Book 01 Chapter 018: The Second Campaign: Killing the Citizens’ Confidence
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 018: The Second Campaign: Killing the Citizens’ Confidence

Dawn, two days later, Song City:

“You bunch of bandits. It’s one thing to rob from the overt businesses of my Gu Residence. To think you are robbing my jade shop! My master will not let you off! Ah! My jade scepter! That is something my master wanted! Don’t snatch it away! Don’t!”

A miserable cry rang out, making all the ordinary citizens who were feeling sleepy perk up.

Countless ordinary citizens startled awake from their dreams simultaneously.

“My wife, was that the voice of the jade store’s boss? A covert business of Gu Hai’s? That is…” a man said in shock.

The woman on the bed immediately let out a startled cry. “Go! You failed to out-snatch that bastard Sun Er previously. If you fail to bring back anything of value this time, I will fight you to the death!” 


Many doors opened. The god of fortune was spreading wealth again. The ordinary citizens who failed to snatch anything previously went crazy, immediately rushing out without even getting dressed.

Similar scenes happened all over Song City. It seemed like someone suddenly unearthed a large number of the Gu Residence’s covert businesses. Countless people rushed over in a frenzy to plunder and rob in the name of righteousness.

Miserable cries and sounds of chaotic fighting soon rang out. The sky had only just started to brighten, but some places already gave off thick smoke.


In Gu Han’s residence:

“Adoptive Father, we only have six covert businesses in Song City. Can we affect everyone in the entire city?” Gu Han asked, feeling somewhat worried.

“Only six? That’s enough. Everyone hopes that there will be more shops. Now that they are interested, that is enough to spur the ambition in their hearts, even if there were fewer,” Gu Hai said while sampling tea.



The sound of looting rang out continuously as the sky slowly brightened.

This was another round of profits. Some of the people smiled happily, but countless others became even more anxious.

“Shit! I was too late again!”

“This old me failed to obtain anything. Does Gu Hai have any more hidden sh

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