Chapter 3752: None Spared
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3752: None Spared

The leader of the Tiger Roar clan and the great elders were startled. Earlier, when Jian Chen struck, they all felt a suffocating feeling. Before the terrifying strand of sword Qi, all of them felt the threat of death.

None of them would have had any chance at surviving if it were any one of them instead.

Jian Chen gripped the Immortal Monarch’s soul and said coldly, “You’re right. This is indeed a world where the strong prey on the weak. I am stronger than you right now, so you are no different in my hands from those women.”

“Senior, s-s-spare me!” The soul trapped in Jian Chen’s hand pleaded fearfully.

“Did you ever spare the women that died over the years? If you gave them a quick death, then so be it, but you just had to torture them like this. They died only after going through all this abuse.”

“They were all innocent.”

Jian Chen’s voice grew colder as the killing intent in his eyes shone brighter.

In the next moment, the Immortal Monarch’s soul in his hand vanished. He had already sent it into the Primeval Divine Hall, handing him over to the Thousand Soul Demon Exalt.

If it were regular enemies, Jian Chen would kill them decisively and give them a quick death.

However, he had no plans on letting the people of the Tiger Roar clan experience a satisfying death.

In the surroundings, all of the clansmen that witnessed this became frightened.

In the Tiger Roar clan, the great elders were the source of stability, yet they had just witnessed a great elder as powerful as that being easily slain like an ant. That had an extremely drastic impact on them.

Jian Chen looked at the Immortal Monarchs in the distance. Wherever his gaze passed by, everyone experienced chills.

At this moment, the god-like great elders in the Tiger Roar clan all trembled under Jian Chen’s gaze.

“Senior, please save us!”

“My mother and I were both abducted by the Tiger Roar clan. My mother has already perished after being drained of her life essence by these scoundrels of the Tiger Roar clan.”

“The Tiger Roar clan killed all the

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