Book 01 Chapter 047: The Regretful Chen Tianshan
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 047: The Regretful Chen Tianshan

The vast army occupied the area around the century lifespan immortality peach tree.

The scene of the vast army sweeping through all the cloud beasts had left everyone breathless. Countless pairs of eyes all over this independent world stared at the vast fearless army, which had reduced all the defending cloud beasts to sorry states.

Everyone stared at Gu Hai, feeling shocked. They seemed to want to carve Gu Hai into their minds.


At a plaza:

The first elder and Bodhisattva Lian Sheng remained silent for a while.

“Gu Hai?” the first elder said coldly.

“The ninth inheritor of Guan Qi. This Ninth Young Master is this generation’s ninth inheritor, right? He seems somewhat disappointing, doesn’t he?” Bodhisattva Lian Sheng asked out of curiosity.

The first elder remained silent, not saying anything.

Then, a group of people suddenly rushed over from behind.

“First Elder, what should we do? Outsiders have occupied the century lifespan immortality peach tree!”

“First Elder, let us make a move!”

“First Elder, the century lifespan immortality peach tree is our Heavenly Go Pavilion’s only lifespan plant!”

This group of people felt very anxious about the century lifespan immortality peach tree being snatched away, as well as extremely horrified. However, they were helpless, as the first elder had forbidden them from taking action. Hence, everyone could only come and beg the first elder.

The first elder looked at the sky, remaining silent for a while.

“Little Nine lost the century lifespan immortality peach tree. Let him get it back himself!” the first elder said coldly, rejecting the group’s request.

“But First Elder, that is the century lifespan immortality peach tree! We—”

“That’s enough. Go back!” the first elder shouted coldly.

These people exchanged glances, appearing unresigned. They looked up at Gu Hai in the sky, with hatred and resentment on their faces.

“Hey? What is Gu Hai doing?” Bodhisattva Lian Sheng revealed some shock.


At the summit of a mountain peak:

The Great Light Sovereign Deity looked at the

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