wielding heavenly sabers.


The two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators shouted and knocked away the heavenly sabers.

“Move back! Leave them be. We’ll go kill the others!” Chen Tianshan immediately shouted.

“Hoo-ah!” the evil men answered.

“Let’s see where you can run to!” Silver Horn glared, wanting to give chase.

“Silver Horn, don’t chase them. There is no point to it. We are going farther in. Right now, Gu Hai is alone!” Golden Horn said excitedly.

“Alright!” Silver Horn’s eyes lit up.

The two charged deeper into the ritual array.

Indeed, the current Heavenly Saber Death Match could not block Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. After all, spirit stones limited its strength; it could bring out only so much power. Thus, the two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators headed towards the Dragon Tortoise Palace.

Along the way, miserable shrieks rang out everywhere.

The expressions of the two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators changed dramatically.

“Elder Brother, we did not run in the wrong direction, right? Why are we not there yet?”

“There is fog everywhere. Are we lost?”

The two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators showed unsightly expressions.

“Fly up!” Golden Horn called out.


The two quickly flew up. However, the world seemed to turn upside-down instantly. Now, the two could no longer differentiate between up, down, left, right, forward, or backward.

“Elder Brother?” Silver Horn called out anxiously.

“Use the big tree as a point of reference!” Golden Horn shouted.


The two brothers tried to fumble their way to the Dragon Tortoise Palace in the ritual array.


At the Dragon Tortoise Palace’s entrance:

A white-clad Gu Hai sat quietly before a Go board made of a pile of spirit stones. He used this Go board to control the entire ritual array.

“Ah! Don’t kill me!”

“Save me!”

“An evil man! A heavenly saber!”

“Another heavenly saber! No!”

Miserable shrieks rang out in all directions. After entering the ritual array, the cultivators could no longer distinguish the directions. Gu Hai did not kill them one by one. Instead, he sent out three thousand evil men to start a one-sided massacre with all their might.

The three thousand-odd evil men did not need to get their bearings. They just had to find the people who barged into the ritual array and kill the intruders on sight, executing them.

“I already gave a warning. However, as birds die in pursuit of food, men die in pursuit of wealth!” Gu Hai sighed.


Outside the ritual array, there were still countless cultivators who did not participate in Golden Horn’s alliance.

When they heard the miserable shrieks coming from the ritual array, they all gulped.

“All those who entered the ritual array are being massacred?”

“Is Gu Hai really going to kill everyone who barges in?”

The cultivators outside showed unsightly expressions while celebrating that they did not join Golden Horn and Silver Horn’s team.

Previously, the words on the sign outside the ritual array seemed like a joke. Now, it seemed like sheer mockery.

All those who barge into the ritual array will die!

The people outside the ritual array celebrated, and the people inside despaired. Did Gu Hai really dare to kill everyone? Was he not afraid of making enemies with all the major sects of the Thousand Islands Sea?


Outside the beast arena, Meng Tai’s eyelids twitched as he held Feng Ling.


Ninth Young Master sat at a stone table in a building, sipping refreshing tea as he looked at the distant ritual array.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Have the cultivators of the outside world all turned stupid in the many years since I last came out? Before even understanding the ritual array, they dared to barge in casually? Did they think that it would work just by having more people? The more people there are, the more that will die! Cough! Cough! Cough!” Ninth Young Master sneered as he looked at the ritual array and heard the miserable shrieks coming from it.

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