Chapter 123.2: Discharged City Defense Force
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 123.2: Discharged City Defense Force

These Indahl natives, some from the city and others from the surrounding towns, ranged from their early twenties to no older than thirty. The city defense force was more of a straightforward military unit, less entangled in internal politics than other official departments. But to say that they were oblivious to the struggles of hierarchy would be untrue.

Non-commissioned officers like Wagner, even if disliked by superiors, could still retire with a generous pension. But ordinary soldiers weren't as fortunate. Every three years during the discharge season, some would be replaced by new recruits, losing their near-middle-class income and leaving with just a severance package.

Once forced into retirement, a non-commissioned officer like Wagner, with some social standing and political savvy, could seek a position as a town sheriff. Options for ordinary soldiers were more limited—either becoming precarious mercenaries or returning to the humble trades of their ancestors.

The soldiers struggled to accept this harsh reality; some looked lost and anxious, others lowered their heads in sorrow.

Wagner sighed once more.

His personal grievances with Commander Horn shouldn't have led to the disbandment of the entire squad.

However, their entire squad being captured in Weisshem had indeed infuriated Adra III. His lack of effort to even send Steward Gould to pacify them was a clear indication of his rage over this disgraceful incident.

The City Defense Force had 24 cavalry squads, and Commander Horn, already at odds with Wagner, was unlikely to risk the emperor's wrath to save Wagner's unit.

"Once you guys return… report to the headquarters and see what they say," Wagner did his best to maintain his composure as he spoke. "If headquarters seeks accountability, remember to describe the situation as it happened. The fault for our capture lies with me due to my misjudgment leading to this disaster. Do not speak in my defense as it might make you complicit, and the military tribunal could withhold your severance pay."


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