Book 02 Chapter 002: Trouble at Sea
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 002: Trouble at Sea

A flying ship was much faster than a seafaring ship. The two huge flying ships arrived at Nine-Five Island in a few days.

“Go to the Clear River Sect!” Long Wanqing said.

“Yes!” Long Wanqing’s subordinates piloted the White Cloud to fly towards the Clear River Sect.

At the side, the Fire Division Master frowned and said, “Hall Master, I know you think highly of Gu Hai, and you do have the right to appoint division masters. However, my Elite Hall has its rules. The previous hall master ruled that we are not to kill each other. Hall Master, are you really not going to care about that? Are you just going to leave the matter of Gu Hai committing outrageous acts and killing my Elite Hall’s people?”

“Meng Tai deserved that!” Long Wanqing said.

Ding Rui, the old woman, shook her head and said, “No matter what, Meng Tai was the Earth Division Master. Gu Hai did not have the right to decide the Earth Division Master’s life or death. He exceeded his authority. Meng Tai might have done wrong, but who could say that they have never done wrong? What if Hall Master does something wrong one day. Does that mean that Gu Hai can kill Hall Master?”

“Division Master Ding, we will discuss this matter later,” Long Wanqing said with a frown.

“It is fine if we discuss it later. After all, we still have not found Gu Hai. This subordinate is only reminding Hall Master. Gu Hai killed Meng Tai. According to my Elite Hall’s rules, he should be punished severely. Furthermore, he still has not registered his name in the records. He can be punished with death,” Ding Rui said seriously.

“Alright. I said that we would discuss this later. Right now, nothing is more important than finding my mother’s murderer!” Long Wanqing said coldly.

“Yes!” Ding Rui was reluctant to let this go. However, she could only nod.

The two flying ships quickly arrived at the Clear River Sect.

The Clear River Sect had mountains and forests. Large numbers of palace halls and residences were erected among the mountains. The countless cloud ritual arrays laid around made the place look dreamy.

The arrival of the two flying ships caused a huge commotion in the Clear River Sect.

Some of the disciples wanted to complain angrily.

However, the Clear River Sect Master took a careful look and immediately recognized one to be the White Cloud and the other to be a Divine Strategy Battalion flying ship.

“The entire Clear River Sect along with myself respectfully greets the Elite Hall Master and the Divine Strategy Battalion Commander!” the Clear River Sect Master shouted.

This immediately intensified the commotion among the disciples. Clearly, Elite Hall and the Divine Strategy Battalion held great fame in Nine-Five Island.

As the flying ships descended, no one dared to use the ritual array to stop them. Then, they slowly landed at a plaza.

“Clear River Sect Master, I’m here to impose on you again!” Long Wanqing said with a smile.

“How can that be? It is my Clear River Sect’s fortune that Hall Master comes to my Clear River Sect. This old man greets the Elite Hall Master, the Divine Strategy Battalion Commander, Division Master Ding, and Venerable Liu Nian!” the Clear River Sect Master said with a smile.

“Clear River Sect Master, my Divine Strategy Battalion will be staying at your Clear River Sect for a period. Please clear out an area for my Divine Strategy Battalion to stay in!” Li Haoran said.

“Of course, of course. This way, please!” the Clear River Sect Master said exceptionally courteously.

The news of the Divine Strategy Battalion’s and Elite Hall’s flying ships’ arrival at the Clear River Sect quickly spread to the other sects on Nine-Five Island.

Cultivators from the various sects immediately came to visit.


Several days later, within a palace hall in the Clear River Sect:

The Fire Division Master, Ding Rui, met with the First Song Sect Master.

“Division Master Ding, is everything you said true?” The First Song Sect Master’s expression changed.

Ding Rui gripped her walking stick and said with a cold gaze, “That’s right. So, from now on, spread the news. Not just throughout Nine-Five Island. Spread it to all the surrounding islands. Tell them that Gu Hai possesses a century lifespan immortality peach. Get everyone to search for him!”

“Yes! It won’t just be us spreading the information. I think there should be many cultivators coming from Tengen Island. The information might have already spread to every corner of Thousand Islands Sea.” The First Song Sect Master nodded.

“Don’t be careless. Based on my understanding of Gu Hai during this period, this Gu Hai is an expert in using the circumstances. He is a huge variable. We cannot let him spoil our plan, so Gu Hai must die. Do you understand?” Ding Rui stared at the First Song Sect Master with narrowed eyes.

The First Song Sect Master nodded and said, “I understand. I will send out all of the First Song Sect disciples!”

“That’s not enough. When you spread word of Gu Hai, add in this detail!” Ding Rui said.


“Gu Hai ate the century lifespan immortality peach, and the medicinal energy is still in his body. If one eats him or concocts him into a pill, it will also have the effect of increasing lifespan!” Ding Rui said.

“Ah? That’s not true, right?”

“I know it’s not. However, we just need to spread this rumor. No matter how false it is, it will seem real to others!” Ding Rui said coldly.



On Thousand Islands Sea:

Gu Hai’s group of three continued traveling on the seafaring ship.

Running a ship was a good business. When one boarded a ship, one needed to pay spirit stones. During the several months of travel on the ship, one also needed spirit stones to pay for food. So, each trip in the Thousand Islands Sea made a great profit.

Gu Hai cultivated in the three’s private cabin. Occasionally, he also came out to take a breather.

On this particular day, the three went to the deck and looked into the distance.

“Division Master, it has already been two-odd months. We should be arriving at Nine-Five Island soon.” Chen Tianshan pointed excitedly towards the horizon.

“We are not sure if it is a good thing or bad thing to return. Do not address me as Division Master to prevent our identities from being leaked. In the future, address me as Milord!” Gu Hai said.

“Yes, Milord!” the two answered.

Then, the three looked into the distance. Suddenly, a strong wind blew.


As the strong wind blew, the weather suddenly changed. The initially clear sky turned dark. Heavy clouds covered the sky, looking like a storm would arrive soon.

However, all this happened too quickly. The process of the change could not be seen at all.

Immediately after the strong wind blew, the waves rose. When pushed by the waves, the ship rocked heavily.

“Ah! I nearly fell over. What’s going on?”

“Why did the sky change?”

“A storm is arriving?”

Countless cultivators on the deck showed confused expressions. How did the sky turn dark so quickly?


Ritual arrays activated on the ship, and a blue shield suddenly formed, looking like a blue bubble of light encased the ship.


After a while, the waves grew increasingly larger. Despite the ritual array, the ship still rocked.

The waves soared high; some even towered dozens of meters, sending countless fish flying out.

“This is not a simple storm. Is something happening?” the boatman exclaimed, his expression changing.


Lightning flashed in the dark clouds, and heavy rain suddenly fell in this region. Huge waves soared up and washed over the light bubble. With each hit, the expressions of the people on the deck changed dramatically.

Even Chen Tianshan gulped.

This was the power of nature, grand and majestic. Even though Chen Tianshan already reached the Golden Core Realm, he still felt worried.

“Something’s not right. These dark clouds arrived too strangely! It does not seem like a storm!”

“This is too sudden. Could it be summoned?”

“Summoned? A sea beast? Could we have run into some sea beast?”

Countless cultivators appeared worried.

“Sea beast? What are sea beasts?” Gu Hai’s expression changed as he looked at Chen Tianshan.


Suddenly, a loud sound came from the bottom of the sea. Then, an overwhelming force surged up from under the ship.


A wave pushed the ship up, sending it soaring up three hundred meters.



Many cultivators let out shrill screams.

Gu Hai’s group grabbed the railing and flew up with the ship.

The surrounding waves looked overwhelming. As they soared into the air, Gu Hai saw a massive creature. A humongous black hornless dragon head poked out of the sea.

The dragon looked malevolent, roaring as it glared. There was a large scar around its left eye, making it look fierce and tough. Then, it let loose a sky-shaking roar.


The dragon’s roar was so loud that it exploded the surrounding seawater. Roiling dark clouds gathered in the sky, lightning flashed, and torrential rain poured down. Everyone’s expression changed dramatically.

Gu Hai visually gauged the monster. It was at least one kilometer long. That was just the minimum, as the water hid most of this monster’s body.

“A flood dragon? A sea beast of the Thousand Islands Sea, a flood dragon? Why is it here? Why is it here?”

“It’s over! It’s over! It’s a flood dragon!”

Horrified screams rang out in the surroundings.

Gu Hai’s group goggled.

A flood dragon? Not long ago, they had seen cloud beasts. While their sizes were similar, this monster had a completely different aura.

The cloud beast was just an enormous creature. However, the flood dragon before them could call winds and summon rain. The sea obeyed it. Its power was on a completely different level.


The flood dragon soared into the air. While the ship was big, it did not look big before the flood dragon.


When the ship landed on the water, the blue light bubble rippled, looking like it would shatter.

Most of the cultivators turned ashen.

“It’s over! It’s over!” the crowd shouted in horror.


Suddenly, another roar came from the bottom of the sea.


Just as the ship fell, another wave knocked it back up.


Dark clouds gathered in the sky again, and more torrential rain fell as lightning flashed and thunder rolled.

“There is still another sea beast? Furthermore, one that can also affect the weather? How can it be like this?”

Loud exclamations rang out in the surroundings.

When the ship fell from the air again, Gu Hai finally saw what the second sea beast looked like.

It was a gigantic tortoise at least six hundred meters long. However, there was something different about this tortoise: it had a pair of dragon horns on its head.


The gigantic tortoise roared, and strong winds blew in the surroundings. The sea formed an extremely huge, rapidly swirling whirlpool.

“A baxia?! That is a baxia! How can this be? Why did a baxia show up here?” Countless cultivators revealed despair.

[TL Note: The characters for baxia are literally translated as “lower tyrant.” It is a tortoise-like mythological beast known as one of the nine children of the dragon. It has a tortoise body and a dragon head.]

Usually, it would be over if one met just one sea beast. Now, there were two ferocious sea beasts.

Everyone nearly cried in despair.

Had they known, they would not have chased after Gu Hai.


The ship landed—right between the two gigantic sea beasts.

The two sea beasts did not pay the ship any mind. The flood dragon and the baxia glared at each other, looking like neither would rest until the other died.

“It’s over. This is terrible. What should we do?” Chen Tianshan said, his expression changing dramatically.

“Put on these life vests! Quick!” Gu Hai shouted.

As Gu Hai spoke, he quickly took out three life vests he had made previously. He did not know whether they would be useful or not, but he still put one on.

Chen Tianshan and Gao Xianzhi quickly put one on as well.

While the others wallowed in their fear, the three used ropes to tie themselves to one another. At the same time, Gu Hai had Gao Xianzhi hide the Earth Division Master’s authority token at the bottom of his shoe and tie it properly.

As expected, after the flood dragon roared, it swung its tail.


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As the tail swung, it seemed to bring out the sea’s boundless power. Under this huge force, the ship shattered.


“Save me!”

“Save me!”

Loud cries rang out in the surroundings. However, a huge wave swept everyone up in the blink of an eye.

The baxia roared furiously.


The two humongous sea beasts started fighting each other.

Dark clouds roiled in the sky, sending down lightning bolts. The unrestrained fight churned the water. Before the cultivators could see anything, the whirlpool dragged them in.


Gu Hai suffered impacts from all directions.

This was too ferocious. This was a battle between two sea beasts using the sea’s power, not something ordinary people could resist.

Gu Hai and Gao Xianzhi were in the Innate Realm while Chen Tianshan was in the Golden Core Realm. However, even a Golden Core Realm cultivation seemed insignificant before these two humongous sea beasts.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Strong forces smashed into Gu Hai’s body.

Despite Gu Hai’s physical cultivation, he could not endure this for long and soon lost consciousness.

Just as Gu Hai fainted, Chen Tianshan and Gao Xianzhi fainted as well.

They lost all sensation as the surging waves swept them away.

Several days passed, and both the flood dragon and the baxia left. The roiling dark clouds also scattered. The sea recovered its calm.

Looking at the now mirror-like sea, no one would imagine that towering waves had appeared here not long ago.

Before the tremendous power of the two sea beasts, the ship had shattered. Everyone from the ship had vanished, swallowed up by the vast sea.

Everything remained calm until another ship passed by. This ship flew a large banner with the character for “Feng” depicted prominently on it.

A few black-clad men stood at the bow of the ship. At this moment, they looked into the distance with slight frowns.

“A flood dragon and a baxia? These two sea beasts typically leave each other alone. Why did they fight here? The strong winds and thick clouds in the surrounding sea over the past few days forced us to stop and wait at the nearby island,” one of the black-clad men grumbled.

“Indeed. We have delayed quite a few days. What if the don blames us?” another person said worriedly.

“Furthermore, a few people managed to escape because of the huge waves. How are we going to explain it to the don?”

Everyone remained silent.

“Look! There’s someone there!” someone said, his eyes lighting up.

The black-clad men saw Gu Hai’s group of three, wearing life vests, unconscious and floating in the distant sea.

“Fish them out!” someone yelled.


The black-clad men quickly fished out Gu Hai’s group. The makeup on their faces had already washed off. However, after soaking in the seawater for a few days, their faces had swelled up a little, so no one could tell who they were.

Since the three wore life vests and used ropes to tie themselves together, they had not gotten separated.

One of the black-clad men sent in his Veritable Energy into the three’s bodies.

“Elder, they are alive. Two are Innate Realm cultivators, and one is a Golden Core cultivator. Although they are alive, they sustained severe injuries!” the black-clad man said.

“Two Innate Realm cultivators and one Golden Core cultivator? Good! Good! Good!” that elder suddenly started laughing.

“Elder, what is good?” everyone asked, feeling confused.

“Didn’t five people run away previously? Use these three to make up the numbers. At least, we cut the losses by more than half. The don will not blame us too heavily!” the elder said happily.

“Right, right, right! Elder is wise!” Everyone immediately said excitedly.

“No one is permitted to speak of today’s matter. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” the elder said coldly.


“Return to Nine-Five Island at full speed. We are returning to the family!” the elder announced happily.



After some time, Gu Hai’s consciousness started to return to him.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!”

Gu Hai coughed a few times and vomited out some seawater as he woke up, feeling bewildered.

Gu Hai wanted to wipe away the seawater on his face, which he just vomited out.

Rattle! Rattle!

The jangle of chains rang out. Gu Hai was shocked to discover that he could not move his hands. When he turned his head to look, he saw that chains bound his hands, holding them immobile.

No, it was not just his hands. His feet were bound too.

Furthermore, there seemed to be a bronze mask on his face covering everything above his nose.

“What’s going on?” Gu Hai’s expression changed.

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