Book 02 Chapter 024: Fighting Li Wei
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 024: Fighting Li Wei

A chaotic battle had taken place around the beast arena.

Countless gamblers exclaimed in shock and horror on the surrounding peaks.



“Evil men? They are all wearing masks. Are they actually evil men? Evil Men Valley’s evil men?”

“The evil men all escaped? Are they here for revenge?”

“These evil men are indeed terrifying. To think they can show such ferocious combat prowess.”

Previously, when these gamblers watched the evil men from the spectator stands, they only treated the evil men as entertainment. They knew how ferocious the evil men were but did not think much of it, as the evil men were all locked up.

No matter how ferocious a caged beast was, it could not harm them. What was there to worry about?

However, these ferocious beasts were now out of their cages and had even banded together.

How horrifying was this combined combat prowess? One could understand a little just by watching the fights in the beast arena.

However, combat prowess was just one aspect. The crux was the incredible ferocity of these evil men.

They directly tore their opponents apart? Some were even more ruthless, biting bits off with their mouth and consuming their opponent’s flesh.

The hair of countless gamblers stood on end.

These evil men were too horrifying.

When the gamblers saw this scene, some of them had wanted to lend a hand so that they could seek some financial compensation. However, when they saw the bloody scene from up close, they immediately turned and left.

“It’s the evil men! Damn it! They are the evil men!” a group of gamblers screamed in horror.

In the blink of an eye, the evil men practically wiped out the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples. As for the ones who survived, the evil men captured them.

All this took only a while. Such combat prowess gave countless gamblers a chill in their hearts.

“Look! Don Li is flying over!”

“Don Li already reached the Nascent Soul Realm. However, those evil men are only Innate Realm cultivators and Golden Core Realm cultivators!”

“Can the evil men outfight Don Li?”

“Nascent Soul Realm? What a strong aura!”

The countless gamblers in the surroundings stared at the vicinity of the beast arena. The battle earlier had ended. Now, the two thousand-odd evil men, with Gu Hai at the lead, faced the Great Feng Mafia Family Don, Li Wei.

When Gu Hai stepped forward, the four legates nervously followed behind. All the evil men showed ferocious expressions. Although they could not resist the Nascent Soul Realm aura, they did not show any fear in the face of it.

Li Wei’s strong Nascent Soul Realm aura was like a storm blowing all of the evil men off balance and looked like it would blow them away.

“To think that you escaped and even destroyed my Great Feng Mafia Family? You are only in the Innate Realm or Golden Core Realm, just a bunch of rats that cannot survive a storm.” Li Wei glared.

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Gu Hai waved his hand.


Shangguan Hen, Scar, Chen Tianshan, and Gao Xianzhi quickly placed their hands on Gu Hai’s back.


Then, starting from the centurions to the decani and the rest of the men, they formed sets of fours and placed their hands on a superior or a colleague.

With Gu Hai at the very front, the numbers multiplied by four with each layer down. Everyone but Gu Hai had their hands on someone’s back. In the blink of an eye, the entire group formed seven layers. Gu Hai stood at the very front, with the rest fanned out behind. Everyone endured the Nascent Soul Realm aura while showing a ferocious expression.

“Unleash!” Gu Hai shouted.

“Hah!” the evil men in the seventh layer roared. Suddenly, they sent surging Veritable Energy into the backs of the people in the sixth layer with their hands.


The people in the sixth layer also let out a roar, unleashing their Veritable Energy into the backs of the people of the fifth layer. At the same time, they also passed on the Veritable Energy from the seventh layer of men.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The flows of Veritable Energy passed on to the front—the fourth layer, the third layer, and the second layer.

Eventually, all the energy reached the second layer, to Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, Scar, and Shangguan Hen. Aside from Shangguan Hen, who did not show any changes, the other three flushed red.

The Veritable Energy sent from the people behind was too intense. If the Veritable Energy of the three were described as a small brook, the Veritable Energy surging in from behind would be a vast, gushing river.

If the river-like Veritable Energy remained in the body, these four might explode soon.


Gao Xianzhi had the weakest cultivation. As the Veritable Energy sent from behind was overly intense, he had difficulty taking it, vomiting blood.

Furthermore, this was with Gao Xianzhi passing on the Veritable Energy to Gu Hai. He was just a conduit.

Four vast, river-like streams of Veritable Energy poured into Gu Hai’s body. This berserk energy shook the four legates’ hearts. Could Gu Hai withstand it?

If not for Gu Hai instructing them to do this beforehand, no one would have dared to do this.

The four legates understand that if it were them, they would have exploded in an instant.

“Milord, are you alright?” Gao Xianzhi asked worriedly.

The group of evil men moved exceptionally quickly. The earlier scene had taken only an instant to complete, causing Li Wei, who was in front, to change his expression.

The Nascent Soul Realm Li Wei possessed a strong aura. The tornado-like berserk wind around him blew at the two thousand-odd evil men, and the strong aura seemed to be blowing the evil men over. However, they now poured in their energy towards Gu Hai.


A horrifying aura also erupted from Gu Hai. When this aura appeared, it was like a flash flood crashing against Li Wei’s aura.


When the two auras clashed, the resulting shock waves kicked up stones in the surroundings.

Gu Hai’s aura appeared no weaker than the Nascent Soul Realm Li Wei’s aura.

“Huh?” Li Wei’s expression changed, showing fury.

“This is?”

“They gathered the Veritable Energy of two thousand-odd evil men in one person?”

“That’s impossible. Even a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator’s physical body cannot endure such vast energy. He should have exploded long ago!”

“That person should have exploded. What kind of physical body does that person have? How preposterous!”

This scene set the surroundings abuzz. Countless gamblers goggled. Such a scene would not be difficult to imagine. Sending one’s energy somewhere else was not difficult. The difficult part was that no one could endure such vast energy.

The people who could endure such vast energy would not need to gather with other people like this, as it could affect their mobility.

How could an evil man contain all that energy? Were they not only Innate Realm cultivators or Golden Core Realm cultivators?

“Number 1? That’s right. I remember his figure. He is the evil man from two cycles of beast arenas ago. Evil Man Number 1, an Innate Realm cultivator,” someone shouted.

“Innate Realm? That’s impossible. An Innate Realm cultivator’s body would have exploded long ago!”

“Right, that’s right. He is the one. I lost money because of him. I will never forget that!”

“Innate Realm? Evil Man Number 1?”

Surging Veritable Energy gathered in Gu Hai’s body. Then, the energy slowly merged with Gu Hai’s Veritable Energy to form a purple true dragon.


The true dragon roared, facing the tortoise monster head-on. Its aura also formed a storm and blew forward, appearing no weaker than Li Wei’s.

“Do you still consider us weak now?” Gu Hai asked coldly.

Li Wei’s expression changed as he looked at Gu Hai in shock. He also marveled at Gu Hai’s strong physical body. However, he showed a cold smile the next moment. “Rats can never defeat humans. Even if you band together, you can only stand there!”

As Li Wei spoke, he swung his sword at Gu Hai.

When Li Wei swung his sword, dozens of sword qi appeared, accompanied by a large manifested sword. Then, they charged at Gu Hai. Everywhere the manifested sword passed, it seemed to tear everything apart like a storm, producing sharp sonic booms.

Gu Hai showed a ferocious expression as he punched at the manifested sword.


When Gu Hai punched, a ten-meter-tall purple fist suddenly appeared in the air and flew at the manifested sword.


A loud sound rang out, and the ground shook. The manifested fist seemed equal to the manifested sword. While the manifested fist shattered, the manifested sword and sword qi also shattered.

“Humph! Do you think that just gathering energy is sufficient? You can’t even move from that spot. Brat, you are just seeking death!” Li Wei’s expression turned cold. Then, his figure flashed as he avoided a frontal confrontation with Gu Hai and swung his sword at the group of evil men from the side.

Li Wei’s thoughts were right. If Gu Hai wanted to move, he needed the two thousand-odd people to work together. Moving was not convenient. While he possessed strength, he could not use it flexibly.

Gao Xianzhi and the others felt incredibly anxious; they could not move at all. Li Wei’s figure flashed, heading for the back of the group. If that happened, it would be a one-sided massacre.

The group of evil men revealed worried expressions.

Li Wei had already flown behind the group, revealing a cold smile. Then, he swung his sword again. “Since you are seeking death, I will slowly send you to death. I will reseal your cultivations and send you back to Evil Men Valley. As for your punishment for this offense, every rat will leave behind a claw!”


When Li Wei swung his sword, he shot one hundred sword qi at the evil men, targeting the right arm of the evil men who were sending Veritable Energy to Gu Hai. It seemed he wanted to chop off the right arms of one hundred men to punish them.

However, as Li Wei sent out the one hundred sword qi, he also sent a huge manifested sword at the back of Gu Hai’s head.

This attack was even more ferocious than before. As Gu Hai’s back faced Li Wei, moving was inconvenient. It looked like the manifested sword would chop Gu Hai down.

“So what if he gathered the energies of the evil men? If he cannot move, he can only stand there and let others chop him down.”

“Indeed. How unfortunate! It turns out that he just looks impressive but has no actual worth!”

“An Innate Realm cultivator is just an Innate Realm cultivator. He can never beat a Nascent Soul cultivator!”

The countless gamblers sighed as they shook their heads.

With the threat of imminent death, all the evil men’s hair stood on end. At this moment, their expressions changed dramatically in consternation.

“Milord!” Scar cried out anxiously.

The large manifested sword looked like it would soon strike the back of Gu Hai’s head. However, Gu Hai did not turn his head. Just as the manifested sword was about to chop off his head, a large amount of mist suddenly came out from the back of his head.


The mist instantly spread out in all directions. Then, a huge saber qi suddenly shot out from the back of Gu Hai’s head.

That saber was several dozens of meters long, even larger than Li Wei’s manifested sword.


The saber qi crashed into the manifested sword and immediately shattered it. Then, the saber qi soared up and arrived before Li Wei in an instant.

“What?” Li Wei’s expression changed as he punched hastily.


Li Wei had to launch a manifested fist to clash with the saber qi before he could neutralize it.

The sword qi that Li Wei sent out earlier were attacked by many small saber qi. Explosions filled the air.

“What’s going on?” Countless cultivators goggled, not understanding what they saw.

Where did this saber qi come from? How could this saber qi be so strong? How could that Innate Realm evil man have possibly sent it out?

At this moment, a surging white fog covered all the evil men. Everyone could vaguely see stars within the white fog.

“Is this a ritual array?” someone suddenly wondered.

“A ritual array?” Li Wei’s expression changed.

“That’s right, a ritual array. Now that I have the energy, why should I fight head-on with you? Since I have the energy, I can lay a ritual array. Clouds arise! Unleash!” Gu Hai shouted.


Suddenly, a vast fog erupted with Gu Hai as the center. Then, the vast fog charged at Li Wei like a berserk dragon.

Li Wei’s expression changed as he tried to flee to the sky. However, the fog moved too fast; it immediately encased the entire beast arena. Li Wei could not outrun the fog, which enveloped him as well.

When Li Wei entered the ritual array, it felt like the world had flipped upside-down. He suddenly lost his bearings, unable to distinguish even up and down. Although he flew quickly, he could not escape the fog.

“What? How can this be?” Li Wei exclaimed in disbelief.


Suddenly, a saber qi appeared in front of Li Wei, charging at him.

“Humph! Acting all mysterious!” Li Wei ferociously swung his sword.

Shing! Shing! Shing!

Suddenly, many saber qi dozens of meters tall appeared in the surroundings and flew towards Li Wei. The threat of death made Li Wei quiver.

“No! That’s impossible!” Li Wei shouted as he quickly sent out a manifested sword.

“Nothing is impossible. You are just ignorant!” Gu Hai’s voice rang out as the saber qi shot at Li Wei.


A loud report came from the fog.

Outside, the countless gamblers goggled as they looked at the beast arena. The vast fog already filled the area, veiling everything. No one expected the situation to turn out like that.

“An Innate Realm cultivator? How could he lay such a ritual array?” many cultivators wondered, finding this development inconceivable.

At a mountaintop, Ninth Young Master’s pupils constricted as he said, “The Heavenly Saber Death Match?”

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