Book 01 Chapter 055: I Also Once Loved You
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 055: I Also Once Loved You

“Benefactor, I don’t feel so good.” Xiaorou’s voice contained a hint of pain.

Gu Hai’s expression changed, turning into a heavy frown.

No one in the surroundings continued charging inside. If they did, it would just be a reckless move leading to death.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity had clearly stopped fighting with Gu Hai. Furthermore, Bodhisattva Lian Sheng appeared. Those who did not recognize the three of them quickly learned of their identities through others.

Charging forward at this moment would just be tantamount to suicide, no matter which of the three they offended.

“Bodhisattva Lian Sheng, what did you mean by that? Can you save Xiaorou?” Gu Hai asked anxiously.

Bodhisattva Lian Sheng soared into the sky.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity glanced at Bodhisattva Lian Sheng and said, “Lian Sheng? You are here as well?”

“May the Lord Buddha preserve us. It has been a long time, Great Light Sovereign Deity. How have you been?” Bodhisattva Lian Sheng said while pressing his palms together.

“Humph! Explain it to him. Six century lifespan immortality peaches are too much. If this drags on, Queen Wa’s earthly soul will be injured,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said coldly.

“Bodhisattva Lian Sheng, please take a look at Xiaorou. Can you help her reconstruct her physical souls?” Gu Hai said anxiously.

Bodhisattva Lian Sheng looked at Xiaorou and frowned slightly.

“Her three spiritual souls have not separated yet, so it is not difficult to reconstruct her physical souls. You can do it with a strong spirit herb. While your century lifespan immortality peaches are even more precious than most spirit herbs, ultimately, it is a lifespan plant, not a spirit herb. Its medicinal energy is too strong. Not only can it not reconstruct Xiaorou’s physical souls, but it will also be a burden on her. Division Master Gu, Xiaorou’s earthly soul is that of Queen Wa and will return to Queen Wa eventually. Why not use this opportunity to let her return?” Bodhisattva Lian Sheng advised.

Gu Hai stared at Bodhisattva Lian Sheng, tightly clenching his fist. After a few deep breaths, he suppressed the anger in his heart.

Although Bodhisattva Lian Sheng explained clearly, how could Gu Hai not understand the underlying meaning, given his intelligence? Bodhisattva Lian Sheng could help Xiaorou, but he was not going to.

“Earthly soul? The earthly soul’s reincarnation? After Xiaorou’s earthly soul returns to Queen Wa, will Xiaorou still be the original Xiaorou? What about her heavenly soul and mortal soul?” Gu Hai asked, suppressing the rage in his voice.

“Xiaorou’s heavenly soul and mortal soul will merge into Queen Wa’s heavenly soul and mortal soul. Queen Wa’s will be dominant; however, the earthly soul will not change,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity explained from not far away.

Bodhisattva Lian Sheng nodded while pressing his palms together.

“If the earthly soul does not change, will Xiaorou remember everything of the past?” Gu Hai looked at Bodhisattva Lian Sheng.

Bodhisattva Lian Sheng nodded. “She will remember. Xiaorou’s memories are Queen Wa’s memories. How can Queen Wa forget? However, Queen Wa will be in control in the future. Everything of Xiaorou will just be a memory.”

Gu Hai continued hugging Xiaorou. Unwillingness flashed in his eyes as he looked at everyone.

“Benefactor, I don’t feel so good,” Xiaorou said in pain.

Gu Hai did not like this feeling. He could not save the person beside him despite it being possible, helpless to do anything. This was just like his wife’s—Chen Xianer’s—death back then. This again? This again?

“Quickly. Queen Wa’s earthly soul is about to be injured,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity urged.

Gu Hai ignored the Great Light Sovereign Deity. Instead, he looked at the weak Xiaorou. “Xiaorou, did you hear what they said? Are you willing to become another person? You will keep your memories, but you will be a different person!”

“Why do you need to ask her about this matter?” Great Light Sovereign Deity continued urging.

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“If you are willing, I’ll send you over. If you are not, I will grant you release,” Gu Hai said through clenched teeth.

“How dare you!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity suddenly roared.


Countless peacock plume feathers suddenly appeared in the surroundings. It looked like if Gu Hai dared to kill Xiaorou, the Great Light Sovereign Deity would immediately charge over.


Gu Hai sat down, and the ferocious general swung the halberd around and pointed it at the Great Light Sovereign Deity with a blazing battle hunger.

Gu Hai looked coldly at the Great Light Sovereign Deity. Even though he knew the Great Light Sovereign Deity’s strength, he did not fear the Great Light Sovereign Deity.

Xiaorou trembled. “Live in another way? Does that mean I can continue to see Benefactor and think about Benefactor? I’m willing. I’m willing to become another person!”


The Great Light Sovereign Deity immediately released his bated breath.

As Gu Hai hugged Xiaorou, a complicated look flashed in his eyes while he turned his head to look at Bodhisattva Lian Sheng. Then, he said coldly, “Bodhisattva Lian Sheng, I hope that you aren’t lying to me!”

“May the Lord Buddha preserve us. Everything this humble monk said is the truth!” Bodhisattva Lian Sheng held his palms together.

“Lead the way!” Gu Hai shouted at the Great Light Sovereign Deity.

“Humph!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity snorted coldly. Then, he turned his head and flew to the distant mountain peak.


Under Gu Hai’s control, the vast army flew to the distant mountain peak.

Bodhisattva Lian Sheng stood in the sky as he watched Gu Hai leave. Then, he sighed softly. “Gu Hai, I did this for your own good. If Queen Wa cannot revive today, it is not just the Great Light Sovereign Deity you would have to face. At that time, there would be people pursuing you all over the world. You would have no place to flee to.”

The vast army immediately left the century lifespan immortality peach tree, leaving Bodhisattva Lian Sheng standing there.

The eyes of the surrounding cultivators also suddenly lit up.

“Perhaps…perhaps we can try snatching it now?” Many people felt anticipation.

However, most people did not dare to charge over. After a while, someone finally could no longer resist.


That person charged towards the century lifespan immortality peach tree with an anxious expression.

“Oh no!” The expressions of many cultivators immediately changed, and they were about to complain angrily.


A peacock plume feather cut through the air.


The feather cut that person along with his cloud beast in half and left him to fall.

“Gasp!” The place filled with the sounds of sharp intakes of breath.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity, who was flying away, turned his head back and looked coldly in that direction. Then, he murmured, “I am still around. If anyone dares to touch it, I will kill that person.”

The voice was soft, but it strangely reached everyone’s ears. Nearly everyone felt a chill spread from their feet to their heads.

Now, no one dared to take another step forward. Even Ninth Young Master showed an extremely unsightly expression.

Gu Hai’s group soon reached the mountain peak’s summit, where a large number of black-robed men knelt on one knee.

“Respectfully welcoming back Queen Wa!” the group of black-robed men greeted.

“Open the coffin!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity shouted.



The group of black-robed men slowly opened the thirty-meter-long coffin.

When the lid opened, Spiritual Energy rushed out. A raft of white mist spread out from the coffin. That white mist seemed to contain a vast amount of Spiritual Energy.

At this moment, the surging white mist seemed to overflow the coffin, exposing only one end, where a head with a snake body could be seen. This head belonged to that of a beautiful woman.

This woman looked similar to Xiaorou but appeared much more mature.

That woman opened her eyes slightly, peering extremely weakly at Xiaorou.

Xiaorou peered back extremely weakly at that woman.

Buzz! Xiaorou’s body trembled.

“Xiaorou, what’s wrong?” Gu Hai asked worriedly.

“Benefactor, I sense something familiar. It seems that the person in the coffin is really me,” Xiaorou sobbed.

“Alright!” Gu Hai nodded.

The woman in the coffin said softly, “Enter my mouth and merge with me.”

After that woman spoke, her head suddenly transformed into an enormous snake head. Then, she opened her mouth, looking like she waited to eat Xiaorou.

Xiaorou looked at that mouth and started crying again.

“Bene…Benefactor!” Xiaorou looked at Gu Hai, showing a deeply sorrowful expression in her eyes.

“Xiaorou, sorry. This time, I cannot save you.” Gu Hai also appeared extremely sorrowful.

“Benefactor, just place me in her mouth!” Xiaorou sobbed.

During this time, Xiaorou kept staring at Gu Hai. She understood that this might be the last time she could look at him like this.

Gu Hai nodded and slowly placed Xiaorou in the huge snake’s mouth.

Then, the huge snake’s mouth slowly closed.

In the gradually darkening mouth, Xiaorou’s tears suddenly poured out as she cried, “Benefactor!”

“Xiaorou, what is it?” Gu Hai looked at Xiaorou.

“If I become bad one day, you must remind me that I was once good!” Xiaorou cried.

Then, the snake’s mouth closed completely.

Darkness enveloped Xiaorou. The moment the mouth closed, she added, “I also once loved you!”

Unfortunately, the snake’s mouth was already closed. No one heard what Xiaorou said. Perhaps only she could hear that gentle voice.

Xiaorou had long wanted to say this line. Back when Gu Hai first saved Xiaorou from Pang Tianlong, she had already given her heart to him. No one else had heard her despair and sorrow; they only watched coldly, waiting for her to die. Only her benefactor had. Her benefactor arrived from the sky and saved her like a hero.

No one knew that Xiaorou felt very touched that day, feeling like her heart came back to life. At that moment, her benefactor gave her new life, reviving her heart.

Xiaorou wanted to tell her benefactor how she felt. However, she also worried that her benefactor would send her away, so she buried these words in her heart.

Perhaps she did not need her benefactor to do anything. She just needed to be by her benefactor’s side every day, frequently looking at her benefactor. That would be enough. If her benefactor often smiled at her, she already felt satisfied with her life.

Xiaorou already considered herself very fortunate, as everything before her was already enough. As long as she could follow her benefactor, it would be sufficient.

Just let these words be buried in my heart. It is enough that I know. I don’t need Benefactor to say anything. As long as I can occasionally see Benefactor, it will be fine.

However, why? Why did heaven not even give me this little bit of hope?

Benefactor, I like you a lot. I am about to become another person soon. Will I soon stop liking Benefactor?

Xiaorou’s heart felt torn. She hated her cowardice, she hated her weakness. Even at the moment of death, she could not say those words.


Xiaorou’s body slowly melted in the snake’s mouth, along with her tears and sorrow. She felt herself getting increasingly weaker, gradually losing consciousness.

Xiaorou felt like she dreamed. In that dream, she took on human form and walked next to Gu Hai openly. They held hands as they walked through a herb field, speaking of happy things and moving stories.

If I become bad one day, Benefactor, you must remember that I was once good! I also once loved you!

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