Chapter 122: Rex's Advanced Insight
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 122: Rex's Advanced Insight

Wagner, choosing prudence over valor, held back the eager villagers, opting instead to stand aside and witness the spectacle of the undead's onslaught.

The outcome of the battle was rather unsurprising. The two hundred or so mercenaries, overwhelmed by the endlessly resurrecting undead army, were pushed to the brink of exhaustion. When the undead breached their defenses and surged into the camp, the defeated mercenaries were too drained to even contemplate suicide and resigned themselves to being captured.

Wagner and his twenty-odd soldiers watched on empathetically as the captured mercenaries were stripped of all their valuables and equipment by the undead…

The most pitiable was the owner of the merchant caravan, who was dragged out from his hiding place inside a box wagon. Every ring was stripped from his fingers, and he was nearly relieved of his gold teeth by a couple of undead… before other undead stopped them.

Amid wails and despair, the undead, having spared the lives of over two hundred captives, joyously departed the ravaged camp, laden with equipment and spoils, and regrouped at the clearing near the cornfield.

The captives, bound and scattered haphazardly, were left in bewildered disarray. The villagers, who had watched the commotion unfold without understanding the full context, and Wagner's soldiers looked on, utterly baffled.

Only Wagner remained expressionless, his stoic demeanor unbroken.

The night breeze carried over the voices of the undead, and their chattering reached Wagner's ears—

"Uncommon-grade leather armor, no enchantments but with high defense and an attractive design, featuring side laces that even us undead can wear. Starting at 30 copper coins, place your bids!"

"Common-grade longbow with explosive attributes! Its attack power even surpasses Hal's sword. Any brothers interested in switching to ranger? Starting low at 20 copper coins!"

"Twenty lesser golden artifacts, exchangeable for reputation with Old Yang. Brothers and sisters in need of reputation, this is your chance!"

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