Chapter 65: The People From the Imperial Palace (One)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 65: The People From the Imperial Palace (One)

Jian Chen and Changyang Hu returned to their respective mothers’ side and walked with the others towards the main hall of the Changyang Mansion.

“Ah Hu, you’ve suffered greatly at the academy, just look at your scars…”

On the way, Jian Chen’s eldest aunt, Jing Long, looked at the scars on Changyang Hu’s face with eyes wet with tears that never seemed to cease.

Changyang Hu could only laugh as he replied, “Mother, these are only small injuries, nothing to worry about. It was a good thing fourth brother found me, otherwise, your child would have been left unable to even move from bed.”

Hearing this, Jing Long turned her head to look at Jian Chen with a gentle smile on her face, “Xiang Tian, I really must thank you for helping Ah Hu.”

Jian Chen smiled back, “Eldest aunt, what are you saying? If my big brother has a problem, of course I’d help.? Besides, this happened because of me and big brother was caught up into it. As long as eldest aunt doesn’t blame me, then I'be happy enough.”

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Jing Long still had a smile on her face, “Xiang Tian, you’re becoming more and more intelligent. You’re almost you’re becoming just like Ah Hu now.”

“Praise from eldest aunt!” Jian Chen laughed, he could clearly tell that eldest aunt Jing Long’s attitude towards him had improved. She was no longer so solemn and unmoving towards him. No longer was she like before, always wearing a neutral face.

“Mother, you should say it right: fourth brother’s strength is really amazing! Before he was even a Saint, he could easily hunt and kill Class 2 Magical Beasts. And after he did become one, even the combined powers of the geniuses of cultivation of Kargath Academy –despite having the genius Upper Saint Cheng Ming Xiang among their ranks– were beaten in under three minutes. The ten other who followed them were also easily beaten up by fourth brother as well.” Changyang Hu was clearly excited, his voice was rising in volume as he spoke. “Mother, you didn’t see the fight, but I did. Although fourth brother was by himself, he had beaten a dozen people until they were covered with bruises in the blink of an eye. These dozen people were all at the rank of a Saint at the very least, but against fourth brother, they were no match at all.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen’s mother Bi Yun Tian beamed with happiness as she looked at her son with loving affection.


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