Book 02 Chapter 025: I Can Remove It
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 025: I Can Remove It

Beast Arena:

Meng Tai vomited blood as he looked at Feng Ling weakly.

Feng Ling walked over slowly, holding her head and showing a pained expression.

The battle between Gu Hai and Li Wei did not affect the two.

“Feng Ling. Cough! Cough! Cough! Do you not remember me? You said that we should find a place with no one and live there forever.”

“I am Yue Yao. I am Big Brother Li Wei’s woman,” Feng Ling muttered while holding her head in pain.

“You can remember. You are Feng Ling. You are definitely Feng Ling. You are the Feng Ling who always follows after her first senior brother. I am your First Senior Brother Meng Tai. I am your husband.”

“I am Yue Yao…” Feng Ling held her head in pain, looking like she did not want to acknowledge the truth.

As Feng Ling approached Meng Tai, her eyes appeared conflicted.

Meng Tai managed to find strength from somewhere, pushing himself to grab Feng Ling’s hand.

“Ah!” This frightened Feng Ling into wanting to pull back.

However, Meng Tai refused to let go.

Puish! A mouthful of blood burst out of Meng Tai’s mouth and stained Feng Ling’s hand.

Feng Ling immediately showed a horrified expression.

“Feng Ling, your husband let you down. I could not protect you. Your husband is about to die. You…you have to live on well,” Meng Tai said weakly. 

“No, no, no! You can’t die!” Feng Ling showed a horrified expression.

Meng Tai’s eyelids closed slowly as the hand holding Feng Ling’s suddenly relaxed. It seemed like he stopped breathing.

This scene suddenly jolted Feng Ling awake.

“No, no! You cannot die. Don’t die! Husband! Husband!” Feng Ling suddenly started crying. She grabbed Meng Tai’s right hand and refused to let go, feeling very anxious.

However, Meng Tai did not move or even breathe.

“Wake up! Wake up! I remember now! I remember now! I am Feng Ling. Husband, I am Feng Ling!” Feng Ling let out a heart-wrenching cry.

Just at this moment, Meng Tai twitched, and his eyelids moved. He suddenly opened his eyes again.

“Feng Ling, you remember me?” Meng Tai showed pleasant surprise on his face.

Feng Ling opened her eye

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