Book 01 Chapter 012: Commander’s Prestige Lost
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 012: Commander’s Prestige Lost

Outside Hulao Pass:

Eight hundred thousand Song Nation soldiers camped five kilometers outside Hulao Pass. The entire army gathered together during breakfast time.

“That’s not right, that’s no right. What’s going on? My little younger sister did not send this letter!” a scarred foot soldier said with a bewildered expression.

“Scar, what’s going on?” the surrounding foot soldiers asked, feeling confused.

Scar clutched a letter in his hand. At this moment, his eyes were wide open, appearing uncertain and confused.

A few of the foot soldiers around squeezed over and took a look at the letter.

“Scar, aren’t the contents of the letter fine? Your younger sister wrote a letter to say that everything is fine at home and told you not to worry,” the surrounding soldiers said, puzzled.

Scar showed an unsightly expression as he said, “That’s not right. It’s not right at all. My little younger sister never addresses me as elder brother. Never!”

“Huh?” Everyone showed confused expressions.

“My little younger sister and I are twins. She always addressed me as younger brother or directly by name. She has never been so polite before. Calling me elder brother? How could she address me as elder brother? This…this does not seem to be from my younger sister,” Scar said uncertainly. 

“Scar, you are overthinking.” Everyone immediately laughed.

Scar still appeared confused. Only he knew that his younger sister would never address him as elder brother. However… 

“Hey?!” Suddenly, someone cried out, feeling bewildered.

“What’s wrong?” Everyone looked at that person.

“Scar, this letter is mine. Did you take the wrong letter? Hey, that’s not right. My letter is still in my clothes. How…?!” a bald foot soldier said in shock.

“Baldy, what are you saying?” Everyone looked at the bald man.

The baldy took out a letter and opened it. Then, everyone read it together. They saw that the baldy’s letter and Scar’s letter were exactly the same, word for word. The handwriting was even the same.

Everyone around fell silent. The people who just entered the canteen also stop

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