Chapter 37: Teacher’s Shock
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 37: Teacher’s Shock

A mere few seconds passed. Another wolf died by Jian Chen’s hands, while countless others were being injured.

The cowering Liang Xiao Le didn’t hear Tie Ta’s or Jian Chen’s screams of pain at all. All she could hear was the howling of the Blue Wolves mixed in with whimpers. Because of her curiosity, she fought her fear and looked down on the ground, and her eyes grew wide in shock. She couldn’t believe that Jian Chen and Tie Ta were still fighting the Blue Wolves, and she was shocked speechless.

Every single swing from Tie Ta’s axe was capable of smashing a wolf into the air with ease. No wolf was able to get close to him because of that, and most of the Blue Wolves were covered with frightening wounds that had covered their entire bodies with blood. Jian Chen, on the other hand, was moving rapidly between the wolves and attacking them from every direction. Whenever he thrusted his iron rod forward, another wolf would be riddled with wounds. His movements were too fast for Liang Xiao Le to follow; the only thing she could see was a constant blurs.

She had never experienced such a hair raising bloody spectacle like the one below, but on the outside, her face had already started to regain some color. However, her body had not yet stopped trembling. After all, it was her first time seeing such a bloody mess, and no matter who it was, a person wouldn’t be able to take in a sight like this easily their first time.

At that moment, a Blue Wolf took advantage of Tie Ta’s lack of attention, and jumped at his shoulder. Using its strong teeth, it bit deeply down on his shoulder and blood started to flow freely from the wound.

The acute pain caused Tie Ta’s face to darken as he looked at the Blue Wolf biting at his shoulder. Tie Ta’s eye blinked in pain as he looked at the Blue Wolf with a fierce glare. Dropping his battleaxe, his right hand grabbed onto the wolf’s head, and with his monstrous strength, he ripped the wolf off his shoulder, leaving behind deep incisions in his skin.

Tie Ta grabbed onto the wolf’s snout with bot

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