Chapter 144: Breakdown
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Around 99% of renowned wooden carving collector Wilhem J. Bancroft's most prized possessions—those precious wooden carvings that had graced magazines and newspapers—were mostly intact.

Aside from that, the entire Redwall Farm could be described as having been thoroughly plundered…

All rooms were swept clean of gold and silverware. Gold and silver candlestick in the rooms and hallways had vanished, and even the gold trimmings on the doors, wardrobes, and cabinets had been seemingly pried off with tools.

Smaller ornaments, mechanical clocks, jewelry—anything valuable and small enough had been completely cleared out. Even the curtains woven with gold thread to keep them stiff were stripped of their gold, leaving only tattered fabric fluttering in the wind.

Most importantly the sealed artifact—reportedly the final work of a master wood carver depicting the birth of a baby according to earlier investigations by the church—was nowhere to be found despite the night watchmen turning the mansion upside down.

The Church of Lady Gold Coin might not care about civilian exorcists pilfering while on the job since the items taken weren't their property, but the fact that the sealed artifact they were eyeing had been taken was beyond what they could tolerate.

The night watchmen ran a second thorough and cautious search, breaking open all wooden containers, walls, furniture, and even some large wooden carvings in search of any hidden items.

But still they found nothing.

The face of the livid night watchman captain went from red to white, then turned blue.

The sealed artifact had been taken!

After rushing back to the city, the night watchman captain immediately went to the official responsible for liaising with the exorcists and relayed the situation. The plump church official's eyes nearly popped out from shock. "How is it possible?!"

"The sealed artifact has indeed been taken," the night watchman captain snapped irritably. "You really found quite the character for the job!"

"This—" the chubby official, sweating profuse

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