Book 02 Chapter 025: I Can Remove It
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 025: I Can Remove It

Beast Arena:

Meng Tai vomited blood as he looked at Feng Ling weakly.

Feng Ling walked over slowly, holding her head and showing a pained expression.

The battle between Gu Hai and Li Wei did not affect the two.

“Feng Ling. Cough! Cough! Cough! Do you not remember me? You said that we should find a place with no one and live there forever.”

“I am Yue Yao. I am Big Brother Li Wei’s woman,” Feng Ling muttered while holding her head in pain.

“You can remember. You are Feng Ling. You are definitely Feng Ling. You are the Feng Ling who always follows after her first senior brother. I am your First Senior Brother Meng Tai. I am your husband.”

“I am Yue Yao…” Feng Ling held her head in pain, looking like she did not want to acknowledge the truth.

As Feng Ling approached Meng Tai, her eyes appeared conflicted.

Meng Tai managed to find strength from somewhere, pushing himself to grab Feng Ling’s hand.

“Ah!” This frightened Feng Ling into wanting to pull back.

However, Meng Tai refused to let go.

Puish! A mouthful of blood burst out of Meng Tai’s mouth and stained Feng Ling’s hand.

Feng Ling immediately showed a horrified expression.

“Feng Ling, your husband let you down. I could not protect you. Your husband is about to die. You…you have to live on well,” Meng Tai said weakly. 

“No, no, no! You can’t die!” Feng Ling showed a horrified expression.

Meng Tai’s eyelids closed slowly as the hand holding Feng Ling’s suddenly relaxed. It seemed like he stopped breathing.

This scene suddenly jolted Feng Ling awake.

“No, no! You cannot die. Don’t die! Husband! Husband!” Feng Ling suddenly started crying. She grabbed Meng Tai’s right hand and refused to let go, feeling very anxious.

However, Meng Tai did not move or even breathe.

“Wake up! Wake up! I remember now! I remember now! I am Feng Ling. Husband, I am Feng Ling!” Feng Ling let out a heart-wrenching cry.

Just at this moment, Meng Tai twitched, and his eyelids moved. He suddenly opened his eyes again.

“Feng Ling, you remember me?” Meng Tai showed pleasant surprise on his face.

Feng Ling opened her eyes wide when she saw Meng Tai wake up.

“Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Husband!” Feng Ling sprawled over Meng Tai and started crying.

“Feng Ling, it’s good that you remember. It’s good that you remember.” A look of satisfaction flashed in Meng Tai’s eyes.



Loud sounds came from the vast fog in the distance.

“Argh! Ah!” Li Wei’s miserable cries rang out in the fog.

The countless gamblers in the surroundings felt a chill in their hearts.

Although Li Wei had already sustained severe injuries from fighting Meng Tai earlier, he was still a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Nascent Soul Realm cultivators should be able to sweep through all Golden Core Realm cultivators and Innate Realm cultivators. To think that an Innate Realm cultivator managed to trap Li Wei in a ritual array and even put him in an extremely miserable state.

“The Heavenly Saber Death Match? That’s impossible. How could there be so many people who know the Heavenly Saber Death Match? Could it be…?” The pupils of Ninth Young Master, who was on a nearby mountaintop, suddenly constricted.

“Ninth Young Master, did you think of something?” a subordinate asked, feeling curious.

“No wonder. No wonder I could not find him. No wonder he seemed so familiar. It turned out to be him. So, it is him! So many cultivators searched for him in Nine-Five Island but could not find a single clue. So, he was hiding here? The most dangerous place is the safest place?” Ninth Young Master said, expressing shock.


In the Heavenly Saber Death Match:

Li Wei manifested a sword and contended against the heavenly sabers with all his might. While Gu Hai’s ritual array might not be that strong, it was sufficient to deal with Li Wei.

Li Wei could use his manifested sword to chop through a heavenly saber. However, Gu Hai had endless heavenly sabers.

Gu Hai showed a cold gaze as stars materialized around him, looking like Go stones moving around.

Previously, the fake Ninth Young Master did not fully comprehend the Heavenly Saber Death Match and could only use an enchanted treasure to lay the ritual array. However, it was different for Gu Hai. He had fully comprehended the Heavenly Saber Death Match; hence, he could manipulate it as he pleased, increasing or decreasing the sabers as he wanted.

Hundreds of heavenly sabers immediately charged at Li Wei.

Boom! Shing! Shing!



Miserable cries continuously rang out. Many bloody holes appeared in Li Wei’s body as blood sprayed out in all directions.

As Gu Hai was the one who laid the ritual array, he could clearly see where Li Wei was. However, Li Wei had no idea where Gu Hai was.

The two thousand-odd evil men behind Gu Hai could see the scene before them too.

Although the evil men had sworn loyalty to Gu Hai, knowing about his strength and acknowledging his intellect, it was just at the level of acknowledgment for most of them. They did not think that Gu Hai was that incredible; their recognition did not reach the level of worship.

These people might be loyal to Gu Hai now. Nevertheless, as time passed, they might start to waver.

However, when the evil men saw this scene, they no longer dared to underestimate Gu Hai.

That was a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. A Nascent Soul Realm cultivator! Yet, he could only let Gu Hai cut him thousands of times before everyone. Every stab sent a chill through the evil men’s hearts.

This is a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, right? Why does he seem so helpless?

When hearing Li Wei’s screams, all the evil men looked to Gu Hai, who was in front. As they looked at Gu Hai’s back, nearly all of them gulped. Their acknowledgment of Gu Hai escalated incalculably.

Perhaps my talents won’t be buried if I follow this boss. However, if I betray this boss, would an even more miserable fate await me?

When this thought formed in every evil men’s heart, they immediately showed solemn expressions.

Shing! Shing! Shing! Shing! Shing!

A large number of heavenly sabers cut Li Wei. Soon, the heavenly sabers had thoroughly mangled Li Wei’s flesh. Bones were even visible in several wounds. He had lost his sword long ago, reaching the end of his road and no longer able to resist.

“Yue Yao, my lover!” Li Wei showed a bleak smile as though waiting for the final strike to kill him.

Gu Hai observed Li Wei’s expression. Then, he stretched out his hand and tapped the air.


Gu Hai dispelled the Heavenly Saber Death Match, scattering the fog. Then, he punched, sending out a huge manifested fist that struck Li Wei.


Li Wei crashed to the beast arena’s floor and lay limp on the ground, his flesh mangled.


“A Nascent Soul Realm cultivator got finished off by that Innate Realm cultivator?”

“That group of evil men is very horrifying!”

The countless gamblers in the surrounding peaks revealed shocked expressions, feeling a chill in their hearts.

Gu Hai did not deal a killing blow at the final moment.

The group of evil men slowly withdrew their hands.

After sending out large amounts of Veritable Energy, the evil men felt somewhat weak. However, they could recover quickly. Everyone stared straight at Gu Hai. After the earlier battle, Gu Hai’s prestige soared.

“Milord!” Gao Xianzhi called out with an excited heart.

“Li Wei is still alive. Immediately interrogate him for the method to remove the masks!” Gu Hai instructed.

“Yes!” the group of evil men immediately answered excitedly.

The mask! The mask! I can finally remove the mask!

Inside the beast arena:

Li Wei had fallen not far from Meng Tai. He lay limp on the ground, unable to move his mangled body.

From his position, Li Wei happened to see Feng Ling sprawled over Meng Tai’s body and crying. Meng Tai hugged Feng Ling.

Li Wei showed horror on his face. “Yue Yao! My Yue Yao!”

Feng Ling, who was sprawled over Meng Tai’s body, suddenly trembled. Then, she suddenly stood up and turned her head to look at Li Wei, showing a pained look.

“Yue Yao! My Yue Yao!” Li Wei suddenly showed a bleak smile.

After some silence, Feng Ling suddenly cried out, “Big Brother Li Wei! Big Brother Li Wei!”

The expression of Meng Tai, who was on the ground, changed. “Feng Ling. You are Feng Ling. Don’t get tricked by him, Feng Ling!”

“I am Feng Ling!” Feng Ling held her head.

“No, you are Yue Yao! My Yue Yao!” Li Wei cried out anxiously.

“I am Yue Yao?” Feng Ling held her head in pain once again.

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“No, no! Feng Ling, you are not Yue Yao. Yue Yao died long ago!” Meng Tai cried out.

Feng Ling held her head. “I am Feng Ling? I am Yue Yao? Feng Ling? Yue Yao?”

“Don’t think anymore. My precious, no matter how you are, don’t put yourself in such pain!” Li Wei said, feeling intense heartache.

However, Meng Tai arduously crawled back to his feet. He glowered at Li Wei ferociously. “You are the one who put Feng Ling in such a miserable state. My Feng Ling will return with your death!”

As Meng Tai spoke, he stalked towards Li Wei, exuding a cold, sinister, murderous air.

“No! Don’t kill my Big Brother Li Wei! Don’t!” Feng Ling cried in fear.

“Feng Ling, you know the problem now. When I kill him, you will return to being Feng Ling. Let me kill him!” Meng Tai shouted.


Suddenly, Gu Hai blocked Meng Tai.

“Division Master Meng, I fulfilled my promise to help you escape your predicament. What about your promise to me? You said that you would help me to find the method to remove the mask. Yet, you want to kill Li Wei now?” Gu Hai said coldly as he stared at Meng Tai.

As Meng Tai stared back at Gu Hai, his face twitched a little. It was as though he was considering whether to fall out with Gu Hai or not.

“Husband, I remember. I remember now. I am Feng Ling, not Yue Yao. I am Feng Ling. Yue Yao died long ago!” Feng Ling suddenly cried out after trembling.

Meng Tai immediately looked at Feng Ling, showing joy on his face.

“Feng Ling, you recall? You returned?” Meng Tai said with joy.

“Yes!” Feng Ling cried while smiling. Two extreme emotions mixed together strangely.

Meng Tai immediately hugged Feng Ling.

“Feng Ling, it’s great that you’ve recalled!”


The two tightly hugged each other.

On the other side, Li Wei watched this scene take place. Finally, he showed a sorrowful smile, a smile that contained helplessness, despair, and a desire for death.

He felt so sorrowful that his heart died.

“Ha! Ha! Yue Yao, I’m coming to look for you!” Li Wei showed a suicidal expression.


Suddenly, Li Wei’s body started glowing. His wounds recovered quickly, but his skin aged. His hair instantly turned white.

“Oh no! Milord, Li Wei has dissolved his Nascent Soul. He is determined to die!” Shangguan Hen suddenly cried out.

As Shangguan Hen spoke, he quickly stepped forward and stabbed a few fingers at Li Wei.

Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!

Ten-odd bleeding holes immediately appeared in Li Wei’s body, and he fainted. However, he still seemed to be breathing.

At this moment, Feng Ling, who was in Meng Tai’s embrace, suddenly trembled.

Meng Tai hugged Feng Ling tighter, not letting her move. It was as though he feared losing her.

“How is it?” Gu Hai asked.

Shangguan Hen showed an unsightly expression. “Milord, I managed to save Li Wei. However, Li Wei is determined to die. He might never wake up again, perhaps forever.”

“A vegetable?” Gu Hai’s face sank. “Is there any way to wake him up?”

Shangguan Hen shook his head. “There is none. It is impossible to save someone determined to die. He has to wake up of his own volition; he will only die faster if we force him awake. Perhaps he might stop breathing in the next moment.”

Feng Ling trembled in Meng Tai’s embrace. Meng Tai continued hugging her tightly.

Gu Hai turned his head to look at Meng Tai. Previously, Meng Tai looked like he might die soon. However, he looks significantly better now. Was he pretending earlier, or were his injuries really that severe?

More importantly, did Meng Tai do his best to help me remove the mask? No, from the start, he never showed any sign of trying to fulfill his promise.

“Division Master Gu, I’m very sorry. I did my best but did not succeed. You can only wait. After fifty years, the mask will fall off on its own,” Meng Tai said while shaking his head.

The evil men in the surroundings showed extremely unsightly expressions.

It had looked like they could remove the masks soon. However, their efforts came to nothing in the end.

“Milord!” The evil men felt extremely depressed at the moment.

However, Gu Hai did not console the evil men. Instead, he took a deep breath and said while looking at Meng Tai. “Fifty years? I can’t and won’t wait that long!”

“Oh?” Meng Tai felt slightly stunned.

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