Book 01 Chapter 013: The First Step: Killing the Military’s Confidence
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 013: The First Step: Killing the Military’s Confidence

The crown heir’s sudden appearance was like a waterfall splashing down, extinguishing all of Gao Xianzhi’s prestige and credibility.

The eight hundred thousand soldiers suddenly stared at Gao Xianzhi expressionlessly as though demanding an explanation.

The people on the platform felt all sorts of emotions.

Crown Prince Song did not know whether to show joy or grief.

Lin Chong’s eyes turned bloodshot.

However, Gao Xianzhi’s eyes were wide open.

As everyone froze in shock over the crown heir’s appearance, the crown heir approached the platform.

“You…who are you?” Gao Xianzhi shouted with a glare.

“It’s me! Commander Gao, I am Song Zhengxi! Quickly! Quickly, help me capture the pursuing mountain bandits. I want to kill them. I want them dead. I nearly could not see Father again!” Song Zhengxi screamed miserably.

“That’s impossible. My son was already executed at the market entrance in Song City. Who are you?” Crown Prince Song could only shout angrily.

“Father, didn’t you send Commander Gao to save me? When it was time for the execution, he quietly sent someone to replace me. I’m really your child. Commander Gao arranged everything and saved me. I was just putting on a show with Commander Gao to fool those idiots. Father! Don’t you know?! Hahaha! It looks like Commander Gao did not tell you!” Song Zhengxi immediately cried out excitedly.

“Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!”

The sound of the soldiers inhaling sharply rang out in all directions.

Commander Gao arranged everything? A show? To fool those idiots?

Song Zhengxi did not notice that every word he said was like a sharp knife stabbing into the hearts of the eight hundred thousand soldiers.

We are just fools? Gao Xianzhi put on a show for us to see? He cheated us so that he could send us to death?

Some Gu Hai’s plot. It was all Gao Xianzhi lying to us. How could that Gu Hai be that incredible? Isn’t this so? The crown heir is the best proof of that.

Killing the crown heir to get justice for everyone? All nonsense!

The emperor issued a decree to heavily punish those to bully the soldiers’ families? All nonsense!

The local nobilities harming our families are all Gu Hai’s plot? All nonsense!

Gu Hai forged our letters? All nonsense!

The moment Song Zhengxi appeared, the battle hunger that Gao Xianzhi instilled in the soldiers vanished. The seeds of chaos that Gu Hai sowed in everyone’s heart instantly sprouted, grew quickly, and bore fruit.

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