Book 02 Chapter 002: Trouble at Sea
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 002: Trouble at Sea

A flying ship was much faster than a seafaring ship. The two huge flying ships arrived at Nine-Five Island in a few days.

“Go to the Clear River Sect!” Long Wanqing said.

“Yes!” Long Wanqing’s subordinates piloted the White Cloud to fly towards the Clear River Sect.

At the side, the Fire Division Master frowned and said, “Hall Master, I know you think highly of Gu Hai, and you do have the right to appoint division masters. However, my Elite Hall has its rules. The previous hall master ruled that we are not to kill each other. Hall Master, are you really not going to care about that? Are you just going to leave the matter of Gu Hai committing outrageous acts and killing my Elite Hall’s people?”

“Meng Tai deserved that!” Long Wanqing said.

Ding Rui, the old woman, shook her head and said, “No matter what, Meng Tai was the Earth Division Master. Gu Hai did not have the right to decide the Earth Division Master’s life or death. He exceeded his authority. Meng Tai might have done wrong, but who could say that they have never done wrong? What if Hall Master does something wrong one day. Does that mean that Gu Hai can kill Hall Master?”

“Division Master Ding, we will discuss this matter later,” Long Wanqing said with a frown.

“It is fine if we discuss it later. After all, we still have not found Gu Hai. This subordinate is only reminding Hall Master. Gu Hai killed Meng Tai. According to my Elite Hall’s rules, he should be punished severely. Furthermore, he still has not registered his name in the records. He can be punished with death,” Ding Rui said seriously.

“Alright. I said that we would discuss this later. Right now, nothing is more important than finding my mother’s murderer!” Long Wanqing said coldly.

“Yes!” Ding Rui was reluctant to let this go. However, she could only nod.

The two flying ships quickly arrived at the Clear River Sect.

The Clear River Sect had mountains and forests. Large numbers of palace halls and residences were erected among the mountains. The countless cloud ritual arrays laid around made the

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