Chapter 174: Battle At the Encampment
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 174: Battle At the Encampment

It was Friday on Earth, a day where students and workers alike eagerly dived into online games as the weekend finally arrived.

At the time when Yang Qiu issued a battle quest invitation via a system announcement to all online players, OtherWorld was seeing a staggering 95% online rate among its 3,300 players—not counting tool player accounts, the actual players online count still exceeded 3,000.

With the boastful posts on forums by veteran players, coupled with the high-quality gear only available from them, the notion that "battle quests are the most rewarding" were firmly etched into every new player's mind.

Upon the announcement, players, regardless if they were gold farming in the lumberyard, exploring the Poisonous Marshlands, soloing in the Mining Zone, teaming up for Spider Cave, honing skills in the Life Alley, or simply enjoying a stroll through Weisshem, all rushed mindlessly toward the teleportation points.

In other words, these online players were simultaneously teleported from the teleportation points at Desolate Outpost, Exile Town, Mining Zone, and Weisshem to the battlefield's frontlines.

Congestion was inevitable as players from four different locations converged at one teleportation site… and they were packed together like sardines in a can.

Wagner, standing nearly two meters tall and weighing over 100 kilograms, initially managed to avoid being overwhelmed by the undead, thanks to his size and mass. However, as the frontline camp became increasingly cramped and undead continued to spew out from the tent, even this rather formidable man was alarmed to find himself slowly lifted off the ground…

Imagining the horror of being trampled under countless undead feet if he fell, Wagner, who had never feared capture, broke into a cold sweat.

The undead trampled over their own kind. No, they never showed mercy and would cut down their own….

Wagner couldn't expect any leniency if he found himself under their feet!

In a life-or-death situation, Wagner disregarded anything else. He raised his arm tow

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