Chapter 65: The People From the Imperial Palace (One)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 65: The People From the Imperial Palace (One)

Jian Chen and Changyang Hu returned to their respective mothers’ side and walked with the others towards the main hall of the Changyang Mansion.

“Ah Hu, you’ve suffered greatly at the academy, just look at your scars…”

On the way, Jian Chen’s eldest aunt, Jing Long, looked at the scars on Changyang Hu’s face with eyes wet with tears that never seemed to cease.

Changyang Hu could only laugh as he replied, “Mother, these are only small injuries, nothing to worry about. It was a good thing fourth brother found me, otherwise, your child would have been left unable to even move from bed.”

Hearing this, Jing Long turned her head to look at Jian Chen with a gentle smile on her face, “Xiang Tian, I really must thank you for helping Ah Hu.”

Jian Chen smiled back, “Eldest aunt, what are you saying? If my big brother has a problem, of course I’d help.? Besides, this happened because of me and big brother was caught up into it. As long as eldest aunt doesn’t blame me, then I'be happy enough.”

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Jing Long still had a smile on her face, “Xiang Tian, you’re becoming more and more intelligent. You’re almost you’re becoming just like Ah Hu now.”

“Praise from eldest aunt!” Jian Chen laughed, he could clearly tell that eldest aunt Jing Long’s attitude towards him had improved. She was no longer so solemn and unmoving towards him. No longer was she like before, always wearing a neutral face.

“Mother, you should say it right: fourth brother’s strength is really amazing! Before he was even a Saint, he could easily hunt and kill Class 2 Magical Beasts. And after he did become one, even the combined powers of the geniuses of cultivation of Kargath Academy –despite having the genius Upper Saint Cheng Ming Xiang among their ranks– were beaten in under three minutes. The ten other who followed them were also easily beaten up by fourth brother as well.” Changyang Hu was clearly excited, his voice was rising in volume as he spoke. “Mother, you didn’t see the fight, but I did. Although fourth brother was by himself, he had beaten a dozen people until they were covered with bruises in the blink of an eye. These dozen people were all at the rank of a Saint at the very least, but against fourth brother, they were no match at all.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen’s mother Bi Yun Tian beamed with happiness as she looked at her son with loving affection.


A cold sneer came from the side. It was from Jian Chen’s third aunt--Bai Yu Shuang who continued to say, “Amazing is amazing, but it was this amazingness that provoked the Hua Yun Sect. Changyang Xiang Tian’s amazingness is practically inviting danger to our Changyang Mansion.”

Jian Chen’s eyebrows furrowed together. His third aunt Bai Yu Shuang had always treated him with prejudice since he was young. Jian Chen’s mother, Bi Yun Tian was extremely discontent. However, the one that had caused trouble was her own son, and even she slightly felt that he was in the wrong. In addition, his relationship with Bai Yu Shuang was never good. Thus, she couldn’t claim he wasn’t guilty either, otherwise the little feud between the two would only grow.

“Forget it, third sister. What’s happened has already happened. Discussing it now isn’t of any use. What we should do now is to properly consider how we should deal with it.” Jian Chen’s second aunt Yu Feng Yan explained.

“Forget it, third sister. After all, Xiang Tian stirred up this trouble for the sake of saving Ah Hu. You can’t blame everything on Xiang Tian.” Jing Long sided with Jian Chen.

Seeing that there were actually two people supporting Jian Chen, Bai Yu Shuang could only snort, and stay silent.

Bi Yun Tian sighed, her gaze held both love and worry as she looked at Jian Chen and said, “Xiang Er, we know of all of your achievements at Kargath Academy. You are my pride and glory, but I also think that your actions this time were too brash. To think that you even cut off the Hu Yun Sect Leader’s son’s arm. Do you know that with this, you’ve not only caused major trouble for yourself, but you’ve also dragged the entire Changyang clan in with you as well?”

A trace of guilt was shown on Jian Chen’s face as he said, “Sorry mother, I have brought a great trouble to our clan.”

“Xiang Tian, what happened has already happened. You should stop blaming yourself. Right now we need to go the main hall quickly to discuss how to settle this conflict.” Second aunt then closed her mouth.

After that, the group started to pick up their pace as they headed towards the main hall.

At this moment within a splendid palace, the emperor of Gesun Kingdom held a letter in the middle of his hands. Creasing together his eyebrows, he let out a long sigh before saying, “This Changyang Xiang Tian is truly too impulsive, he has made a great mistake by cutting off the right arm of the Hua Yun Sect’s Cheng Ming Xiang. This type of situation is something the Changyang Clan cannot stand up against.”

The emperor released the letter and watched it drop to the table, “Servant, call the Armored Forces commander Bi Dao to come quickly.”

“Yes, your majesty!”

As the emperor gave out his command, the court eunuch hurried out to obey his orders.

Soon enough, a black armored middle aged man came walking into the room. This man’s appearance was rather ordinary looking but he had a resolute expression on his face. His eyes shined brightly below his scarred face. The scars ran across his entire forehead, causing people to jump at his terrifying appearance.

The man walked towards the emperor before stopping 10 meters away from him. “Your Majesty, this servant knows not why he has been called here.”

The emperor slowly stood up as he grabbed the letter in his hand and handed it to the man. “Take a look!”

Hearing this, the middle-aged male wearing black armor received the letter from the emperor and opened it to begin reading. After he finished, his expression had become extremely heavy.

“Ai, I hadn’t imagined that he would actually stir up so much trouble.” The black-armored man let out a long sigh as his expression became anxious.

“The younger generations always seem to be so arrogant and impulsive.” The emperor sighed, “Bi Dao, ever since you joined the Armored Forces twenty years ago, you’ve never returned back to your homeland. Take this opportunity today and visit."

“Yes, Your Majesty!” A complex look flashed in the armored youth’s eyes.

The emperor’s expression suddenly turned serious as he said, “Bi Dao, when you return this time, you must persuade Changyang clan’s people to send Changyang Xiang Tian over here as quickly as possible. Otherwise, once the Hua Yun Sect goes looking for them, the conflict will grow even more. Only by sending Changyang Xiang Tian away, in addition to us mediating between them, will the conflict between the Changyang clan and the Hua Yun Sect be temporarily stabilized. Right now, all of the neighboring nations are already beginning to stir. It seems that they’ve never let go of the idea of attacking my Gesen Kingdom’s territory. At a moment as critical as this, nothing can be allowed to occur within the Kingdom. Otherwise, the end result will be too horrible to even think about.”

“Changyang Xiang Tian is a genius from the heavens with unlimited potential. His future prospects truly cannot be measured, may be the only source of hope that Gesun Kingdom has ever had in the last few hundred years. For this reason, Changyang Xiang Tian must be protected at all costs. Although we cannot guarantee his future achievements will go smoothly,we cannot allow him to get involved in an accident within our Gesun Kingdom.” The emperor spoke with a hard face.

Hearing this, the armored youth showed a proud and joyous expression. He suppressed the rising emotions within his heart and said, “Young Majesty, Bi Dao understands what he should do now.”

The emperor nodded his head and said, “Bi Dao, there’s no time to lose. You must head out to Changyang Mansion immediately. With your strength, you should be able to arrive there before sunrise.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”


Within the great halls of the Changyang Mansion, Changyang Ba sat down onto his throne, with Jian Chen on one side and his fellow wives on the other side. Sitting a few steps below was the relieved housekeeper Chang Bai.

Changyang Ba had a look of worry on his face as he looked at his son Jian Chen. “Xiang Er’s situation at Kargath Academy should be known to everyone here already; The Hua Yun Sect leader’s son had his right arm cut off, so the Hua Yun Sect will definitely not let this matter go. Please offer up what solutions you may have.”

Hearing this, everyone in the hall went silent. The Hua Yun Sect was the biggest force of power aside from the royal family in the Gesun Kingdom and didn’t fear the emperor’s power at all. The Changyang Clan wouldn’t be able to resist their sect since Cheng Ming Xiang was like a treasured son of the sect leader. Since he was a genius that far exceeded the others, to have his arm chopped off by Jian Chen would definitely influence his future road of achievements. It could be said with no exaggeration that Jian Chen had completely destroyed Cheng Ming Xiang. So for that reason everyone knew within their hearts that there would be no way for the Hua Yun Sect to forgive this matter.

Everyone was still silent before finally a 60 year old elder said, “The best way to solve this problem is to find and invite a Radiant Saint Master to help repair Cheng Ming Xiang’s arm. However, only a Rank 7 Radiant Saint Master would have the power to do something on this level, our Changyang Clan would not be able to easily call on such a person. Not only that, but Rank 7 Radiant Saint Masters are extremely rare within the Tian Yuan continent and many of them are wanderers. It would be easier to climb to the heavens than to find one, so the possibility of healing Cheng Ming Xiang’s arm is practically zero.”

“Ai, what you’re saying is correct. In my opinion, our only chance of appeasing the anger of the Hua Yun Sect aside from finding a Radiant Saint Master is to have the Emperor and the royal family back us up. However, the Hua Yun Sect would definitely not give up their chances. What is guaranteed is that the fourth master will not be easy to protect.” A middle aged person said.

Standing by the middle aged man were a few other elders who had high amounts of influence within the clan. They have long since heard about Jian Chen’s achievements within the academy, and in their hearts, they had already started to place their hopes for the clan’s survivals onto Jian Chen. So even though the clan was being troubled by a big problem, no one had blamed him for it and instead tried their best to find ways to protect him. Not only that but with the arranged marriage between him and Princess Ge Lan, then after the marriage, the Changyang Clan would be able to rise higher in power.

“If only the Ancestor was still here.” An elder sighed helplessly.

Hearing this, Chang Bai’s eyes lit up. “That’s right, if the master was here, then our clan wouldn’t need to assemble here today to figure out a solution. It’s a shame, the master has already been gone for dozens of years without any notice. We don’t even know if he is alive or not.”

The crowd went silent after hearing that.

Jian Chen’s heart pulsed after hearing Chang Bai talk. From his few years at the Changyang Mansion, he had never once heard about this Ancestor or Chang Bai’s master come up as a topic before. Although he had only just heard about the two, he was sure in his heart that these two people were actually very strong and had power incomparable to anyone else. Most likely the two were not afraid of the Hua Yun Sect and were former elders of the clan.

Jian Chen didn’t bother to think about his question long, and immediately dismissed it from his mind. Seeing how the hall was still silent, Jian Chen hesitated slightly before saying, “Father, it would be better for Chang Bai’s Eagle Beast to send me out. As long as I do not remain within Changyang Mansion, I am sure the Hua Yun Sect will not act upon the clan if they truly do come.”


“Absolutely not!!”

The moment Jian Chen spoke, Bi Yun Tian and Changyang Ba’s voices both simultaneously rose up in objection.

Both of Bi Yun Tian’s hands tightly grasped onto Jian Chen’s own hands as her eyes gradually became misty before tears started to stream down her face. She cried, “Xiang Er, don’t say such foolish things! The Tian Yuan continent is very dangerous, and it’s not as easygoing as you think it is. You have not yet explored the world, so you don’t know what rules must be followed in order to survive. Your strength is still to low, Mother will definitely not let you go on such a foolish endeavor!”

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