Chapter 145: Guests From Afar
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 145: Guests From Afar

This time, the expert task force had prepared an off-road vehicle for the survey personnel that HuaTie had sent to assist. The vehicle was a modified version, courtesy of China Western Heavy Industries. [TL note: HuaTie is a Chinese railway company.]

The vehicle's armor… or rather, the outer shell, chassis, and four pairs of oversized load-bearing tires came from a certain retired model of amphibious combat vehicle. The interior space had been expanded to include instrument cabinets, workbenches, specialized equipment and instruments, a small generator set, and seating for onboard personnel.

This converted amphibious combat vehicle, weighing 20 tons, would be considered a beast among vehicles. In this otherworldly plane, it was a true colossus, an iron behemoth.

The former soldiers that had seen the private cars of the upper class during their military service in Indahl gaped at this survey vehicle as if it were a monster… The oversized load-bearing wheels alone were taller than any cars they had ever seen!

Ji Tang stopped the vehicle, hopped out, nodding to the new town hall staff, and waved to the railway survey personnel. "The vehicle is yours to use now. Diesel barrels are all placed under the seats and at the back. Take care not to have any open flames inside."

"We know. We skeletons don't eat or drink, can't even smoke, so definitely no open flames." The new tool players, retired engineers from HuaTie, chuckled as they climbed aboard.

Ji Tang smiled and nodded back. Seeing the ex-soldiers standing still, he urged, "Don't just stand there, get in. There aren't enough seats on board, so you all will need to squeeze in."

The bunch of them started moving mechanically, copying the undead and climbing onto the vehicle…

As mentioned, there weren't enough seats inside, but fortunately, there was enough space. The non-fussy men found empty spots to sit cross-legged and settle in.

Soon, they came to understand why the luxury cars owned by Indahl's upper class only drove in the city and on a few well-maintained

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