Chapter 66: People From the Imperial Palace (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 66: People From the Imperial Palace (Two)

“That’s right, Xiang Er, what your mother said is correct. The world isn’t as peaceful as the academy is; it’s filled with slaughter. And with your current strength, being able to survive won’t be that easy. Forget about this idea, I absolutely won’t agree to it.” Changyang Ba said seriously. Although he spoke in an ordinary tone, he had been firm in rejecting Jian Chen’s idea.

Jian Chen already knew that it would be hard to get his family to agree to this plan, but he continued to speak, “Father, mother, please don’t worry about me. Your son may not be strong, but I am still able to protect myself. I’ve read many books from the academy library, and so I have some familiarity on how to survive within the Tian Yuan continent. Once your child leaves Changyang Mansion, then that’ll be one less problem for the clan.”

“Fourth master, the situation isn’t as simple as you think. If the Hua Yun Sect were to find out that you are no longer within the Changyang Mansion, then I’m afraid that they would send out many of their numbers to pursue you. And with the Hua Yun Sect’s power, you won’t be hard to locate.” A white haired elder spoke, in his heart, he had placed Jian Chen as the hope for the clan’s future, and definitely did not want to see him die prematurely.

He was a 15 year old Saint who was stronger than an Upper level Saint, and bordered along the powers of a Great Saint. This meant that he was a genius from the heavens that would shake the entire Tian Yuan continent. To some of the men here, Jian Chen was no longer just a regular person, but a glowing human treasure that could give them boundless wealth.

For that reason within the hearts of the high ranked elders, they all just wanted to protect Jian Chen so he wouldn’t suffer a blow to his future potential.

Jian Chen let loose a big smile, “Everyone doesn’t need to worry, I’ve read up about a lot about the continent, so I’m sure that I can keep away from the Hua Yun Sect’s grasp.”

“Definitely not, Xiang Er. This is still too risky, it’s not worth the trouble.” Changyang Ba immediately shot down the proposal. “Xiang Er, don’t worry about a thing. While the Hua Yun Sect may be very strong, our Changyang Clan won’t be such an easy pushover, and although our Ancestor has been gone for some years, his reputation is still widely known. The Hua Yun Sect wouldn’t dare to be so forward with our clan. So just stay within the mansion, I will do my best to protect you.”

Jian Chen inwardly sighed to himself. With such a resolute objection, there would be no way for him to convince his father otherwise.

“That’s right, Xiang Er, this idea of yours is far too risky. Even if you could escape from the Hua Yun Sect, the life of the Tian Yuan continent is not as straightforward and simple as the books say. Please just obediently stay at Changyang Mansion; your father and your uncles will do their best to protect you.” Bi Yun Tian gently pleaded with Jian Chen.

“Ke!” Changyang Ba cleared his voice, “That’s enough, let’s first talk about how we’ll deal with the Hua Yun Sect. I’m sure they have already heard about this situation and will arrive at Lore City soon, so we are pressed for time.” Changyang Ba stated once more.

The entire crowd within the main hall went silent as they all started to think about the situation.

“If His Majesty helps us, then that means the arranged wedding between the fourth master and Princess Ge Lan is still on. So in the end, the fourth master will still be the son-in-law to the emperor, so I’m sure His Majesty won’t sit around and do nothing.” Someone said.

Chang Bai nodded his head in contemplation and said, “If His Majesty wants to support us, then he could temporarily suppress this situation, but this will no doubt bring His Majesty quite a headache. It is unfortunate timing right now as well; the neighboring countries have been inconspicuously sending soldiers to the borders. Most likely, they want to invade the richly fertile lands of the Gesun Kingdom. So right now, His Majesty definitely would not want to get onto the bad side of the Hua Yun Sect; after all, this is a matter of life or death for the kingdom. Without the two Sky Saint Master’s from the Hua Yun Sect, even the strongest fighters would be hard pressed to fight against the other kingdom soldiers.”

“Although the fourth master has a very strong potential, and also has high expectations from His Majesty, the fourth master’s future achievements currently cannot be confirmed. Not only that, but the fourth master is still young, so there is still a long time before he can fully mature. With the kingdom on the verge of a war, there is simply not enough time for them to wait around for the fourth master, since we’re not sure how long it’ll be before the kingdom either wins or loses. The kingdom will need as many strong Saints as possible in order to help win the war, so it’s not clear if His Majesty will help us or not.”

The people in the main hall continued to attempt to come up with other ways. However, despite having contemplated for an entire evening, they were still unable to come up with any workable method.

The night flew by quickly under the strained atmosphere the dozen people were in. The sky had already began to brighten; it was already close to dawn. After an entire night of discussion, everyone’s expressions looked exhausted.

At this moment, a Changyang Clan patrolman came running in, “Reporting to the clan leader, there is a person named Bi Dao waiting outside the mansion who wishes to see you.”

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“Bi Dao!” Changyang Ba exclaimed under his breath with a contemplative look. His eyes shined brightly as he stood up from his throne, “Quickly invite him in!”

“Yessir!” The guard responded, and quickly left.

Hearing the name of Bi Dao, Bi Yun Tian started to tremble from where she was standing with a look of happiness. But soon that look changed into one of puzzlement.

Jian Chen became confused as he noticed the change in his mother’s expression. He had never heard of Bi Dao before, however, judging from his mother’s reaction, this Bi Dao most likely had some type of relationship with his mother.

Jian Chen slowly approached his mother before asking, “Mother, who is this Bi Dao person?”

Bi Yun Tian slowly turned around, her eyes looking at her adored son, “Xiang Er, mother will tell you about this in a bit.”

“Ok!” Jian Chen nodded and did not inquire any further.

Not too long after, a black robed male came in with long strides. The man had a determined look on his face and his eyes refused to stop shining with energy. Looking at the man’s forehead, many different scars could be seen.

Changyang Ba stopped his actions and walked up to the center of the discussion hall. He greeted and smiled, “Brother Bi Dao, I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since we last met. How have you been?”

The middle-aged man named Bi Dao greeted back and said, “I’ve been okay.” He paused for a moment, his gaze stopping on Jian Chen and his mother, before continuing, “It’s probably better if I just get straight to the point. I’ve come this time under the the emperor’s orders. At the same time, I’ve come to transmit his orders!”

Hearing this, Changyan Ba’s face became solemn as he asked, “Brother Bi Dao, could this concern Xiang Er as well?”

Bi Dao nodded his head, “That’s right, His Majesty has allowed your Changyang Xiang Tian to be escorted far away from Lore City. Only by doing this will the conflict between Changyang Mansion and the Hua Yun Sect be temporarily abated.”

Changyang Ba furrowed his eyebrows together. In his heart, he did not want to follow along with this solution.

Bi Dao continued, “The trouble this time really is a bit too great. Cheng Ming Xiang is Hua Yun Sect’s only son, and he’s a talented person that will eventually become Hua Yun Sect’s next leader. For Changyang Xiang Tian to have cut off Cheng Ming Xiang’s right arm destroyed him without question. Thus, the Hua Yun Sect will definitely not let this matter drop lightly.”

“The Hua Yun Sect has two Sky Saint Masters; people that the Changyang Clan cannot afford to fight with. Although His Majesty also has two other Sky Saint Masters by his side, but with trouble brewing at the borders of the country, then the Gesun Kingdom will be involved in a war soon enough. By that point, His Majesty cannot afford to get on the bad side of the Hua Yun Sect. It is only with Changyang Xiang Tian being escorted out of Lore City and under the control of His Majesty that this situation can be solved temporarily, and fix the issues within the Gesun Kingdom.”

“Could it be that there’s really no other way?” Jian Chen’s second aunt, Yu Feng Yan asked.

“None!” Bi Dao shook his head, his tone filled with complete certainty.

Bi Yun Tian’s expression turned ashen, and she said in a trembling voice, “However, the people outside are dangerous. Xiang Er’s strength is still weak; he’ll definitely suffer through a lot of hardships.”

Bi Dao gave a profound look at the Jian Chen sitting next to Bi Yun Tian and said, “One must suffer hardships in their life while upholding their dignity as a person. It is only after they suffer through thick and thin that they can mature into an independent person.. You both pamper him too much; this won’t do him any favors, it’s actually harming him.”

Hearing Bi Dao, a few of the gathered people nodded their heads in agreement. There was a great deal of logic within his words.

Changyang Ba still looked hesitant at this idea.

Jian Chen swept his gaze over his surroundings. He knew that this was his chance to strike out for an advantage and said, “Father, just let me leave. I am confident that I can cope with anything that I’ll encounter in the future. Moreover, I really want to go outside to travel the world.”

“Clan leader, since the fourth master had originally planned to leave the mansion, what Bi Dao said is correct. This may be the only way to solve the conflict between the two groups. With this method, the fourth master will definitely learn a lot. Even if the fourth master is a genius that surpasses others, his experience is still what matters most.” Chang Bai said.

Changyang Ba helplessly sighed and said, “Fine. Since Chang Bai also agrees to this suggestion, then Xiang Er will leave Lore City and experience the outside world for a while. I’ll let a few devoted guards leave with Xiang Er to keep him safe outside.”

Once he heard that guards would be dispatched to protect him, Jian Chen’s brows couldn’t help but knit together as he said, “Father, there’s no need to dispatch guards. I want to go adventure outside alone.”

“Xiang Er, going out by yourself is still far too dangerous. At the very least, please take some guards to go with you in case you come across any trouble.” Bi Yun Tian held onto Jian Chen’s hands in concern. With the current matters, she was powerless to change the decision and so she could only try to accept this decision calmly.

“No need, mother. I don’t want to bring guards out; if that happens, I’ll be too easy to target. I think that going out alone is easier.” Jian Chen’s attitude was extremely firm. In reality, in his opinion, having a few guards by his side was a type of burden. In addition, once outside, he couldn’t always be as cautious with conserving his strength as he was at home. He still had many secrets that he couldn’t let anyone in his family know of.

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