Chapter 36: A Pack of Wolves
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 36: A Pack of Wolves

During the night, Jian Chen and Tie Ta sat under a tree cultivating. The torch by their side had long since burned out, and in a tree branch 5 or 6 meters above them, was Liang Xiao Le. She nervously looked around whenever she heard the howl of a magical beast in the night, she wasn’t able to sleep at all.

Liang Xiao Le’s bright eyes looked down at the cultivating pair, Jian Chen and Tie Ta, as if she was monitoring them. In her eyes, this was a matter of life or death. She did not want to see the two people she had found, after a long time of searching, to abandon her and lose her only type of protection.

At that moment, a light breeze blew through the forest and through the tall grass. Meanwhile, the cross-legged Jian Chen suddenly opened his eyes. Immediately, his eyes grew bright as he stared deep into the tallgrass, before standing up onto the ground with the iron rod in his hand.

Liang Xiao Le was confused as she watched Jian Chen stand up. Not knowing what was happening, her heart was suddenly very agitated.

“Hey, what’s happening?” Liang Xiao Le whispered carefully. In this situation, she didn’t dare use a loud voice to speak, for fear of attracting another magical beast.

Jian Chen didn’t answer her and instead turned to the still cultivating Tie Ta. “Tie Ta, wake up, some magical beasts are attacking.”

“Ah, what did you say? Magical beasts are attacking?” Liang Xiao Le became frightened, her face instantly draining of color. Thinking about what was about to happen, her whole body began to shake in fear.

While Tie Ta was cultivating, he didn’t dare immerse himself completely, so he still remained on guard while cultivating. Thus, when Jian Chen called for him, Tie Ta immediately woke from his cultivation state and stood up with his battleaxe rested against his shoulder.

“Changyang Xiang Tian, where are the monsters?” He asked as he looked around. He couldn't see any footprints around them, or even hear a single sound.

Jian Chen slowly turned his head as he looked around, “Tie Ta, this time, be careful. This time it isn’t a single magical beast, but a group of them.”

“A group!” Tie Ta’s face immediately changed from careless to surprise, then it hardened into a ready expression.

“Ah! What! A group! It can’t be! Hey guys, please don’t scare me like that.” Hiding in the trees, Liang Xiao Le pleaded with them. She would have rather heard a threat from Jian Chen than this.

Jian Chen’s eyebrows knitted together before lightly commanding the crying Liang Xiao Le, “Could you please be quiet? Do you want to attract magical beasts from all over?”

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